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The latest useful website we hear about is from UK: The History of Parliament for some very useful biographical material: http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/

Notes 1) For sets of hyperlinks relevant to this website's concerns, see Dan Byrnes' website, The Blackheath Connection. (Those links are now also given below) These links concern the London suburb, Blackheath and matters connected from about 1780.
Or, Dan Byrnes' collections of hyperlinks on his domain at his Links Garden, (which are also now given below) on genealogy, or history. (On those websites, you probably will not find a hyperlink back to this webpage, so keep a bookmark of this page.)

Below are various links sent us by e-mailers. Not all the links have been tested, which is why they are not yet hyperlinked, and some might return an error message - 404, not found - Sorry, Ed

Below are various links sent us by e-mailers. Not all the links have been tested, which is why they are not yet hyperlinked, and some might return an error message - 404, not found - Sorry, Ed

news item - NEW YORK, 13 November 2006 /Christian Newswire/ --  WilberforceCentral.Org announces forthcoming events and activities now planned for the 200th Anniversary of the abolition of the British and the American slave trade. (www.wilberforcecentral.org

Wilberforce Central is a coalition formed to introduce the media and the American public to the numerous events surrounding the bicentenary of the end of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, with particular focus on the inspiration and impact that 18th-century British parliamentarian William Wilberforce brought to that historic accomplishment. The British Act was approved by Royal Assent on March 25, 1807 and the U.S. Act was signed by President Thomas Jefferson on March 2, 1807. 

Full report on public awarness by early 2007 of slavery issues had been at website: http://www.setallfree.net/downloads/mori_report.pdf

"There is some limited awareness of the significance of the 2007 in relation to the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade Act, and one in ten can name the exact year when the act was [established.] However, few people are able to identify prominent abolitionists from a list, indicating that although there is a basis upon which to build awareness for next year's bicentenary, there is some way to go to raise awareness and knowledge in this area. Results also reveal the public's limited understanding of what slavery in the 21st century involves. Even the most widely recognized form of modern slavery, trafficking for sexual exploitation is identified by only 35% of people.” 

15 February, 2007: 4:30 p.m. Gilder Lehrman Center, Yale University
A Colony of Citizens Book Talk and Discussion with the Author

Laurent Dubois, Associate Professor of History at Michigan State University, discusses his 2005 Frederick Douglass Prize-winning book A Colony of Citizens: Revolution and Slave Emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1787-1804, which positions events in Guadeloupe within a larger framework and suggests the complex fruits of emancipation in the French Caribbean and the Atlantic World. http://www.yale.edu/glc/events/index.htm

23 February, 2007: Bristol Bay Productions releases motion picture “Amazing Grace” in U.S. theaters, starring Ioan Gruffudd as William Wilberforce and Albert Finney as John Newton.  See www.amazinggracemovie.com

23-24 February, 2007: The Victoria & Albert Museum will be holding a two-day conference: From Cane Field to Tea-Cup: The Impact of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade on Art, to commemorate the 1807 anniversary. The conference will look at the links between the trade, slaves and slavery and the production and collection of domestic and decorative artifacts, including furniture, ceramics, metalwork, textiles, sculpture, architecture, prints and paintings. (dates to be determined)  Also currently on display: Asante Goldweights from Ghana (Metalware, Room 116) which mark the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade and 50 years of independence of Ghana.  www.vam.ac.uk/

Bristol Bay Productions releases motion picture “Amazing Grace” in theaters in the United Kingdom, starring Ioan Gruffudd as William Wilberforce and Albert Finney as John Newton. (U.K. date to be determined)  See www.amazinggracemovie.com

BBC – season of programs on BBC channels on the abolition of slave trade. www.bbc.co.uk

William Wilberforce’s famous abolitionist speech to Parliament, along with other selected texts, will be performed in central London, sponsored by the Commission for Racial Equality.  www.cre.gov.uk

5-6 March, 2007: Gilder Lehrman Center, Yale University.  Principles and Agents: The British Slave Trade and its Abolition. The Third Annual David Brion Davis Lecture Series on the History of Slavery, Race, and Their Legacies.  P. David Richardson, Director of the Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation presents a three-part lecture series commemorating the 200th anniversary of the British abolition of the slave trade. Monday, March 5: lecture and opening reception at the Beinecke Mezzanine, "Growth and Expansion of the British Slave Trade, 1660-1807." Tuesday, March 6: lecture location TBD, "African Agency in the Slave Trade." Wednesday, March 7: lecture location TBD, "Ideology, Politics, and British Abolitionism, c.1780-1807." http://www.yale.edu/glc/events/index.htm

25 March. 2007: (Anniversary of Abolition of Slavery in Britain) 
Birmingham Bicentenary Sunday Service
, led by the Council of Black Led Churches, organized by Birmingham Churches Together, at 6 p.m. in the Bethel Convention Center, West Bromwich, England. Seating reservations needed. Contact: dking@christian-aid.org

25 March, 2007: Grand re-opening of Wilberforce House Museum. The historic home of William Wilberforce is being upgraded and all new exhibitions will be introduced. The Council owned Wilberforce House Museum, the first Museum in Britain to tackle the subject of Slavery and Abolition, is 100 years old in 2006 and was last updated in 1983 (for the 150th Anniversary of Emancipation). New displays expanding the history of slavery, the role of Wilberforce and contemporary issues relating to the subject of slavery are all dealt with in the new development. Contact vanessa.salter@hullcc.uk

27 March, 2007 - National Commemorative Service at Westminster Abbey at 12 noon.  Invitation only; sponsored by Set All Free (now defunct) at: http://www.setallfree.net/; www.westminster-abbey.org

In May 2007: TELEVISION RELEASE for documentary film The Better Hour. William Wilberforce: A Man of Character Who Changed the World.  (Date to be determined) www.thebetterhour.com

July 2007: Breaking the Chains Walkathon- communities all over the UK will walk to show their respect to those men, women and children that lived and died in bondage. http://www.blackhistoryfoundation.com/

8-12 August, 2007: Major international conference in Ghana, West Africa. Co-sponsored by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University (http://www.yale.edu/glc/) as well as the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation at University of Hull in England (had been at: http://www.hull.ac.uk/wise/2007.html)

Australian Dictionary of Biography - a first port of call for Australians! At: http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/biogs/Australian Dictionary of Biographyetc etc.

Interesting material on the transatlantic slave trade by people who know what they are talking about.
http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/applied_history/tutor/eurvoya/Trade.html Slave Trade, transAtlantic

The second URL here contains a large number of digital images, at:

British Navy: Ships of the Old Navy [from Phillips] at: http://www.cronab.demon.co.uk/INTRO.HTM

Brooks, Richard - Last found as Error 500 - can't connect - Brooks: On Captain Richard Brooks, see a website from Christine Maher (Australia) at: http://www.soc.murdoch.edu.au/cfis/abs/maher.html - -

Georgian Society of Jamaica (photographs of sectors in historical Jamaica worthy of historical preservation-conservation) at: http://www.jamaica-georgian.org.uk/ Historical Photos, Jamaica

Examine more on Medical Pioneers (a website from Australia?) at: http://www.medicalpioneers.com/ Medical pioneers, Australia

September 2006 Maritime History conference at Exeter, UK at: http://www.huss.ex.ac.uk/history/research/maritime/events.php

UK Smuggling History at: http://www.smuggling.co.uk/history.html UK smuggling history - has good illustrations copyrighted to an author who is willing to allow people to use in exchange for a live link to his website.

For a good selection of downloadable current papers on the Asia-Pacific region. See: http://www.vuw.ac.nz/css/pages/papers/working.aspx

For more historical material re Asia, see the archive newsletters: http://www.iias.nl/iiasn/newslet.html

On historical and literary diaries, see http://www.pikle.demon.co.uk/diaryjunction.htmlDiaries, historical -

Timeline Index: Very helpful, with links to timelines on basic chronology, people, places, subjects, events, locations, plus other matters of searchableness, at: http://www.timelineindex.com/Timeline Index

Museum Activities – A number of museums in the U.S. and U.K. will have exhibits on slavery in 2007 including – see www.wilberforcecentral.org/wfc/Museums/index.htm

[Note: Coalition members in WilberforceCentral.org include: 

WilberforceCentral.org allows for other groups to join and participate with self-registry of their events as a "Co-operating Group.]

On a convict sent to America, Isaac Liptrap (website cites The Blackheath Connection by Dan Byrnes), at: http://jliptrap.us/gen.isaac.htmIsaac Liptrap, website

On smuggling in C18th and C19th Britain, treating more than 850 smugglers' haunts: http://www.smuggling.co.uk/index.htmlSmuggling, Britain

 Below are links from Dan Byrnes' website, The Blackheath Connection - 

Archives Authority of NSW
Historically yours

http://www.records.nsw.gov.au/othrlinks.htm/ Archives Authority of NSW
Links, etc (broken link)

Archives of Australia

http://www.nla.gov.au/AA-WWW/AA-Home-Page.html/ Archives of Australia

Indigenous History of Sydney, from first contacts

General, listed alphabetically

http://www.eb.com/bio.html/ Biography
Britannica's Lives (broken link)

http://grid.let.rug.nl/~welling/usa/jefferson.html/ Biography - Thomas Jefferson
Interesting (but broken link?)

Blackheath - London
Website maintained by local historian, Neil Rhind, now writing his third book.

http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Concourse/1364/ Blackheath whaler, Daniel Bennet
Sailing for Bennet in the Pacific is Capt. Morgan here (but a broken link)

Blackheath, London
Interesting essays of wide interest - Black Studies (but broken link?)

Lastfound as Error 500 - can't connect - Bligh - Betham>
For a little more on father-in-law of William Bligh, Richard Betham. A site on Manx history from Frances Coakley


http://www.archaeology.org.online/features/pandora/ Bligh - Bounty - Pandora
Pandora - the ship that chased the Bounty mutineers (but broken link?)

http://www.visi.com/~pjlareau/bounty1.html/ Bligh and Bounty
Mutiny on HMS Bounty (but a broken link?)

Locating place names, try this collection of maps



Last found as Error 404 - not found - http://www.regiments.org/milhist/southasia/india.htm - British-India
Tod Mill's collection of links for military in India

Convict Creations
Assessing the legacy of convictism
http://www.convictcreations.com< /a>

http://carmen.murdoch.edu.au/community/dps/convicts/ Convict Ships and Convicts

Lists, etc. (broken link)

Broken link - http://www.southernx.com.au/">Convict ships, listings
A pay site, from Southern Cross Genealogy
http://www.southernx.com.au Convict Transportation Records
From the Irish National Archives (but broken link?)

ConvictCentral, Australia
Very comprehensive

http://www.budde.com.au/NewSite/ConvictTrail/ Convicts - History - Northern New South Wales
Convict Trail with Paul Budde (broken link)
Convicts - The Convicts - (broken link?)
A way to earlier Australian history

http://www.ozemail.com.au/jsnelson/convict.html/ Convicts - The Southern Cross Genealogy Page
On Convicts, clipper ships, POWs, ships other, coats of arms (but broken link)

Genealogy Library Australia (broken link?):

http://www.kittybrewster/com/l.htm/ Family - Arbuthnot
Interesting (but broken link)

Family - Archives Authority of NSW
History, also

http://www.cohsoft.com.au/afch/ Family - Australian Family History Compendium
Genealogy, various (broken link)

Family - Bellas
Bellas family of Long Marton - a family saga/history

Family - Births, Deaths, Marriages, NSW
Has links Australia-wide

(Now defunct): Bond-Chitty family links: http://homepages.anglianet.co.uk/entwistle/no_frames/crest.html

Broken link - http://www.sahuaro.net/~ndkelly/Claiborne/claiborne.html">Family - Claiborne Family
In Jamaica/USA - Virginia



http://www.ccsna.org/ Family - Clan Campbell Society of North America
Useful (but a broken link?)

Family - Daniel Morgan's Genealogy Pages
Very useful website

Family - First Families
Australian Genealogy

Error 500 - can't connect - http://www.firstfamilies2001.net.au/ -

Error 500 can't connect - http://users.synflux.com.au/~sylcec/dom37.htm - Family - Forbes, Leckie -

http://www.btinternet.com/~mary.clark1/wmmitchell.htm/ Family - Forbes-Mitchell - Forbes clan
Genealogy research - see also /jmitchell.htm (broken link)

(Now defunct) Family - Money, General genealogy: http://members.tripod.co.uk/Adrian_Money/william.htm

Broken link - http://www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/bdm/">Family - NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

http://www.cableone.net/palmer/palmer-l/palmbook.htm/ Family - Palmer
Family Books & Other Resources (broken link)

http://pattle.webprovider.com/ Family - Pattle
One of several sites on Pattles

http://home.pix.za/ms/ms73/0757.htm/ Family - Pattle at Scott's End
Pattle in South Africa (broken link) (see also /ms73/SITE.HTM and /ms73/ALPHKTOQ.html#Pattle

Family - Staunton Park Genealogy Centre
Portsmouth, UK

Broken link - http://www.nmm.ac.uk/rcs/women/index.htm">Family - Women and the Sea Network
An online discussion forum

http://www.ihr.com.au/" Family History - IHR New South Wales Family History Documents
Internet History Resources from Northern NSW (Broken link?)

http://www.interfusion.net.au/~shazzac/IRDP.html/ Family History from British India
C18th, C19th, website based in Canberra (broken link)

Family history/genealogy information available from
The Mormon Church



Genealogy - Australian Genealogy Forum

Genealogy in Australia
http://www.pcug.org.au/~mpahlow< /a>

Broken link - http://www.slnsw.gov.au/Genealogy: on-line family history seminars NSW State Library

With other genealogy-type resources

http://www.ma.org/maps/map.html/Historical Atlas of Europe
Useful (broken link)

History - China
From Xia dynasty

http://www.magna.com.au/~wwfred/ History - The Day It Happened in Australia
Chronologised history (broken link)

http://www.rainbowis.com.au/~greeve/frontpage2.html/ History - Western Australian Coast
From Dennis Greeve (broken link)

History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America
Pay site

http://www.southernx.com.au/clippers.htm/ History of Liverpool Clipper Ships, 1850-1870
James Baine's Black Ball Line [Emigrants] (broken link)

History of Places in Australia
Know where you are
http://www.zades.com.au/ozindex/ozindex.html History, various
Including on tea import to Australia (broken link)

http://www.guyanaca.com/features/Indiaim_toguyana.html/ India
On labour shipped India-Guyana, via Mauritius - John Gladstone's property - Letters Gillanders-Arbuthnot and F. R. Prinsep, sec, Govt India. (broken link)

http://www.mariners.1.freeserve.co.uk/EICf-n.htm/ India
India Society for Nautical Research



Irish ancestry search
Via Tiara

Irish Family History Association

Library - US Library of Congress
Very useful

Broken link - http://www.penrithcity.nsw.gov.au/loz/lozaust.htmLinks
Lorraine's Top Family History Internet Sites

http://www.webb.net/sites/mac_home/mac.aussie.html/ Links - MacLinks Family Connections - Australia
Excellent collection of genealogy/research links (broken link)

Broken link - http://www.lordmayorsshow.org/hist/pastmayors.shtml">London - Past Lord Mayors
Useful, interesting

London Ancestor
1794 Kent's Directory of business names/addresses

http://www.mariners-1.freeserve.co.uk/EICWoolmore.htm/ Mariners
Capt John Woolmore of London, essay by Tony Fuller (broken link)

http://www.rainbowis.com.au/!greeve/firstmariners.html/ Navigators
First mariners on West Australian coast (broken link)

http://www.slsa.sa.gov.au/lib_guide/sasource/flindersbaudin.htm/ Navigators
Matthew Flinders and Nicholas Baudin on Australian coastlines (broken link)

(Now defunct): Navigators - Capt James Cook: HM Bark Endeavour: http://www.barkendeavour.com.au/

Navigators - Capt James Cook: (Broken link?)
New news

http://werner.ira.uka/~maier/australia/explore/cook.html/Navigators - James Cook, Explorer
Rather academic (broken link)

NSW Heritage Office - Heritage Assistance Program
Telephone: (02) 9635 6155, email to: heritageoffice@heritage.nsw.gov.au

NSW Historic Houses Trust of NSW
Architecturally yours

On the Thames River

http://www.ogb.wfu.edu.html/ Slavery
Another site of interest (broken link)

http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/subject/hd/fak7/hist/ol/logs/mt/t53/0007.html/ Slavery
Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery (broken link)

http://www.flamemag.dircon.co.uk/slavery_in_london.html/ Slavery - Flamemag - e-zine
On questions of slavery in history - London (broken link)



http://rims.k12.ca.us/ugr/index1999.html/ Slavery - Footsteps to Freedom
How slaves ran free to Canada (broken link)

http://www.informat.com.au/gondwana/gondwana.html/ The Day It Happened In Australia
Chronologised history (broken link)

http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~winslow/ US History Online
Interesting (broken link)

http://wwwehit.flinders.edu.au/archaeology/AWSANZ/index.html/ Whaling
Archaeology of whaling, New Zealand, South Australia (broken link)


Part Three


Gould's Books Online

Maps - Internet Atlas
For geography and maps


Meanwhile, an emailer has sent the below items after noticing them in a newsletter.

========= HISTORY ==============

AMERICAN NOTES: TRAVELS IN AMERICA, 1750-1920 Comprises 253 published narratives by Americans and foreign visitors recounting their travels in the colonies and the United States and their observations and opinions about American peoples, places, and society from about 1750 to 1920. And much more. http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/lhtnhtml/lhtnhome.html

COLLECT BRITAIN - PUTTING HISTORY IN ITS PLACE Travel through time and place with Collect Britain's panorama of images from the British Library's famous collections. Maps, prints and drawings, photographs and documents, rare early sound recordings from around the globe - you'll find them all here....Explore the specially selected collections, take a themed tour or visit a virtual exhibition. http://www.collectbritain.co.uk/

KING COUNTY SNAPSHOTS King County, Washington, through 12,000 historical images carefully chosen from twelve organizations' collections. These cataloged 19th and 20th century images portray people, places, and events in the county's urban, suburban, and rural communities. http://www.kcsnapshots.org/

REPORTING CIVIL RIGHTS This site, a companion to The Library of America's Reporting Civil Rights, presents the reporters and journalism of the American Civil Rights Movement. http://www.reportingcivilrights.org/

THE UNITED STATES NEWSPAPER PROGRAM A cooperative national effort among the states and the federal government to locate, catalog, and preserve on microfilm newspapers published in the United States from the eighteenth century to the present. Funding by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Technical assistance furnished by the Library of Congress. http://www.neh.gov/projects/usnp.html

Below are links from Dan Byrnes' website - Merchants and Bankers Listings -

1000AD - Greenland - Norse settlers
Circa 1000AD, with Leif Erickson
Family - Daniel Morgan's Genealogy Pages
Very useful website

Family - Impey

Family - Search Malta: Society And Culture: Genealogy
Useful - Mediterranean

Family history/genealogy information available from
The Mormon Church

London Ancestor
1794 Kent's Directory of business names/addresses

Marconi Sampler
Celebrating centenary of Marconi and his first radio broadcast

Maximilian Genealogy - New Main Index 2001

Quite a big reputation

Royalty - Aristocracy - The Theroff Files (now defunct): http://pages.prodigy.net/ptheroff/

Wealth - American
Classifications of wealthy American families, with genealogy (pay site)

Site for genealogy charts and forms (last found as 404 Not Found) at:
http://www.ancestry.com/download/forms.htm -

British Genealogy especially (a site recommended by Editor) at www.stirnet.com

Family history/genealogy information available from
The Mormon Church

Family Tree Maker Online

Put your family history on the Net - a four-minute download
Society of Australian Genealogists (now defunct): http://www.sag.org.au/
Last found as error 500 (can't connect) - http://www.southernx.com.au/ - Genealogy - Southern Cross Genealogy - Australia -

Genealogy Online Fifth edition by Elizabeth Powell Crowe is $44.95 from: www.osborne.com/

Genealogy Data

The princely House of Liechtenstein at: www.fuerstenhaus.li/index-e.html/

Genealogy - Royal Hashemite House of Jordan and King Abdullah II at: www.kingabdullah.gov.jo/

UK and Royal Insight on the British Royal Family at: www.royalinsight.gov.uk/

Royal Court of Sweden at: www.royalcourt.se/eng/

History of Russian Tsars: Alexander Palace Time Machine at: www.alexanderpalace.org/palace/

The Saud Dynasty of the Arabian Peninsula, at: www.saudinfo.com.au/saudi_arabia/dynasty.html/

The Dutch Royal House at: www.koninklijkhuis.nl/UK/welcome.html/

Check Royal Scandals at: www.discovery.com/area/history/royal/royal1.html/

Quite a big reputation

Royalty in History at: Last found as Error 404 - not found - http://www.xs4all.nl/~kvenjb/kings.htm/

Fantasy Royalist, a record of imposters, fraudsters, lunatics and other weirdos who claim royal blood at: www.chivalricorder.org/royalty/fantasy/fantasy.htm/

Below is a set of links on "history in general"

1000AD - Greenland - Norse settlers
Circa 1000AD, with Leif Erickson

Antiquity - Sites

French site honours diggers

Archives Authority of NSW
Historically yours

Yuri Gagarin, first man in space

Atomic Bomb - Hiroshima Bomb Memorial
" Archives of Australia http://www.nla.gov.au/AA-WWW/AA-Home-Page.html " History and science of the atomic bomb

Australia Street
Snapshots 1994-1995 in Sydney/Adelaide from Institute for Interactive Multimedia and Australian Museum

Australian Battlefields of World War One
France - website from Robert Crane, with maps [was once at]: http://www.ciaops.com/guides/battle/

Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology
With Australian National Shipwreck Database

Australian Society of World War One Aero Historians : Articles on aviation dating back to 1964: (Now defunct): http://asww1ah.topcities.com/

(Gets timeout) - http://www.awm.gov.au/1918/ - Australians in France - In 1918 -

Aviation - 460 Squadron RAAF
World War Two experiences. (Another website by Joel Byrnes)

General, listed alphabetically

Brooks, Richard: On Captain Richard Brooks, see from Christine Maher (Australia, if the site still works) at: http://www.soc.murdoch.edu.au/cfis/abs/maher.html -

Last found as error 403 (forbidden) - http://www.burkeandwills.net/ - Australian explorers, Burke and Wills - Terra Incognita -
Error 403 forbidden at: http://www.canberrahouse.com.au/ - Canberra - Architecture - Work of leading architects in a young city

Error 500 - can't connect - Conspire.com
Conspiracy theories as collected by Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen, authors of The 60 Greatest Conspiracy Theories

Convict Creations
Assessing the legacy of convictism (Australia)

Domesday Book - England: Error 500 - can't connect -
With all the original 13,418 entries.

Economic History Services
From time of Charles Darwin and including religious debates

Family - Archives Authority of NSW
History, also

Said to be a definitive database

Founding Documents
Treats significant documents 1768-to the present

France - The Maginot Line
Major line of defence in France

Gallipoli - Anzac Day
A notable Anzac site

Genealogy: Carey of Guernsey, Channel Islands (early on, privateers), who married with the Dobrees and the Le Mesuriers, at: http://www.careyroots.com/hi19.html

Heritage - Teaching Heritage
For NSW, has Shockwave

Historic Photographs
For Australia, this site reviewed well. Search by keywords

European History Resources: on Jewish Holocaust

History - Explorers
The Age of European discovery

History - Hyperhistory
Interactive on 3000 years of history

Error 500 - can't connect - History of Languages
Writers' Resources: http://history.cc.ukans.edu/history/#language

History Today

Literature - Cambridge History of English and American Literature
All 18 volumes.

Maps - Internet Atlas
For geography and maps

Marconi Sampler
Celebrating centenary of Marconi and his first radio broadcast

Martin Luther King in history
Examines his contribution

Mediaeval New York
Architecture, art, artefacts and documents.

Australians at War

Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (now defunct): http://www.halloffame.mining.ca/


Last found as error 500 (can't connect) - http://www.Cookships.org/news.htm/ - Navigators - Capt James Cook -

NSW Heritage Office - Heritage Assistance Program
Telephone: (02) 9635 6155, email to: heritageoffice@heritage.nsw.gov.au

NSW Historic Houses Trust of NSW
Architecturally yours

Old web pages, archived
Internet Archive

Pett shipbuilders of London via Stepney Folk Website was once at: http://website.lineone.net/~fight/Stepney/pett.htm

Pett shipbuilders of London, their entry on Wikipedia at: (gets Error 403, forbidden) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pett_dynasty -

Picture Australia
Historic photographs, etc.

Error 403 - forbidden - Pioneers
The American West

Pompeii - Vesuvius
AD 79 - and after Pompeii is buried

Secrets of War
On Second World War

Space Race
History of the Space Race

St Valentine's Day, History of
Romance and the other

Surf History
Mostly on US experience

Error 404 - not found - Sydney Archives Project
Reviewer is impressed with the work on Newtown, Sydney

The History Channel
Interesting on this day

The WWI Trenches on the Web

Timelines various below

Asia: Chronology of Asian Maritime History at: http://www.maritimeasia.ws/topic/chronology.html

Now 404 - not found - http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/20cvox/ UK - Twentieth Century Vox
Archive of oral history from the BBC -

US - Cowboy Life
Every aspect of cowboy culture

Last found as error 404 (not found) - http://www.historyplace.com/kennedy/warhero.htm/ - US - History Place JFK - photo history -

UK: Isle of Man (oncce a very good site but now defunct): http://www.isle-of-man.com/

UK: Social history website on Georgian period, the Georgian Index at: http://www.georgianindex.net/

Error 500 - can't connect - US Army Centre of Military History
Texts, photos, art, bibliographies

US History - Al Capone Museum was once at: http://www.alcaponemuseum.com/

Vikings in the North Atlantic
Has Quicktime VR, good review

American Wild West: Last found as error 500 (can't connect) - http://www.aboutbillythekid.com/ - West - Wild West - Billy the Kid, Outlaw -

World War I Document Archive
Good review

Billed as the ultimate WWI website

Below are items still uncollected:

British Online Resources, various, at: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/Default.aspx

Currency converter for British pounds/US dollars: Find out the relative value of British pounds/US dollars and other financial indicators at any given time in history: From Economic History Services At: http://eh.het.hmit/

For Oz genealogy, best website yet found by Dec 2007 is http by Robert Mote at http://www.search4ancestors.net/

Privateers (American) during American Revolution, at: http://www.usmm.org/revolution.html

Timeline Index: Very helpful, with links to timelines on basic chronology, people, places, subjects, events, locations, plus other matters of searchableness, at: http://www.timelineindex.com/

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