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Descendants of Rotch Progenitor 2015-490749

Second Generation

2. Rotch William-285990 (Progenitor 2015 ) was born about 1650. He died about 1705.

http from Nantucket Historical Association. E-mail update of 24 May 2010 from Mary L. Haffenreffer,Key West, Florida USA.

William married Potter Hannah-490750 daughter of Of Salem Bricklayer Potter Nicholas-132726 and Gedney Mary-389393. Hannah was born in 1666.

They had the following children:

+ 3 M i Mariner Rotch Benjamin-141918 was born about 1702.
+ 4 M ii Tanner and whaler Rotch William-490754 was born in 1692.
  5 F iii Rotch Hannah-261475 was born in 1694.

Bullard on the Rotches.
        Hannah married Of Plymouth Jackson Nathaniel-498362 son of Jackson Progenitor-499928 and JNotknown Miss-499929.

Bullard on the Rotches.
  6 F iv Rotch Elizabeth-261743 was born in 1697.
        Elizabeth married Webb David-264730 son of Webb Progenitor-329103 and WNotknown Miss-329104.

Bullard on the Rotches.
  7 F v Rotch Mary-261744 was born in 1699.

Bullard on the Rotches.
        Mary married Symonds Samuel-498363 son of Symonds Progenitor-498364 and SNotknown Miss-498365.

Bullard on the Rotches.
+ 8 M vi Rotch Joseph-257690 was born in 1704. He died in 1784.

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