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Descendants of Brooke Progenitor-87775

Eighth Generation

40. wife2 Brooke Leonora Margaret-35741 (Charles Vyner de Windt Johnson-Brooke , Charles Anthony Johnson-Brooke , James Anthoni , Thomas , Robert , Robert , Progenitor ).

She is dr1. Hodson lists. She has two children to Inchcape. She m2 to Tompkins of USA. She is wife 2 of Inchcape. Burke's LG for Brooke of Sarawak. See Runciman's book. GEC after 1901, Inchcape, p. 147.

Leonora married (1) Of P&O, Earl2 Inchcape Mackay Kenneth-35740 son of Sir shipper, Earl1 Inchcape Mackay James Lyle of P&O-45479 and Shanks Jane Jean Paterson-26089 on 1 Jun 1933. Kenneth was born on 25 Dec 1887 in Calcutta,. He died on 23 May 1932.

He is an only son. See book by Boyd Cable. Iseke says names Money and Wigram became India Steamship Co and this later became P&O. Burke's P&B for Inchcape. Burke's LG for Brooke of Sarawak. See Runciman on Brookes of Sarawak. He is a director of P&O and a dep-chairman of Marine Insurance Co. GEC after 1901, Inchape, p. 146.

Kenneth and Leonora had the following children:

  50 F i Mackay Rosemary-211669 was born in 1936.
        Rosemary married French Francis Martin-211670 son of French Francis Holroyd-211671 and Morland Mrs Henry-211672.

Leonora married (2) Tompkins Francis Parker-211653 son of Colonel US Army Tompkins Frank-211654 and Barr Alice Gertrude-211655. Francis was born in 1896. He died in 1971.

They had the following children:

  51 M ii Baron Tanlaw Mackay Simon Brooke-211662 was born in 1934.

How is name change from Tompkins?
        Simon married Hirsch Joanna Susan-211663 daughter of Major of Sungrove Lodge Newbury Berks Hirsch John Henry-211665 and Miller Joan Lindsay-211666. Joanna was born in 1939.

41. Tuan Muda of Sarawak Brooke Bertram Willes Dayrell-12887 (Charles Vyner de Windt Johnson-Brooke , Charles Anthony Johnson-Brooke , James Anthoni , Thomas , Robert , Robert , Progenitor ) was born on 8 Aug 1876 in Kuching. He died on 15 Sep 1965.

Code-red. Or, Johnson-Brooke. He is son5. Burke's P&B for Palmer of Reading. See also Pybus book. Burke's P&B for Palmer Barons. He is ADC to Lord Chelmsford, Gov of QLD in 1905-1907. Burke's LG for Brooke of Sarawak. Autobiog, Sylvia Brooke, p. 62. Autobiog, Sylvia Brooke, p. 62. He has one son and three drs. His own wikipedia page.

Bertram married Palmer Gladys Milton-11425 daughter of Sir Bart1, MP Palmer Walter-105794 and Lady Palmer Craig Jean-11430 in 1904. Gladys was born in 1884. She died on 12 Jun 1952.

She has son HH Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke HIghness, renounces clams to Sarawak, he m1 to Kathleen Mary, (1907-1981) dr of Wm Edwd Cecil Hudden, and m2 to Gita nee Keiller. update from http on Brookes of Sarawak. Burke's P&B for Barons Palmer/Palmer of Reading. Burke's LG for Brooke of

Bertram and Gladys had the following children:

+ 52 M i Rajah Sarawak Brooke Anthony-41694 was born on 10 Dec 1912.
+ 53 F ii Lady Halsey Brooke Jean Margaret Palmer-500348 was christened in 1925.

45. Vice-Admiral Brooke Basil Charles Barrington-105345 (John Charles Evelyn Hope Brooke , John Johnson-Brooke Brooke , Emma Frances Brooke , Thomas , Robert , Robert , Progenitor ) was born in 1895.

Burke's LG for Brooke of Sarawak.

Basil married Toppin Nora Evelyn-39940 daughter of Toppin Charles-115911 and TNotknown Miss-123490.

Burke's LG for Brooke of Sarawak.

Basil and Nora had the following children:

+ 54 M i RN Brooke Peter Barrington-57295 was born in 1926.
  55 M ii Brooke Julian Hope-153107 was born in 1930.

In http he m1 to Caroline Harcourt and m2 to Gladys Burlew.
  56 F iii Brooke Isabel Anne-158481 was born in 1929.
        Isabel married Blake Peter-133720 son of Blake Progenitor-184669 and BNotknown Miss-184670.
  57 F iv Brooke Jennifer-152704.
        Jennifer married Macilwaine Ian-141314 son of Macilwaine Progenitor-184671 and MNotknown Miss-184672.

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