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Descendants of Povey Progenitor-489213

Third Generation

3. Auditor Exchqr Anne of Demark Povey Justinian-489182 (John , Progenitor ) was born in 1580. He died in 1652.

He has a dr Blathwayte with a dr named Anne, not sure if that is her name or if she married Blathwayte. He is of The Priory, Houndslow Midx. See also notes to diary of John Evelyn qv. Maybe m to Anne. See Bliss, Revolution and Empire, p. 67.

Justinian married PNotknown Anne-489183 in England,probably.

They had the following children:

  6 M i Povey John of Middle Temple-489184.

Inherited lands of St Giles in the Fields.
  7 M ii Povey Francis-489186.
  8 F iii Povey Sarah-489187.
  9 M iv Povey Charles-489188.
  10 M v Povey Justinian-489190.
+ 11 F vi Povey Anne-489211.
  12 M vii Lawyer West India merchant Povey Thomas-1300 was born about 1615 in ,Darien,,Newton. He was christened in 1600 in active. He died in 1688.

This man's patron is London merchant-capitalist Martin Noell, He has brother Wm and Richard. Bliss, Revolution and Empire, p. 67, in the late 1630s, Charles I appointed this man's father Justinian to settles disputes on Barbados, and commerce arose in family so that this Thomas helped design the Western Design. There is much information on Poveys and others of that generation in Pares, Merchants and Planters, copy Dixson. Newton, Colonising Puritans p. 325 mentions the "overtures" of Noell and Povey in 1656-1657, who were part of a VIP group of London merchant that
Cromwell listened to, their ideas led to the first beginings of a definite foreign colonial policy, and led to the formation of a Select Committee for Trade and Foreign Plantations. Povey had wanted to form a privateering West India Company. See p. 101 of Newton, this man's papers are in the British Library Eg, 2395, fo. 503. Newton, Colonising Puritans, p. 325. See Brenner on Maurice Thomson. See James Michener novel, The Caribbean. On name Povey, see Burke's Extinct, p. 70 in section for Bond of Peckham. About 1664-1666 this man is surveyor-general of the Victualling Dept. Strickland, Queens of England Vol. 5, says one Thomas Povey is Mayor of Bristol in 1612 as Queen Anne of Denmark visits. Penson sees him as a Carlisle place man, a barrister of Gray's Inn, had a brother Richard on Jamaica and another brother William on Barbados. He was friends with Maurice Thompson and Martin Noell. See Fraser, Cromwell, p. 534. an intimate friend of Noell and Col James Drax of the Caribbean. Davies, RAC, index. Maurice Thompson, Noel and others are mentoned in VIP Shafaat Ahmad Khan, The East India Trade in the Seventeenth Century, In its Political and Economic Aspects. New Delhi. S. Chand and Co. 1971? which also has a lengthy treatment on William Courteen and a novel theory on the origins of Mercantilism.

He under Cromwell is in Office of Plantations,was appted in July 1660 Treasurer and Receiver-General of Rents and Revenues of James Duke of York, but he surrendered his role for 2000l in July 1688. Was First Treasurer for Tangier an office he resigned to Saml Pepys. Had apartments at Whitehall, was at Lincoln's Inn (Gates St, a famously elegant address) and had estate Hounslow. See Richard B Sheridan, Sugar and Slavery: an economic history of the British West Indies, 1623-1775, online as Google Books Result. Intimate friend of Sir Martin Noell. gapskey
  13 M viii Jamaica agent Povey Richard-2440 was christened in 1664 in active.

This may be the Povey sec for Jamaica mentioned in Frederick G. Spurling, Early West India Government: showing the progress of Government in Barbados, Jamaica and the Leeward Islands, 1660-1783. Palmerston, North New Zealand, self pub. nd. See notes on Thomas Povey. See Richard B Sheridan, Sugar and Slavery: an economic history of the British West Indies, 1623-1775, online as Google Books Result.
  14 M ix Barbados Provost Marshall Povey William-2441 was christened in 1664 in active.

See notes on Thomas Povey his brother qv. See either Penson, Colonial Agents or KG Davies. See Richard B Sheridan, Sugar and Slavery: an economic history of the British West Indies, 1623-1775, online as Google Books Result.

5. Povey Joan Elizabeth-489192 (John , Progenitor ).

Joan married Of London Angell William-489195 son of Angell Thomas-489196 and MNotknown Anne-489197.

They had the following children:

+ 15 F i Angell Mary-489198 was born in 1602. She died in 1661.
  16 M ii Angell John-489199.

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