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Gallery - Wills

(Including, some Wills of residents of Jamaica, of Samuel Enderby Senior (died 1797) ...

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Will of Dugald Campbell, Saltspring, Jamaica, of 1818
"pieter dickson" , 22 Sep 2006 10:12:55 +010

Dear Merchant Networks
I recently became curious as to why the Jamaica Almanac from 1820 onwards listed Saltspring as belonging to "heirs of Dugald Campbell". Who were those heirs? I also recall some earlier e-mail between Dan Byrnes and Scott Malcolm in New Zealand on the names, Campbell/Johnson. Perhaps the following may shed a bit more light? And I was most interested as below to see Bligh's name mentioned again!
Regards, Pieter Dickson

Will of Dugald Campbell of Saltspring, Hanover Jamaica [PROB11/1600]

I bequeath to my brother John Campbell and Duncan Campbell and worthy friends James Boyick of London and Robert Scarlett of Ducketts Spring in the parish of St. James Jamaica not only that part of my plantation belonging in mortgage to James Boyick but also all my estate in Jamaica, Saltspring [in trust to provide the following]

An annuity of £70 Sterling to my sister Mary Wilcox of Charmouth Street

An annuity of £70 Sterling to my sister Hanna* Glover

An annuity of £100 Sterling to Mary Smith, formerly Johnson, wife of Thomas Pope Smith of Hammersmith

Annuities of £100 Sterling to Susanna Ricketts Johnson and Ann Pope Johnson both now residing in Dalston [London] sisters of Mary Smith

An annuity of £100 Sterling to George Johnson at present in London, brother to Mary Smith, Susanna Ricketts Johnson and Ann Pope Johnson

Annuities of £10 each to two Negroes Named James and William, hereafter directed to be manumised, two of my domestic servant for their faithful service

My trustees shall [also] discharge such monies owing to James Boyick in mortgage and after the full payment and out of the nett profits and proceeds [pay]

To my brother Duncan Campbell £600 Sterling

To my nephew John Campbell and other nephews and nieces Harriet Campbell, Mary Alexwina* Campbell, Duncan Archibald Campbell, William Campbell and Charles Dugald Campbell, Philip Dugald Glover, John Campbell Glover, Mary Ann Glover, Hanna* Glover, Edward Glover, Fanny Glover and William Glover, Ann Pope, William Pope and Caroline Pope, £300 Sterling

And after payment of Legacies I direct my trustees to assign my estate [Saltspring] to my brother John Campbell, failing him to my brother Duncan Campbell, but subject to the said annuities

To my brother Duncan all my books and bookcases at Saltspring,

To my brother John all my plate and household furniture

All the residue of my estate not particularly disposed of to John Campbell, Duncan Cambell, James Boyick and Robert Scarlett

Signed, Dugald Campbell at Thomas's Hotel, Berkley Square, London on 1st November 1813

Witnesses, William Bligh, Rear Admiral Royal Navy, William Scammell and John Carpenter, both waiters at Thomas's Hotel

Proved 7th January 1818 in London by the oaths of John Campbell and Duncan Campbell

* denotes any item of any doubtful reading

Will of Duncan Campbell of Morven estate in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica

"pieter dickson"
Fri, 22 Sep 2006 20:37:51 +0100

Dear Merchant Networks, While searching for Duncan(s) Campbell of Jamaica, I have come across one of the namesake of the overseer of the Thames prison hulks, Duncan (1726-1803), who, although unmarried, still had children. His brother's name is mentioned but he gives no other clues or detail about antecedents or connections..

1810 Will of Duncan Campbell [extracted] Public Record Office, London: PROB 11/1515

I Duncan Campbell of the Morven Estate in the parish of Hanover in the island of Jamaica Esq. do make this my last will and testament

I give and bequeath unto Duncan McFarlane of [..] in the parish of St. James island of Jamaica Esq. my gold watch and unto my worthy friend and relation John Malcolm my small Bay Mare named Louisa and unto John Hog of the said parish of Hanover Esq. a cow name Pretty and her calf

I give and bequeath the following legacies to be paid in Jamaica currency

Unto each of my Quadroon reputed daughters Margaret Campbell and Christiana Campbell £100

Unto my reputed Quadroon son Duncan Campbell £200

Unto each of my three Mulatto reputed daughters by Esther belonging to the Retrieve Estate Old Works* named Susannah Campbell, Jane Campbell and Ann Campbell £100 and unto my reputed Mulatto son William Campbell by the same mother £300 and the last named four Mulatto children I will shall be manumized

Unto my Negro woman Fanny Clarke as a reward for her due attendance on me £70 and unto her youngest child known by the name of Elizabeth Campbell Clarke £30

And unto my old and faithful servant John Campbell £30 and his freedom

All the rest residue and remainder of my property I bequeath unto my brother Captain John Campbell his heirs and assigns and I appoint my said brother John together with George Malcolm of the parish of Hanover Esq. and his son John Malcolm Esq.** and the aforesaid John Hog executors of this my last will.

[Signed 6th September 1810, Duncan Campbell. Witnesses: Denis Thomas of Somerset Place, James Campbell of Duke St. West, Alexander McDougall of Lincoln's Inn.

Proved in London 13th September 1810]

[ Morven is in the middle of Hanover, close to the Westmoreland border and near Dunalva at the head of the Great Valley (Flint River Valley and quite spectacular) which was owned in the 1820s by one Archibald Campbell.

* The Retrives (Old and New) belonged to Neill Malcolm

** John Malcolm was a second cousin to Richard Dickson [d.1821]

On Genealogy, would the website be interested in copy of the 1823 Hanover census? Contains names and location (with notable exceptions who were absent at the time) of many descendants of 18th century planters, both white and brown?

Pieter Dickson


Will of Samuel Enderby Senior

Below is the will of Samuel Enderby Snr died 1797 in London.

PROB 11/1297. (Transcribed after 1989 or so by Dan Byrnes [for The Blackheath Connection])

order ..............pleasure to all

and again at his other & all wither .. Last Will and In New Aforesaid Witness Whereof have in new witnesses of (signed) G. D. Visscher & H? Visscher .. Witnesses H Hall van C ... Staff Attestor Van der H a true Copy

August 1797 Jos Samuel Budder/Mudder Notary

This Will was proved at London the thirty first day of October in the year of ... And One Thousand seven hundred and ninety seven before Sir William Asquim?/Asquith Right a ??? Doctor of Laws Master ? or Commissary of the Prerogative Court at Canterbury Lawfully Constituted by the date Ann Br & D Wilson ???? Will ??? Administration was granted (limited to the Deceaseds Effects in England no further or otherwise been first Sworn by Commissioner July to 10 ?Axminster?/Westminster?

Samuel Enderby Esq

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Samuel Enderby of Earl Street in the City of London Merchant was made as follows, I give or my Moss and promises a appointments in Earl Street aforesaid wherein D and to of my eldest Son Charles Enderby Esquires and assigns for ever but Direct that he shall permit my Daughter Mary Elizabeth W to resident in rent? and Tax free for six months after my ?? if/it she desirous it which would of New furniture shall removes and give all my ??? goods furniture, plate China & Glass Linen Books Pictures and every other ? in or belonging to my said Mossoages/Mortgages? and premises in Earl Street aforesaid as follows, (that is to say) To my Son George Enderby of ? dining tables, and Cloth/Glass in New ? and of Lust/List (?he/ gave ?me) two Elbow Chairs and two? other chairs in New Dining parlour my Mahogany B Bedstead furniture and ? New Bedstead furniture and ? New English B Bedstead and furniture my two in Card Tables in New Card? Room up our pair of Stairs and all my Books & New Books therein for parlour but New I give equally between in between my ? son George and Daughter Mary Elizabeth To him my said son George any/my and my said daughter Mary Elizabeth all my Wine and Liquors of every sort to be equally divided between them to my said daughter Mary Elizabeth forever her own use Our in Silver Plate and all my Linens also my wardrobe ?? in my Bed/Book/room best chest of drawers and ? of D? , Table Looking Glass was in wash hand basin and Bed and Bedsteads and all new furniture , and all my White counterpanes and Bedsteads in the dressing? Room and all New Furniture also all my Glasses (but not ? Glass) all my china & glass Except for P? Glass and St? all my ??? and ssorks Cost/Lost plate warm to a Tea Table and Card Table was in the Dining Parlour and two ??ir in the Drawing Parlour and two front? rooms in the Drawing Room and see New be New
To my ? son Charles Enderby for his own use I give to my son's Daughter Mary Wirskin my two living sons of Blackheath in the County of Kent and see

outbuildings and also

building Yard and Appointments thereto belonging and now in my occupation ?? such other ? as I may at my S or casse (under) of/to the Earl of Dartmouth, Colin/Bolin John Boys/Boyd, and Morden College or any of ? Executors administrators, and assigns for all ? Estates and interests as I may leave ?? respect ? wigs give to my said Daughter Mary all my ??? if I have furniture, silver plate, China Glass Liv have to at my decease my ?? as a Cat now use bors my ? Water Cart horse and my water carts see such so many Sows and Pigs as I may leave behind W and all sorts of Liquors ? and and all other Plants such see ? goods Chattles And Effects whatsoever shall in or about may said house/Cows and P ? at Blackheath aforesaid of I also give to my said Daughter Mary Elizabeth my C/D Coach and two coach horses and ?? coach furniture thereto belonging for her own use and benificiaries

I give to my Sons Charles Enderby and Samuel Enderby and George Enderby and all my L ? Mortgage or ? and Premises ? which is? on New Dorcas? of my sister G?? Enderby in and Louland or Loughland / Parish of St Mary Magdale B so New of Saint Mary Magdalen Magsslow in the County of Surrey and all such Mortgages or Ev Laws and in the Parish ?? at Low Longlands the County of Kent and all at my of Mr Elliot in county of Kent not before given to my said Daughter ?? to my said three Sons & ???? Executor ??? Administrators and Assigns respectively cousins ? for all ? Estate terms and But ?? ? as I may leave them in respectively wop at my occ decease my said Sons my said Daughter Mary to said ???? the/New at Law a now about paying saying as New/the rate as I may pay for New which provisions I shall of Lord Elliston I did and whereas the Twenty Fifth Day of March One Thousand seven hundred and and eighty seven take my said Sons and into ?? copartnership with me and gave Ships Debts Goods so as merchandise or otherwise to the amount & value of Eight Thousand Pounds apiece I have since taken my son George into such copartner and give him in like amount of Eight Thousand Pounds Now I do Hereby Confirm such gift respectively in favour of my said three Sons and further give to my Son's son Charles the sum of two thousand seven hundred pounds and to my sons Samuel & said George two further sums of five thousand pounds ? and Whereas I did by my Bond say on or about the Twentieth Day of? of one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Seven ? to my said Daughter Mary Elizabeth in Two Thousand Pounds with a contribution for to paying her the Interest of five thousand pounds at five pounds for Cost/Court per annum for my life and for my heirs executors or administrators paying but/out ever in Six ?? >>>> after my decease then the Sum of five thousand pounds with interest as aforesaid, Now I do hereby confirm that the said Bond But it is my Will and Desire ? do permit and suffer the said sum of five thousand pounds or so much interest as shall remain forever at my surcease to remain in their hands at my said Sons or their survivor or survivors of them to be used by in the Business for the term(s) of five years after my decease unless they shall desire to do or pay off the off before Nevertheless my said Sons shall pay Interest for sure/such Sum as shall remain in their hands at our late and ag so the Conditions at of the said Bond and of further give to my executors ?? after appointed the Sum of Eight Thousand pounds upon trust that being as and shall retain the/this a same in Newlands our their hands over the of blit survivors or survivor of the Executors or Administrators f or During The natural life of my said Daughter Mary Elizabeth ? the or the survivors or survivor of The or assigns paying into from my Surcease The at after rate of five thousand pounds for court ? per annum by half yearly payments which interest it is my will of Salv? direct shall be paid to my said Daughter for ever so be/her sole and Separate use in S independent of The right contin/court her engagement of any husbands that may marry and ?? that her only receipt should only notwithstanding any contract that may or shall be a good surcharge from him to him for her interest and I empower my said Daughter Mary by her last Will and Testament only to give the said principal sum of Eight Thousand Pounds unto air two daughters Elizabeth and Mary only whatever in case living at her decease in such shares and surcharges and propitious and in such manner as sh my said Daughter may shall notwithstanding her being under coc care full power to m sure Will for this purpose But in case of th of which of our said Daughter in her? lifetime or of their mother my said Daughter dying without making her will even now and after her Decease of my said Daughter I give her said sum of Eight Thousand pounds between her said Daughters if both living at her ???? respectively in age of twenty one years or day or days of marriage which shall just happen and in case of of my said two Grand-daughters shall die in life ? of my said Daughter ??? and I give that share of her/ever so Dying equally ??? if more ?? than our ? child as shall be living at ? of my said Daughter and if into living to such Our child will that our interest of for ? or her maintenance, and duration her attain the age of twenty One years unmarried/or man and /at which my said Daughter shall die / be without a Will giving her said Sum of Eight Thousand Pounds between her t

or single? or after the age of twenty one years ummarried
two Daughters as aforesaid I give The share of such grand daughter dying as aforesaid unto her survivor or survivors for her own use and b if it shall appear that my said grand daughter shall die in the life of from and after said Eight Thousand pounds unto my said daughter for her own use whereas marriage of my Daughter Elizabeth will Joseph Fotherington Esquire since Bond or other obligation engage to pay the Sum of five thousand pounds which I and give to my said daughter Elizabeth further sum of five thousand pounds for her own use But direct shall remain in her hands at my said or her survivor or survivors of her surviving and survivor of N in Business unless they shall desire for ever so employed and the same her survivors or survivor paying my said daughter Elizabeth her interest of half yearly five pounds per annum such interest for from my decease & give to my executors appoint the Sum of Seven Thousand Pounds upon trust that they do and shall retain in their hands or in hands of their survivor of them his executors or administrators for and during natural life of my said Daughter Elizabeth, from or her survivor or survivors of executors or assigns paying unto her executors or administrators paying unto her executor or administration at and after the rate of five pounds per annum by half yearly payments to for independent of their control may marry and that for except about notwithstanding any covenant shall only be a good dis??? for my said daughter Elizabeth in case she any living at her by ever last Will and Testament only to go shall and of our attests by two Witnesses give principle Sum of seven thousand pounds unto/into respectively it more Our insure Shares and as may think for and if only our child Elizabeth to or ever But if my said Daughter Elizabeth without will give her said Sum of three thousand pounds if more shares if only our to our to be at her age of twenty one years and in case seven thousand pounds equally between my said sons Charles Samuel and George and Daughter Mary to ?? in lieu respectively at my ??? though not payable until of said Daughter Elizabeth and her ????? (if any) as aforesaid and to Charles I did upon of my Daughter Hannah with Charles Buxton an ???? of Settlement bearing Date on or about the twenty ninth day of January one Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Nine

p. 29, other Debts or Writings agree and engage to pay two Several Sums of five thousand pounds to said Charles Buxton and certain trust herein named for her use benefit of & Charles Buxton and my said Daughter Hannah and her in ? as therein Sums of Five Thousand pounds I have since paid Now I do hereby confirm the said ?? of settlement and all other by my executors for her purposes aforesaid and give to my said Executors ??? after appoint the sum of Seven Thousand pounds upon trust that they do and shall retain her/the ?? hands of survivors or survivor of her in Executors or administrators for and during the natural life of my said Daughter Hannah Buxton, survivors or survivor, of Executors or paying unto ever from after the rate of five pounds for by half yearly payments to and for her sole and separate use engagements of her may marry and empower and my said Daughter Hannah living at her as notwithstanding or any by her last Will and Testament, only and published of attested by two witnesses do give Sum of Seven Thousand Pounds unto mortgages business for son respectively p29a

maintenance and duration to be paid business, ?, Carts, and every other article and used and said Business likewise all in Book Debts and other outgoings as I may then owe or appoint of the said Business or for ??? and Taxes of the said Business and fully appoint to my personal Estate for the not/net value or amount respectively to be taken out by Matthewson my Clerks now employed by horses carts and every other article their joint use said White Lead Business or by such other as may be employed by now at my ??? as Clerk in the and Business within after my decease and I direct my said sons to[p 30] continue and carry on the said White Lead Business for their joint use and fit Subject at to the payment of one hundred and fifty pounds a year out of the projects of which I direct shall be paid to my said Daughter Mary to during her natural life by equal half yearly payments the first payment to be made in six months after my decease I give to her Reverend Mr Hugh at Salter's Hall the sum of fifty/twenty pounds and to Mr Worthington Mr Pastor Bowes Minister at Dorchester? Surrey? twenty pounds Worthington Mr and David London Card/Hard of Salters Hall Sum of Twenty Pounds for the use of the poor distributed may think & also give to the Governors of Saint Thomas Southwark for use One Hundred Pounds I give to my Brother in Law John? George Buxton and his wife the sum of twenty five pounds Sarah Buxton twenty five pounds for insuring to John Buxton

Charlotte Ellison [servant?] if living, five pounds apiece Sarah Buxton, George Buxton, and his wife, William Goodwin and his Wife ??? Goodwin, and his wife ?? Mr Winter Mr Bond my son Charles and Samuel and my son George my Daughter Mary and her said two daughters and my Daughter Elizabeth also Captain Joseph Bell/Bull one half of our

made by the said Joseph David B ??
last page >> Rings said Davis Business and half by Robert K of ffoster Law Whereas my son Samuel Enderby and my late son in law Nathaniel? Wharton? did some years ago become for Good South America or other places, of Debts still remain Now Estate of the said Nathaniel ??? whatever debt may remain the debts such Goods the property of my said son Samuel and Daughter mary all Claims said Daughter Elizabeth I give sixth part unto and among all with Chil Live to attain her age of twenty one years and if only our Childs only shall live to such age to him or her at


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