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Descendants of Downing Progenitor-214485

Seventh Generation

26. Quincy Elizabeth-73820 (Elizabeth Norton , John Norton , Lucy Downing , Emanuel , George , Progenitor ) was born in 1721. She died in 1775 in Massachustts.

Website by D. Hogg at on Adams genealogy.

Elizabeth married Rev, Jr of Weymouth Smith William-393611 son of Captain of Charlestown Smith William-393607 and Fowle Abigail-393608. William was born in 1706. He died in 1783.

Website by D. Hogg at on Adams genealogy.

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 32 F i Smith Abigail-2186 was born in 1744. She died on 28 Oct 1818.
  33 M ii Smith William-348739 was born in 1746. He died in 1787.
        William married Salmon Catherine Louise-348740 daughter of Salmon Progenitor-351765 and SNotknown Miss-351766. Catherine was born in 1749. She died in 1824.
  34 F iii Smith Elizabeth-348741 was born in 1750. She died in 1815.
        Elizabeth married (1) Shaw John-348742 son of Shaw Progenitor-348765 and SNotknown Miss-348766. John was born in 1748. He died in 1794.
        Elizabeth married (2) Rev Peabody Stephen-348743 son of Peabody John-348744 and Ingalls Sarah-348745. Stephen was born in 1741. He died in 1819.
+ 35 F iv Smith Mary-349099.

28. Quincy Anna-348670 (Elizabeth Norton , John Norton , Lucy Downing , Emanuel , George , Progenitor ) was born in 1719. She died in 1799.

Anna married Thaxter John-348671 son of Thaxter Progenitor-348672 and TNotknown Miss-348673. John was born in 1721. He died in 1802.

They had the following children:

  36 M i Thaxter John-348729 was born in 1755. He died in 1791.
        John married Duncan Elizabeth-348734 daughter of Duncan Progenitor-431976 and DNotknown Miss-431977.
+ 37 M ii Thaxter Quincy-348730 was born in 1762. He died in 1837.
  38 F iii Cousin of husband Thaxter Anna-343862.
        Anna married Thaxter Thomas-343861 son of Thaxter Progenitor-240026 and TNotknown Miss-468509.

29. Quincy Lucy-348674 (Elizabeth Norton , John Norton , Lucy Downing , Emanuel , George , Progenitor ) was born in 1729. She died in 1785.

Lucy married Tufts Cotton-348675 son of Tufts Progenitor-348676 and TNotknown Miss-348677. Cotton was born in 1732. He died in 1815.

They had the following children:

  39 M i Tufts Cotton II-348746 was born in 1757. He died in 1833.
        Cotton married Brooks Mercy-348747 daughter of Brooks Progenitor-348748 and BNotknown Miss-348749. Mercy was born in 1763. She died in 1849.

30. Norton John-469511 (John Norton , John Norton , Lucy Downing , Emanuel , George , Progenitor ).

John married Belknap Anne-469512 daughter of Of Boston Belknap Jeremiah-469513 and BNotknown Miss-469514.

They had the following children:

+ 40 M i Storekeeper of Hingham Mass Norton Samuel Snr-352537 was born in 1731/1736.

31. Richardson Hannah-365345 (Jane Downing , Nathaniel , John , Emanuel , George , Progenitor ).

Hannah married (1) Metcalfe Samuel-365344 son of Metcalfe Ebenezer-365378 and Rockwood Margaret-365379.

They had the following children:

+ 41 M i Metcalfe Thomas-365342.
  42 M ii Metcalfe Ebenezer-365372 was born in 1763.
        Ebenezer married Alden Mary-365373 daughter of Colonel Alden Amos-365374 and ANotknown Miss-365375.
  43 M iii Metcalfe David-365380 was born in 1766.
  44 F iv Metcalfe Esther-365381 was born in 1768.
  45 M v Metcalfe Samuel-365382 was born in 1770.
  46 M vi Metcalfe John-365383 was born in 1772.
  47 M vii Metcalfe Joseph-365384 was born in 1774.
  48 F viii Metcalfe Jane-365385 was born in 1776.
  49 F ix Metcalfe Elizabeth-365386 was born in 1779.
  50 F x Metcalfe Hannah-365387 was born in 1782.
  51 F xi Metcalfe Abigail-365388 was born in 1784.
  52 M xii Metcalfe Alpha-365389 was born in 1780.

Hannah married (2) Lamb Nathan-365392 son of Lamb Jonathan-365393 and LNotknown Elizabeth-365394.

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