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Descendants of Rotch Progenitor 2015-490749

Third Generation

3. Mariner Rotch Benjamin-141918 (William , Progenitor 2015 ) was born about 1702.

Bullard on the Rotches.

Benjamin married RNotknown Martha-136382.

She had three sons. Possible surname is Paine. Bullard on the Rotches.

Benjamin and Martha had the following children:

+ 9 M i Rotch William-88117 was born in 1729. He died in 1809.
  10 M ii Rotch Prince-498384 was born in 1731.

Bullard on the Rotches.
  11 M iii Rotch Joseph-498385 was born in 1733. He died in 1809.

Bullard on the Rotches.

4. Tanner and whaler Rotch William-490754 (William , Progenitor 2015 ) was born in 1692.

Bullard on the Rotches.

William married (1) wife1 RNotknown Dinah-490755.

Bullard on the Rotches.

William and Dinah had the following children:

  12 M i Rotch Samuel-490756 was born in 1722. He died in 1736.

William married (2) wife2 Kingman Mary-490757 daughter of Kingman John-1848 and KNotknown Desire-498293. Mary was born in 1692.

Bullard on the Rotches.

8. Rotch Joseph-257690 (William , Progenitor 2015 ) was born in 1704. He died in 1784.

gapskey Another view is he is born c.1713, http from Nantucket Historical Association. E-mail update of 24 May 2010 from Mary L. Haffenreffer, Key West, Florida USA. Bullard on the Rotches.

Joseph married (1) wife1 Macy Love-128121 daughter of Macy Thomas-257508 and Coffin Deborah Austin-257583. Love was born in 1713/1715. She died in 1767 in Nantucket.

Bullard on the Rotches. http from Nantucket Historical Association.

Joseph and Love had the following children:

  13 M i Rotch Joseph Jnr-164767 died in 1767 in England.

Stackpole, Rivlary, p. 142. http from Nantucket Historical Association.
  14 M ii Btp whaler Rotch Francis-273990 was born in 1750 in Dartmouth,North America. He died in 1822. gapskey Stackpole, Rivalry, p. 142. Code-US. See John M. Bullard, The Rotches. 1947. See Dickinson on Falklands sealing p. 56, in June 1786, Rotch in London had redirected skins and oil from Falklands on a ship named Canton, to France to be bought by De Bauque Freres qv the Rotch family's Dunkirk agent, rather than pay duty in England. In 1775 he dealt with the American (in America) Abraham Lopez qv. See notes on Capt James Hall. See Stackpole, pp. 6-7, Nantucket whalers dealt with Enderbys, George Hayley, Champion and Dickason in London, Richard Champion in Bristol. also connected with Boston and Newport. In 1773, Rotch here may have been linked to these merchants re the tea deals linked to the Boston Tea Party, it is not known if they were Americans or Londoners, James Hall, Hugh Williamson, John D. Whitworth, these all finally contacted the Privy Council, see Labaree, p. 259. In Sept 1775 Rotch joined with Leonard Jarvis of Dartmouth, Richard Smith of Boson, Aaron Lopez qv of Newport for whaleships, see firms of Champion and Hayley, Champion and Dickason. See Dickinson on the Falklands re the affair Mary Wilkes had with Rotch after George Hayley died. E-mail update of 24 May 2010 from Mary L. Haffenreffer, Key West, Florida USA. USA Quakers know no more than that he married a woman named Deborah in England, but nothing more.
        Francis married (1) wife3 Rotch Deborah-11898 daughter of Captain Rotch Joseph-462545 and RNotknown Jane or Alline-462546 in Europe. Deborah was born in 1744.

Bullard on the Rotches. Is Kotch a mis-reading?
        Francis married (2) Whaler Wilkes Mary-293 daughter of Distiller St John's Square Clerkenwell Wilkes Israel or Isaac-296 and Heaton Sarah-9759 in England. The marriage ended in divorce.Mary was born about 1728 in London. She was christened in ,Dickinson. She died in 1816/1818 in London. She was buried in London.

Code-red. Code-US. She inherited five thousand pounds from her father. One view is that she died at Bath on 9 May 1808. Notes on her from Boston Port Authority, (Compiler), Boston Looks Seaward: the story of the Port, 1630-1940. Boston. Bruce Humphries Inc. 1941. Copy Dixson. as early as 1783, she is living in Boston, [ with Rotch, presumably] and sent her ship States to to the Falklands. in search of seal skins and sea-elephant oil. got 13,000 skins, poor price in New York so sent them to Canton. so this makes hger or Rotch one of the first post-Rev US traders. See also in Dickinson on Falklands sealing. She died intestate. Her last husband was named Patrick Jaffrey/Jeffery, see info on him from Stackpole, Rivalry, pp. 102, 145. Cf item at, a quality article by Amanda Bowie Moniz, A Radical Shrew in America, Mary Wilkes Hayley and celebrity in the early United States which has the view she died in 1808. She came to US in May 1784 to collect debts (in a captured American ship Delaware, as a stunt, which she renamed United States to be sailed by Captain James Scott who often sailed for John Hancock) of 20,000 pounds and stayed eight years. Reports of her went to Abigail Adams from Abigail's friends. She is noted in George Lyman Kittredge, The Old Farmer and His Almanakc, as a Google Books Result.
        Francis married (3) conjectural only RNotknown Deborah-498128.

Bullard on the Rotches.
+ 15 M iii whaler Rotch William-323069 was born in 1734. He died in 1828.

Joseph married (2) Vaughan Rebecca-439041 daughter of Vaughan Daniel-465168 and VNotknown Rebecca-465169., Descendants of Thomas Cornell by Don Wright (USA). Bullard on the Rotches.

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