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Clients of Duncan Campbell

Note: a file nearby this timeframe is on English convict contractors operating to North America 1717-1775, at: Convict Contractors from 1717.

Re Duncan Campbell (1726-1803)

From Dan Byrnes

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Follows raw sets of lists of clients and correspondents in London/England, North America and Jamaica/Caribbean (and other data) of London-based convict contractor, Duncan Campbell, who usually backloaded tobacco to London once his ships had disposed of their convict-passengers. He also ran a separate small fleet of ships to Jamaica, servicing mostly his relatives there.

Partial list of DC correspondents from index to his business letterbook 1772-1776, including: Allison and Campbell, William Adam, Samuel Athawes, Coll Wm Brockenbrough and Austin Brockenbrough, Dr. John Brockenbrough, Adam Barnes and Johnson, James Bain, Rev. Mr Beauvoir, James and Robert Buchanan, George Buchanan, Robert Cockerell, Messrs. Campbell and Dickson, Colin Currie, Stewart Carmichael, William Dickson, Charles Eyles, Fitzhugh, Fauntleroy, Richard Glascock/Glascook, Benj. and Charles Grimes, Henderson and Glassford, Rhodam Kenner, Abraham Lopez and Son, James Millar (of Jamaica), Daniel Muse, Hudson Muse, Hugh McLean, Joshua Newall, George Noble, Francis Randall, Major Henry Ridgely, Adam Shipley, William Snydebottom, Richard Stringer, Alexander Speirs and Co, Speirs, Finch and Co, Dr. Sherwin, William and Edward Telfair, Tayloe and Thornton, William Vanderstegan, Charles Worthington.

Duncan Campbell (1726-1803)

Overseer of the Thames
River prison hulks,
Duncan Campbell (1726-1803)

Some information on Stewart and Campbell's convict and trading ships drawn from Campbell's letterbooks will be helpful. Ships owned or operated by partners John Stewart and Duncan Campbell are suffixed "JS&C" to 1772, or "C*" after 1772 (since Stewart died in 1772). About 1758, Thetis and Elizabeth, JS&C. 1767, the Jupiter Capt. Iain. 1767, The Carolina Merchant Capt. Wilson. 1764, Justitia JS&C Capt. Colin Somerville (Duncan's nephew, brother of Neil who also sailed for his uncle), whom Smith records as making seven voyages on her. 1764, Westmoreland Capt. McCardell. 1769, Capt. David Mitchell. 1764, Friendship, Hereford. 1772, Thornton JS&C Capt. Dobbie. 1764, Susannah. 1772, Friendship JS&C Capt. Ogilvy. During July 1772, Capt. Dougal McDougal was on Tayloe for them. Smith, p. 328, records Capt. McDougal on the vessel Dolphin sailing from London with 141 convicts on 2 June, 1764, arriving at Annapolis on 14 August, 1764. 1772, Justitia JS&C, Capt. Neil Gillies. On 9 July, 1773, Campbell wrote to Capt. McDougal then on Tayloe. Capt. Finley Gray was on Justitia in November 1772. 1772, Union, Capt. Campbell. 1772, Thornton JS&C Capt. John Kid. 1773, Davis, Capt. Brown. 1774, Henny Capt. Richards. 1774, Tayloe JS&C. 1774, William Capt. Whittle. 1774, Capt. Millar. 1775, Samson, Capt. Cooper. 1775, Ipswich, Capt. Castle. 1775, Thornton C*. One Capt. Ratcliffe in 1772 took convicts in the Jamaica ship Orange Bay for C*, to then pick up lumber from Virginia handled by Tom Hodge. Campbell's commercial reach was to Jamaica, Europe via Bremen (selling tobacco), Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, Georgia, some Scottish ports, Whitehaven at times, Newcastle, Cork, with stops at Barbados and Madeira not unusual.

Various of Campbell's ships (including Green Island incorrectly listed as "Green Garland") are listed in books by Coldham on convicts sent to America.


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Campbell's last convict ship from London was probably the Saltspring Capt. Ogilvy, departing 27 July, 1775, arriving about September, thence Jamaica with timber probably from William and Edward Telfair and Co. of Georgia; preceded by Justitia Capt. John Kid, which arrived at Leedstown in March 1775, just before the colonials became violent about receiving convicts. In London a problem of crowded gaols was noticed by November 1775.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of English jailers contacted by Duncan Campbell. Uniformly at Newgate in London, Richard Akerman the Keeper. Henry Lumley, Oakham, 3 July, 1772, 6 Aug., 1772, 5 Nov., 1772. Thomas Watson, Maidstone, 16 July, 1772, 16 April, 1773, 22 April, 1774, April, 1775, 20 July, 1775. Isaac Strong, Clerk of the Peace, Peterborough, 9 Nov., 1772, 26 May, 1775, 7 July, 1778. Mr. Fleetwood Bury, Aylesbury, Bucks, 9 Nov., 1772, 1 April, 1773, 6 Dec., 1773. James Hammond, Mayor of Dover, 21 Aug., 1776, was the first provincial to contact Campbell about hard labour men for the Thames hulks as under new legislation. Isaac Wood, Lincoln Castle, 6 Sept., 1776, 10 Oct., 1782. Thomas Smith on 4 June, 1782. Jerome Knapp, Clerk to Assize, Home Circuit, and Mr. John Watson, Sandwich, 6 Dec., 1773. Ann Hill, Reading House of Correction, 18 Aug., 1780; Mr. Thomas, Castle Chester, John Scofield, Northampton. Sir Sampson Wright, Magistrate at Bow Street, London, 16 June, 1781, 1 Nov., 1782, 29 Nov., 1782. John Clayton, York Castle, 1782. Fran. P. Waters, Deputy Clerk Assize, Midland Circuit, 18 March, 1782. John Higgins, Lancaster, 8 April, 1782, 19 April, 1785. R. Parker, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Maidstone, Kent, 23 April, 1782. James Chaffey, Dorchester, 6 May, 1782, 19 April, 1785. Thomas Howard, Bedford, 4 June, 1782. Margaret Baker, Bury St. Edmunds, 5 June, 1782. Thomas Webb, Exeter, 5 June, 1782. Mr. Justice Buller, 5 June, 1782. Richard Bonnington, Nottingham, 18 June, 1782. John Amphlett (?), A. Amphlett, Worcester, 22 July, 1782, 17 Sept., 1782, 3 May, 1785. L. Scott, Stafford, 3 Aug., 1782. Samuel Wilding, Shrewsbury, 9 Aug., 1782. Blyth Simpson, Derby, 13 Aug., 1782. John Ireland, Hereford County Gaol, 13 Sept., 1782. Thomas Watson, Maidstone, 13 Sept., 1782. John Reynolds, Chelsford, 17 Sept., 1782, 15 March, 1785. William Roe, Warwick, 16 Dec., 1782. At Oxford, Solomon Wisdom. Samuel Midgely, an associate of Sir Sampson Wright, 8 Nov., 1784. Gaoler Maidstone, 8 Nov., 1784. John White, Winton, 8 Nov., 1784. Willson, Hertford, 21 December, 1784. Samuel Wilding, Salop, 22 Dec., 1784. Edward Scalding, Ilchester, 10 Feb., 1785. Thomas Biggs, Fisherton, Sarum, 3 March, 1785. S. Smart, 15 March, 1785. John Hules, Launceston, 9 April, 1785. R. Giles, Gloscester, 15 April, 1785, 19 April, 1785, 3 May, 1785. Devonshire, 19 April, 1785. Thomas Bungey, Durham, 28 Dec., 1787. B. Goode, 8 May, 1789. The preponderance of letters in 1782 reflects Evan Nepean's new administration of the hulks system, which required Campbell to engage in far more correspondence, a situation novel to Campbell himself at the time, and one which he seemed to resent slightly. The territory described, the "catchment area" for the Thames hulks, and Campbell's circuit prior to 1776, can be compared with the area worked around Bristol by Randolph, Stephenson and Cheston, noted in Morgan, p. 211. Ekirch, p. 79, has graphic material on such catchment areas.

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