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Chapter Nine

Before the American Revolution - an overview

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Chapter Nine (still a work-in-progress) will preseent an overview of situations in America from the end of the Seven Years War (1763).

Re military contractors in north-east America answering to the British

More to come here.

The book project that motivates this website

A Guide to Updated Files - 2010

E-mail the Webmaster: Dan Byrnes

In early 2006, Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens formed a team to manage this website and co-write a book on economic history. The book's title is still not decided, but the book will be concerned with tensions between mainstream history, maritime, economic, social and cultural history, popular views held on history old and new in a variety of countries vis-a-vis economic history, and some aspects of modern popular culture in the Western World.

The book will explore many facets of such interests - and the book draft to date possibly explores perhaps too many facets. This webpage - preamble.htm - is not an introduction to the actual book, it is a preamble as an introduction to the curiosities that the book will expolore. This table will present a guide to files drawn from the book that we happen to upload to the Internet. (If filenames are not yet hyperlinked, they are not yet available, still unfinished as part of the book project.)

All material on this website is Copyright 2006-2010 by Dan Byrnes and Ken Cozens. Netsurfers should feel free (in a Creative Commons kind of way) to make us of the material presented, as long as usual acknowledgement and citation conventions are observed, and the same as regards acknowledgement &c in the light of any copyright permissions from other parties that we have enjoyed to mount material on the website. If in any doubt, please email the webmaster, Dan Byrnes.

If interested in the website project only, please see the sitemap. The sitemap presents a complete and hyperlinked list of files comprising the website in strictly alphabetical order.

Preamble: Contents list for book files uploaded and Preamble

The Introduction (part of) is at: Introduction

Chapter 1: Brief note, with lists of books of the kind likely to be cited. Chapter1

Chapter 2: History Wars, real Wars and moral wars (a cultural overview)

Chapter12: This chapter is adapted from an existing file on the net as A Bitter Pill, about debts that British merchants claimed about 1786 from Americans (backdated to 1775).

Chapter 16: A section with material on shipowner Duncan Dunbar II is already on the Net at: Dunbar

Chapter 26: Will contain a section on Australia's social reformer, Caroline Chisholm, via an article contributed by Paul Halloran (Tamworth, NSW). Chapter 26

Addenda - More to come

[And, yes, this project could also become something like a surfable book, or a website book ... Surfable book graphic ... an idea we first met in the late 1990s, and an idea we feel is well worth pursuing on the Internet in a variety of formats!]

Note: Material presented on this website is researched, compiled/recompiled and written by Ken Cozens and Dan Byrnes, unless otherwise indicated. Formatting and style of information delivery is © Kenneth J. Cozens (London) and Dan Byrnes (Australia) 2006-2010.

(Where " -Ed" is referred to in text in various files, it mostly refers to Dan Byrnes as the webmaster for this project)

(This website, pre-planned modestly, was relaunched on the Net on its own domain on 4 July 2006 at: www.merchantnetworks.com.au/ - Ed)

:::: Ends re Chapter Nine ::::::::::

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