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Descendants of Riley Progenitor-88338

Fourth Generation

9. NSW Pioneer, Explorer Riley William Edward-57552 (Alexander , George Co Cavan London , Progenitor ) died in 1836.

See Garran and White on Merinos and Macarthurs, p. 142. Jill Ker, The Wool Industry in NSW, 1803-1830, Part 2, Business Archives and History, Vol. 2, No. 1, February 1962, pp. 18-54. This man found the Goulbourn Plains. Does he marry Honoria Brooks qv?

Of Raby.

William married Brooks Honoria Rose-335157 daughter of Capt, convict contractor, NSW Ag Soc Brooks Richard-5587 and Passmore Christiana Eliza-38800.

Her father's ADB entry.

William and Honoria had the following children:

+ 16 F i Riley Margaret Maria-335155 was born in 1837.

12. Riley James John-56515 (Edward , George Co Cavan London , Progenitor ) was born about 1821. He died in 1882.

Cf Keith Robert Binney, Horsemen of the first frontier (1788-1900) and the Serpent's Legacy as a Google Books Result. He is son4. Mowle's genealogy.

James married Blomfield Christiana Eliza Passmore-56516 daughter of Captain, Pastoralist, Dagworth, Upper Hunter Blomfield Thomas Valentine-38803 and Brooks Christiana Jane-260980. Christiana was born on 30 Jun 1826. She died in 1904.

Cf Keith Robert Binney, Horsemen of the first frontier (1788-1900) and the Serpent's Legacy as a Google Books Result. She had eight or more children. Mowle's genealogy. See

James and Christiana had the following children:

  17 M i Riley Valentine Blomfield-412023 was born in 1861 in Sydney. He died in 1918 in Bowral.

        Valentine married Gerrard Alice-412024 daughter of Gerrard John-412025 and GNotknown Caroline-412026. Alice was born in 1853. She died in 1947 in Bowral.


13. Riley Anne Sophia-6217 (Edward , George Co Cavan London , Progenitor ) was born in 1816 in Circa. She died on 10 May 1881 in South Kensington,London.

She is dr1. Mowle's Genealogy.

Anne married Sydney MLA, merchant, NSW Col Treasurer Campbell Robert Junior-5911 son of AACo investor, Merchant of The Wharf, Sydney Campbell Robert-15878 and Palmer Sophia-15879 in Sydney,probably. Robert was born on 5 Oct 1804. He died on 30 Mar 1859 in Duntroon,NSW.

Code-Aust. He is son2. Code-red. See Broeze on Brooks, variously. Mowle's Genealogy for Stephen.

Robert and Anne had the following children:

+ 18 M i Hon MLA Campbell William Robert-8077 was born on 20 Oct 1839. He died on 3 Jul 1906.
  19 M ii Lt-Colonel, Unm Campbell Francis Selwyn-11027 was born on 19 Dec 1850. He died on 8 Aug 1921 in Brighton,England.

Mowle's Genealogy.
+ 20 F iii Campbell Anne Sophia Annie-255594 was born in 1837. She died in 1923.
+ 21 F iv Campbell Lucy-255595 was christened in 1864. She died in 1914.
  22 F v Campbell Mary-255596.
+ 23 F vi Campbell Lucy-89601.

14. Kemp Elizabeth Julia-38112 (Elizabeth Riley , George Co Cavan London , Progenitor ).

See her husband's entry in ADB, for Sorell.

Elizabeth married VDL Public servant Sorrell William-38115 son of Lt-Gov VDL Sorrell William-38113 and Cox Louisa Matilda-38114 in 1825. William was born in 1800. He died in 1860.

Their marriage broke up and she took the children to Paris, about which he remained unhappy. His own ADB entry.

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 24 F i Sorrell Julia-38116 was born in 1826. She died in 1888.

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