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1796 British shippers contracting to government

By Dan Byrnes

(Work-in-progress. File not yet properly commented - more to come - Ed)

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See new file posted by 28-9-2012: A review by Dan Byrnes of Dr John Jiggens, Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp: Hemp, Sea-Power and Empire, 1777-1815. Australia, Jay Jay Publishing, 2012. Paperback, 285pp. ISBN: 978-0-9578684-3-4. At HEMP


This item arises from a mislaid citation. I probably found it in the late 1970s.

The listed names arose as shipping managers who regularly let ships to the British Navy had joined forces (by 1796) to request extra payment for their services, due to wartime inflation. At the time, Duncan Campbell, overseer of the Thames prison hulks, had been requesting extra payment from government for his services for the same reason: wartime inflation.

So it seemed that a similar request from a group of shipping operators spread across England was good enough evidence that wartime inflation was indeed a factor for all parties concerned. Names of shipping operators who possibly (stress, possibly) had some association with convict shipping sent to Australia before 1800 have been asterisked.

1796 - Merchants with ships in the transport service were: Will Leighton*, Abel Chapman*, And. Loughnan, L. Garbutt, Robert Gill, William Skinner, Francis Hurry Jnr*., William Hill, John McNabb, Geo Blakey, Edward. Thornhill, John Daglish, John Wilson, ? Hurry*, James Hodgkins, Clark, Robert Tindall, Chapman*, P. Richardson, Sam Wharton, Hodgson.


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Memorialists at Sunderland and North Shields were John Daglish, John Fenwick.

Whitby memorialists were John Holt, Robert Chapman, John Bignell*, Tho Hunter, Christopher Richardson.

Memorialists at Scarborough were Tho Thornton, William Hall, Lode (Lade?) John Hopper, Tho Kelo, Rich Williamson, ? Cornwall, Robert Cosins, John Dutchman, Jane Coulson, John Hall, Hatt Smith, Richd Daviston, Forbes, Thomas Hall, B. Varley, John Woodall, James Tindall, George Harrison, Richard Smith, Wm Hibden, Jas Clark, William Fields, Robert Cook, W. Herbert, Thos. Abbott.

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