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Nicholas Hayward Senior, Merchant to Virginia

E-mail from Tracy Hancock

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Dear Merchant Networks (on 17-7-2006), I have been researching Gilbert Metcalfe, merchant of London and his family, locating wills, letters, and merchant activities.

Here is one recent find: 10 August 1680. 13 March 1683.
 Know all Men by these presents that I Nicholas HOWARD of the hamlet of Wapping in the County of Middx Marriner have made ordained restituted and by these presents for make ordaine restitute and appoint William METCALFE of Wapping aforesaid Victualler my true and lawfull Attorney for me and in my name and for his use to aske demand and receive all persons whatsoever all such sume and sumes of money debts dues and demands whatsoever that is or shall be due to me the said Nicholas HOWARD either in his Ma’ties service or any other service or any Merchants as aforesaid and upon non payment thereof the said persons their executors or Administrators for me and in my name to sue arrest imprison implead and prosecute for the same and upon such suit to proceed to judgment and ___ and thereupon the said persons their executors and Administrators in prison to hold and keep untill payment thereof be made with all costs and damages sustained and to be sustained by occasion of the detaining of the same And upon payment thereof the said persons their Executors and Administrators forth___ prison to discharge And Acquittances for the same or any part thereof for me and in my name to make seale and deliver And alsoe to doe performe and overtake all and every other lawfull and reasonable ___ and things whatsoever both for obtaining and discharging of the same as shall be needfull to be done giving and by these presents granting unto my said Attorney my full and absolute power in the promissed ratifying and holding firme all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully doe or cause to be done in or about the promised by vertue of these presents In witnesse wh__ever of I have hereunto set my hands and seale the tenth day of August in the three and thirtyth yeare in the reign of our severeign Lord Charles the second by the grace of god of england Scotland ffrance and Ireland King defender of the ffaith yr Anno Dom One thousand six hundred eighty one.             
    And in case of death I the said Nicholas HOWARD doe hereby make and ordaine this to be my last Will and Testament in writing and doe nominate and appoint the said William METCALFE my full and sole Executor hereby making void all former Wills by me Witnesse my hand and seale the day and yeare above written Nicholas HOWARD Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Abraham SMITH the marke of John ROLPH, Nathll. [LORFYER/LORTYER/LORTHYEUR?].  (National Archives of the United Kingdom, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, PROB 11/372.)

This will and power of attorney may be  Nicholas HAYWARD, Sr., mariner in trade with Virginia. Could this Nicholas Howard be the father of Nicholas Hayward, Jr. who settled the Brenttown Tract in Prince William Co., VA?


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Could this William Metcalfe be related to the John Metcalfe (married to Diana Gwatkins)  who was an early settler in the Brenttown tract? Is the above William Metcalfe son of Gilbert Metcalfe and brother to Gilbert Metcalfe (2) in the following record with Nicholas Hayward [ Jr?]: 
20-22 August 1688. 
Shippers by the Spencer, Mr. Nicholas GOODRIDGE [Captain], bound from London for Virginia: Thomas STARK, Gilbert METCALF [Jr.], Nicholas HAYWARD [Jr?].
ref: PRO: E190/145/1. Complete Book of Emigrants, by Peter Wilson Coldham.

Nicholas Hayward, Snr. was involved in the Royal Africa Company which received its royal charter in 1672 for the purpose of conducting slavery operations. Nicholas Hayward, Sr. owned the ship [The] Golden Fortune in which Gilbert Metcalfe shipped goods to in 7 August 1660. 7 August 1660-19 September 1660. 
Gilbert METCALFE, Benjamin MARTIN, John CURRER, John BENBOW, Job NUTT, John COOKE and Symon C(illegible ---) shippers of goods on [The] Golden Fortune, Mr. Samuel TILMAN [Captain], bound from London to Virginia.
Ref: PRO:E190/47/1. The Complete Book of Emigrants, by Peter Wilson Coldham, Gen. Publ. Co., p. 467.

I enjoy your website!
Sincerely, Tracy Hancock

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This directory presents files on merchants working before 1775. Some of these files are on: convict contractors listed, South Sea Company of 1720, Samuel Holden, Director, Bank of England, Joseph Noy, English shipbuilder for Peter the Great.

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