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Descendants of Rotch Progenitor 2015-490749

Fourth Generation

9. Rotch William-88117 (Benjamin , William , Progenitor 2015 ) was born in 1729 in Massachusetts. He died in 1809 in Massachusetts.

Bullard on the Rotches. from a http only. on Martha'Vineyard families Lambert - Norton.

William married (1) Norton Eunice-101834 daughter of Norton Senior-128247 and Notknown Miss-84310. Eunice was born in 1733/1738.

Bullard on the Rotches.

William and Eunice had the following children:

  16 F i Rotch Maria V.-472349 was born in 1778.
        Maria married Luce Tristram-472350 son of Luce Elisha-259679 and Chase Hannah-259678. Tristram was born in 1778.
+ 17 M ii Rotch Francis-498392 was born in 1776. He died in 1848.

William married (2) Barlow Anne-472355 daughter of Barlow Joseph-472354 and BNotknown Abigail-261476. Anne was born in 1737. She died about 1866 in Plymouth.

Bullard on the Rotches.

William and Anne had the following children:

+ 18 F iii Rotch Olive-147181.
  19 F iv Rotch Anna-498388.

Bullard on the Rotches.
        Anna married Daniels Mr-498389 son of Daniels Progenitor-622807 and DNotknown Miss-622808.

Bullard on the Rotches.
  20 M v Capt Rotch William-498390 was born in 1771.

Bullard on the Rotches.

See http on Martha's Vineyard families on Norton and Lambert. Bullard on the Rotches.
        William married Norton Mary (Polly)-104429 daughter of Norton Jabez-85779 and Luce Phebe-109835 on 19 May 1793. Mary was born on 5 Apr 1773.

Bullard on the Rotches.
  21 F vi Rotch Maria-498391.

Bullard on the Rotches.
        Maria married Luce Tristram-116864 son of Luce Progenitor-71800 and LNotknown Miss-105037.

Bullard on the Rotches.

15. whaler Rotch William-323069 (Joseph , William , Progenitor 2015 ) was born in 1734 in Nantucket. He died in 1828.

gapskey http from Nantucket Historical Association. Code-red. Code-US. Another birth date is 1725. On family orgins see Stackpole, pp. 38-39. See Dickinson on Falklands Sealing, pp. 50-59, William Rotch disliked Francis' ideas on fishery and wanted sea otter skins from North-West Pacific to sell at Canton. See H. Allan on Hancock. see http, he maybe born 10 apr 1734 and m on 31 Oct 1754. Died 16 May 1828 in IGI on Net.

Follows from Sturgis Library - Archives - William Rotch Papers in Henry Crocker Kittredge Maritime Collection, MS. COLL. 4 , Inventory is on the website, William Rotch Papers - BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE - William Rotch, prominent shipowner and resolute Quaker friend, was born October 4, 1734 on Nantucket into a family already involved in whale fisheries. He married Elizabeth Barney, also of Nantucket, on 31 October, 1754.When the American Revolution erupted, Rotch maintained the pacificist stance of his Quaker religion, which in turn reflected the official policy of neutrality adopted by Nantucket. The island suffered much for its political and geographical vulnerability, as did Rotch himself and the whaling business overall. The British fleet ransacked Rotch's and other ships sailing from Nantucket, as well as harrassing its sailors and citizens. In 1779, Rotch was part of a committee of three appointed by the island to represent its case to the commanders of the British Army and Navy in Newport. Their appeals finally met with satisfaction in the guarantee that the pillages would cease.

Subsequent to these appeals, Rotch and others were charged with high treason by Thomas Jenkins, also of Nantucket and a patriot, for going to a British port without the consent of the court. The complaint was heard by a joint committee of the House and Senate in 1780 and partially discharged, by the House. Full liberty was restored to the defendants with the resolution of the War. Still, despite the guarantees of safe passage, war had ravaged the island to a state of desperation, and virtually decimated the once thriving whaling business. In 1785, Rotch and his son Benjamin travelled to England to petition William Pitt for special privileges from the British government to remove Nantucket 's whale fisheries operation to England. After an initial series of excessive and unreasonable demands by Pitt, followed by four months of apparent apathy in the matter, Rotch abandoned his petition in England and turned instead to France. His appeal here approved, he carried out the buinsess of whaling from Dunkirk from 1786-94, employing many Nantucket captains and seamen.

While in France, Rotch associated with a number of influential people, including Calonne, Vergennes, DeCastro, Mirabeau, Rabant de St. Etiennce, and Tallyrand. In 1791, Rotch presented a petition for privileges and exemptions on the basis of Quaker principles before the National Assembly at Paris, which wa subsequently ratified. He made a final hour departure from a volatile France in 1793, with the outbreak of the French Revolution. He continued to transact his whaling business out of Milford Haven, England. He eventually settled in and retired to New Bedford, leaving a prosperous legacy to the management of his sons. Rotch died in New Bedford on May 16, 1828. It is of incidental interest that Mr. Rotch played a part in several key junctures of the American Revolution. The ship Dartmouth Capt James Hall, from which the tea was thrown into Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773, was a Rotch vessel (part-owned?). (Capt James Bruce was on Boston Tea Party ship Eleanor). William Rotch was also the owner of the ship (gapskey) Bedford, which was the first to display and carry the American flag into British waters, on 3 February, 1783. William Rotch, 1734-1828, and originally from Nantucket and later New Bedford, was a developmental force in the whale fisheries business, both along the New England Coast and abroad. - Account of William J. Rotch with Herbert L. Perry,1887 Stackpole, Rivlary, p. 142. http by Nantucket Historical Association.

William married Barney Elizabeth-11913 daughter of Barney Benjamin-139361 and Starbuck Lydia-103489 on 31 Oct 1754. Elizabeth was born in 1735. She died in 1824.

Bullard on the Rotches. Stackpole, Rivalry, p. 143. http from Nantucket Historical Association.

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

  22 M i Died young Rotch Joseph-11918 died in 1767.

From Stackpole, Rivalry.
+ 23 F ii Wife1 Rotch Elizabeth-87901 was born in 1757. She died in 1856.
+ 24 M iii Whaler Rotch William Jnr-257603 was born in 1759. He died in 1850.
  25 M iv Rotch Thomas-498307.

http by Nantucket Historical Association.
        Thomas married Rodman Charity-498316 daughter of Rodman Thomas-498317 and RNotknown Miss-498318.

http by Nantucket Historical Association.
  26 F v wife2 Rotch Lydia-498308 died in 1822.

http by Nantucket Historical Association.
        Lydia married Dean William-498310 son of Dean Progenitor-498311 and DNotknown Miss-498312.

http by Nantucket Historical Association.
  27 F vi Rotch Mary-498309 died in 1837 in New Bedford.

http by Nantucket Historical Association.
+ 28 M vii Barrister Mp Rotch Benjamin-38459 was born in 1764. He died in 1835.

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