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Descendants of White Progenitor-88512

Sixth Generation

31. Lt-Colonel, DSO, CMG White Harold Fletcher-47711 (Francis John , Frank , James II , James I , Progenitor ) was born on 13 Jun 1883.

Mowle's Genealogy, p. 176.

Harold married Of Armidale Curtis Evelyn Augusta-113095 daughter of Of Armidale NSW Curtis H. W.-113096 and CNotknown Miss-113097.

Mowle's Genealogy, p. 176.

Harold and Evelyn had the following children:

  43 M i Grazier, Eastern Plains, Guyra White Graham Harold-242868.

No notes.
        Graham married Payne Mary-242867 daughter of Payne Frank Merton-242863 and King Nina Mary-242862. Mary was born in 1937 in Walcha.

No notes.

33. White Alfred (Jim) Henry-31687 (Henry Luke , Frank , James II , James I , Progenitor ) was born on 18 Oct 1901.

http airgale on Ebsworths. Leasks Austn Genealogies. Mowle's Genealogy, p. 177 and for Ebsworth.

Alfred married Coombe Judy Lorne-47897 daughter of Sir Coombe Thomas M.-130411 and CNotknown Miss-92730 on 20 Sep 1926.

Mowle's Genealogy, p. 177.

Alfred and Judy had the following children:

+ 44 F i White Primrose-201085 was born in 1936.
  45 M ii White Michael Francis-265007 was born in 1928.
        Michael married Crossing Judy Mary-265020 daughter of Crossing William Sparke-265022 and CNotknown Miss-265023.

http airgale on Ebsworths.
  46 F iii White Morna-265008 was born in 1930.
        Morna married Playfair David Hardy-265013 son of Brigadier Hon Playfair Thomas Alfred-265014 and Hardy Madge-265015. David was born in 1928.

http airgale on Ebsworths.
  47 F iv White Vera Bettine-265009 was born in 1932.
        Vera married Chandler William Ross-265010 son of Chandler Progenitor-265011 and CNotknown MIss-265012 in 1953.

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