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This sub-directory ("http://www.merchantnetworks.com.au/guides/) is intended to carry files for download, of various formats which are not HTML files.

So far there is only one file available from this set of files, which is intended to grow in due course - Ed

(1) The first file made available was acquired after mid-2006m entitled Slaving Summary 1770-1782, by Tony Palwyn (UK) an extraction from Lloyd's Listings of ship names/captain names of British ships on slaving voyages (1770-1782).

This file is a Microsoft spreadsheet, (.xls format, name= "slavingsummary.xls" in a sub-directory, "guides".)

The format for the layout of the data on the spreadsheet is given with headings which read (from left to right);

Lloyd's date (d/m/y),
Master (captain),
Of (ship's home base),
Via, (going by ports various),
For/At (destination/delivery point),
Slaves (number of, not given in all entries),
Remarks (annotations, brief).

View/download the file here (it is 386kb): SlavingSummary

The menu above will guide you to a variety of files on matters historical, all intended for download by our netsurfers

Look for other menus available on this website for sub-directories on topics such as Genealogy, Periods/ Eras / Timeframes ...

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