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On Robert Brooks


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1829: In 1829, when Thomas Raine (a former convict ship captain) bankrupted, convict contractor to Australia Robert Brooks avoided use of services of Campbell Jnr, Ramsay and William Dawes. Brooks at this time contracting with Navy for NZ masts, and used for Sydney, associate Dacre, who wanted to settle at Sydney, being engaged to Margaret Sea daughter of James Sea, manager of Bank of NSW.
(Broeze, Robert Brooks, p. 46.)

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1852: August 1852, Formation of Australasian Gold Mining Co. with names such as Lambert and Parbury its promoters, with directors Brooks, Buckle, Cummins, Flower, Jackson, Lambert, Fanning, Parbury, Thacker and Walker, with its auditors being George Hay Donaldson and John Benedict Gore.
(Broeze, Robert Brooks, p. 239.)
1853: In 1853 Robert Brooks became involved in Australasian Coal Mining Co, with Brooks, Campbell and Mangles, and two directors of the London Chartered Bank of Australia, Fane de Salis and Mr Hadow, plus James Hartley and P&O's chairman, Sir James Matheson, re coal for steam shipping.
(Broeze, Robert Brooks, p. 242.)


This directory presents files on merchants working after 1800. Some of these files are on: London Bankers circa 1800, Plummer and Barham after 1804, India indigo business, W. S. Lindsay, shipowner, Joseph Somes, shipowner, Norman (bankers), and on Hodson's Lists of notable families of British-India. Lists of international British C19th investment companies , investor names, etc.

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