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On British Slavers from 1789

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Follows a list of some notable slavers operating 1789-1791 from London, Bristol and Liverpool. The list is drawn from:
An Account of the Number of Vessels, with the Amount of their Tonnage, their Names, the Port to which they belong, and the Names of the respective Owners of each, that have cleared out from the Ports of London, Bristol and Liverpool, to the Coast of Africa, for the Purpose of purchasing slaves, in the Three Years preceding the 5th of January 1792.
From: House of Commons Sessional Papers of the Eighteenth Century, Vol. 82, pp. 329-37.

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London: William Lyttleton; John McNabb; John and Alexander Anderson; the firm Anthony Calvert & Thomas King & William Camden; James Glynn; Thomas Sharpless & Robert Heatley; George Bollond; Richard Miles & Jerome Bernard Weuves (plus Thomas Wilson); William Collow; Jessie Curling & Robert Curling & Robert Moulton & John Curling & Rose Fuller & John Dussell; George Sharpe & George Browne & William Christopher & William Welbank & Rowland Webster & John Middleton & Robert Smith plus executors of the late John Langley; Josiah Culmer & John Lishman; Henry Neale Baker and William Feilde; Samuel Farmer; John Dessell & Maxwell Nasmyth & Robert Moulton & Charles Moulton & John Roebuck & John Mangles & James Mangles & John Thompson & Edward Barrett; John Mackie & Thomas Mackie & Robert Crosbie.
Here, the names Moulton are probably connected to the name Moulton-Barrett, the name of the wife Elizabeth of poet Robert Browning. The names Mangles are probably connected to the names Mangles discussed elsewhere here, who via convict contracting became connected to "the Australian trade". Camden, Calvert and King of the Africa Co. in London organised half of the Second and all of the Third Fleet shipping to Sydney.

Bristol: Thomas Jones & Charles Harford & Thomas Rigge; Thomas Jones; James Jones & Thomas Deane & Robert Stratton & Thoms Rigge & Edward Watkins; Gavin Allanson; John Anderson; John Rogers & Sir James Laroche Bart & John Godrich & Richard Fydell & Robert Blake & John Purnell the Younger (plus Thomas Walker); John Watkins; Thomas Deane; Robert Hunter & Mungo Wright & Henry Keowen Hunter; Jonathan Nash (plus Samuel Biggs), William Jenkins & Charles Sloper; Patrick Fitz Henry.

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Liverpool: Robert Bostock; Thomas Tarleton & Daniel Backhouse & John Tarleton & Clayton Tarleton; Andrew Aikin & R. Kendall & Ann Gibson & George Hopkins; John Dawson; William Boats & Thomas Seaman & James Percival; John Bridge Aspinall & James Aspinall & William Moss & John Howard Junior & Thomas Hayhurst & William Kendall & Robert Richardson; William Harper & Robert Brade; John Gregson & James Gregson & James Aspinall & William Gregson Senior & William Gregson Junior & Edward Wilson & George Case & Andrew Black & William Begg (plus Edward Falkner, Peter Comberbach); Thomas Layland & Thomas Molyneux; William Harper & Robert Brade; Thomas Staniforth & John Houghton & James Carruthers & Joseph Brooks Junior & William Denison & Francis Ingram & Thomas Parke & Benj. Arthur Heywood & John Sargent & Christopher Chambers & Robert Rolleston; Thomas Parke & Bryan Smith & Thomas Hinde Junior & Thomas Parke Junior & Thomas Morland; Thomas Foxcroft & William Rice & James Welsh & Aretas Wharton & George Welch & Ralph Abram & Felix Doran (plus William Cockerell); John Dawson; John Hodgson & Thomas Hodgson Junior & Samuel Hartley & Isaac Capstick as executors of the will of Richard Capstick deceased; John Ratcliffe & Alice Howard & John Brown;


To find your way to more files on Merchant Networks topics related either chronologically, or alphabetically by merchant surname, go to the main file of Sitemap.

Ellis Bent & Robert Bent & Thomas Hodgson & Ellis Leckonby Hodgson & Thomas Dickinson & Joseph Mathews (plus Thomas Clarke & Benjamin Hammond & John Whitfield Smith & Henry Newham & Thomas Pickop & Thomas Leigh); Joseph Greaves & William Denison Junior & Daniel Maclean & John Knox & Charles Wilson & William Mastriter; Peter Rigby & William Ruston & Thomas Dixon & John Penny & Moses Benson & John Backhouse; John Fisher; Thomas Willock & James Sawrey & William Watson & Robert Worswick; James Dover; John Webster & Thomas Clarke & James Eckley Colley; John Dawson; Robert Ward & Thomas Pickop & Plato Denny & John Smith (plus Joseph Caton); Ralph Fisher & John Kewley & Patrick Kewley (plus James Forrest, William Jackson, John Hewan); Thomas Earle & William Earle & Francis Holland & Alexander Grierson (plus Edward Atherton, Edmund Molineux, William Molineuxx); William Dickson (plus Joseph Caton & John Small & Ralph Fisher & William Molineux (sic) & Thomas Jolly); Thomas Foxcroft & William Rice & James Welsh & Aretas Wharton & Ralph Abram & George Welch & Felix Doran; John Chambres Jones & Robert Welsh & James Hird; Alexander Nicholson & David Christian; Alexander Willcock; James Penny & Peter Rigby & William Rutson & John Backhouse & Moses Benson & Thomas Dixon; Francis Ingram & Charles Butler & James Rigby; Joseph Birch & Thomas Ryan & John Heblethwaite & James Gibson & James Wedderburn; John Webster & Thomas Clarke & James Eckley Colley & John Dawson & John Houghton & Charles Wilson & John Matthews; Thomas Staniforth & Gill Slater & John Robinson & Thomas Ryan & Joseph Brooks & William Pole & Thomas Cropper & Thomas Carter & James Bolton & Roger Leathom; Thomas Hinde & Thomas Hinde Junior & William Jackson & Joseph Fayrer & John Howard & Peter Whitfield Brancker & Thomas Parke & Samuel Simpson; William Neilson & William Heathcote; James Dover & Thomas Rodie & William Kerr; Ralph Fisher & William Jackson & John Marshall.
(Ends the list of slavers 1789-1791)

Arrow graphicReferences other: (Compiled by Dan Byrnes in 2004 or 2005. Uploaded to the Net prior to 30-5-2006.)

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