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Presenting... a work-in-progress years in planning... The Blackheath Connection Genealogy Section– Uploaded in stages to the Net from September 2005...

Surnames of C19th Australian Colonial/elite families, especially of NSW...

Sydney-based surnames (repeating some of the above for NSW)

London-based surnames

India-based surnames (Early British Raj)

North American-based surnames

New Zealand-based surnames

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Family Group

Listings for Sydney/NSW

Antill of NSW
Arndell of NSW - aka Arundell (?)
Bayly of NSW
Bell of NSW
Bettington of NSW
Blomfield of NSW
Brooks of NSW
Robert Campbell, Sydney, "The Wharf"
Cox of NSW
Dangar of NSW
Lamb of NSW
MacCansh of NSW
Norton of NSW
Piper of NSW
Ranken of NSW
Riley of NSW
Robertson of NSW
Redfern of NSW
Suttor of NSW
Throsby of NSW
Underwood of NSW
White of NSW

More to come here

More to come ... in preparation ... West Australian-based surnames, South Australian-based surnames

Listings for London/England/Scotland

Angerstein of Greenwich/Blackheath, London
Enderby (London whalers)
Townshend (Thomas, Lord Sydney)
Wigram of London/England
More to come here

Listings for early British-India

Clive of India
Prinsep of India
Pattle of India
More to come here

Listings for US eastern seaboard

Cabot (North America)
Colden (of New York)
More to come here

Note from Dan Byrnes:
These files are in addition to The Blackheath Connection website and have been added to the Internet from September 2005. Email on the topics to be trreated has in the past arrived from Britain and Scotland, New Zealand, the Caribbean and the US eastern seaboard, and from Australia.

Prepare to learn more here about people movements which from 1786 linked a long-unknown Australia to the rest of the world...

The Blackheath Connection: a new view of the "founding" of European-Australia as a British convict colony - a review of the history of the transportation of British convicts 1717-1810 to North America, then to Australia...
The Blackheath Connection... a discovery made in London in 1989 by Dan Byrnes and Neil Rhind
For more information on present-day Blackheath in London, visit a site managed by the noted local historian there, Neil Rhind:

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The Blackheath Connection aims to retell the earlier stories of how Australia - the continent - was introduced to the rest of the world... Revised or new material is presented on settlers/planters on Jamaica after the 1690s Scottish Darien Company debacle; the Boston Tea Party; Britain's handling of convicts from 1776; how London aldermen reacted as the First Fleet to Australia was being mounted. How London-based merchants avoided new opportunities in the Pacific region... new material on whaling and maritime history. And much else...

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