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On Sydney merchants to 1845, and the end of the 1840s Depression in Sydney/NSW

Most entries below are given alphabetical only, but also as chronologised. This growing list is given because a broad list of NSW merchants is so seldom provided.

D. Hainsworth, Sydney Traders, in his introduction cites Prof. Arthur H. Cole, "... to study the 'entrepreneur' is to study the central figure in modern economic history and ... the central figure in economics ..."

Thomas Abbot (emancipist), once partner with William Hobart Mansell, once a clerk to Simeon Lord.

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Alexander Berry and Edward Wollstencraft,

Blaxland Brothers,

Captain Charles Bishop, sealer, Pacific adventurer, linked to English investor in South Whale Fishery, Sydenham Teast.

T. W. Birch, Hobart entrepreneur of 1820 or so,

James Birnie,

Garnham Blaxcell plus Thomas Jamison,

William Broughton,

Robert Campbell Snr., "The Merchant of the Wharf", Sydney,

William Campbell and his nephew, Murdoch Campbell, plus Edward Lord of Hobart,

Samuel Rodman Chace,

John Chapman, Dep-Assistant Commissary,

Daniel Cooper of Sydney,

Aaron Davies, Norfolk Island dealer (plus Simeon Lord),.

Nicholas Devine (minor official),

Ex-convict George Dowling,

Edward Smith Hall and partner from 1813, with Roland Walpole Loane (of Hobart),

Ex-convict Jonathan Griffiths and partner ex-convict Samuel Morley,

Free settler John Grono,

Charles Hook,

Sydney entrepreneur, Thomas Hutchinson,

Master mariner Joseph James,

Jenkins Brothers,

Richard Jones,

Henry Kable, (variously, Lord, Kable and Underwood (also with Andrew Thompson); Lord and Co;

Thomas Kent, re flax of 1810,

Edward Lamb,

William Leith, re New Zealand flax about 1810,

Solomon Levey of Sydney,

Simeon Lord (emancipist), partner with Francis Williams. One of his agents is lapsed missionary, James Mitchell. Legal adviser, Michael Massy Robinson.

Sydney entrepreneur, Nathaniel Lucas,



To find your way to more files on Merchant Networks topics related either chronologically, or alphabetically by merchant surname, go to the main file of Sitemap.

Hannibal Macarthur, with John Macarthur,

John Macarthur, woolgrower, for a period, a "merchant",

Hugh Meehan of 1801 with Simeon Lord in coal-mining,

Members of "the Rum Corps". John Macarthur, Captain Nicholas Nepean, Captain Hill, Adjutant Thomas Rowley, Lt. Beckwith, Lt. Laycock. Lt. Laing. Ensign McKellar. Ensign John Piper. Other senior officers of NSW Corps being Paterson, Johnston, Foveaux, Hill, Rowley, and junior officers being Beckwith, Clephan, Prentice, Piper, McKellar, Laing, Surgeon Harris and Chaplain Bain.

Ex-convict William Miller,

Military men other, Macarthur, Anthony Fen Kemp, NCO James Chisholm, Garnham Blaxcell. (Military-officer comercial domination waned in Sydney from 1800.)

Thomas Moore, boat-builder,

T. S. Mort of Sydney,

Mosman of Sydney,


This directory presents files on merchants working after 1800. Some of these files are on: Plummer and Barham after 1804, Robert Brooks of the Australia Trade, India indigo business, W. S. Lindsay, shipowner, Joseph Somes, shipowner, Norman (bankers), and on Hodson's Lists of notable families of British-India. Lists of international British C19th investment companies , investor names, etc.

"New Zealand flax industry of 1814", consortium being Simeon Lord, Garnham Blaxcell, Richard Brooks, W. H. Hovell and Edward Smith Hall.

Isaac Nichols,

Thomas Fysshe Palmer,

Paper-making venture in Sydney, of 1818, Frederick Fisher, George Duncan and John Walker. (Investors including: John Piper, Thomas Wylde, J. J. Moore, Robert Jenkins, Richard Brooks, Thomas Rose, Thomas Palmer, Charles Thompson, John Coonell, Samuel Terry, Edward Eager, Robert Campbell Jnr., Darcy Wentworth, Judge Advocate Wylde.)

Messrs Peat and Smith, boat-builders,

William Redfern,

Thomas and Mary Reiby, Thomas once linked to emancipist Edward Wills.

Alexander Riley,

Samuel Terry, (the Rothschild of Botany Bay),

Andrew Thompson ("frontier dealer" on Hawkesbury River),

William Tough (in Sydney from 1801, died by 1804),

Robert Towns.

James Underwood (plus Henry Kable), (Lord, Kable and Underwood),

James Webb, boat-builder,

Darcy Wentworth and his son William Charles Wentworth,

Edward and Sarah Wills,

James Wilshire, Master-tanner,

Ex-convict Solomon Wiseman,

Ends this growing list

Many of the listings given above are taken from Hainsworth, The Sydney Traders.


Map Australia-New Zealand

Arrow graphicReferences other:
Australian Dictionary of Biography, variously. Australian Encyclopedia. Hainsworth, The Sydney Traders

Follows some notes on merchants active after the 1840s Sydney depression. ... Merchant Pastoralist John Browne Watt (1803-1866), merchant and pastoralist. Burke's Landed Gentry for De Falbe of Thunbridge House. (Note that Herries Farquhar grew into UBA.) He joined the house of John Gilchrist (his uncle in Sydney) and Alexander. This firm did well in gold-buying in the gold rushes. He promoted the annexation of Fiji. He was involved in Pacific Islands trade and was a director of NSW Marine Assurance Co, Liverpol and London and Globe Insurance Co, Union Bank of Australia, Pyrmont Bridge Co. Sydney Chamber of Commerce which he and Rbt Towns and J. L. Montefiore helped revive in 1879-1883. Also with CSR. He was friends with Sir Alexander Stuart, Sir John Robertson, W. B. Dalley, Archibishop Vaughan, E. W. Knox and Henry Parkes. His own ADB entry; with discrepant dates as given in Lyons. I have here followed Lyons' article in May 1957, Bulletin of Business Archives council, p. 5.

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