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Descendants of Riley Progenitor-88338

Third Generation

3. NSW trader speculator insurance Bank NSW Riley Alexander-5759 (George Co Cavan London , Progenitor ) was born in 1778 in Circa,London. He died in 1833 in London.

Born in Midx London. Merchant and Pastoralist. His own entry on ADB Online. On sheep, see Garran and White, Merinos and Macarthurs, pp. 140ff, this man is 25 yrs old when in June 1804 he arrived in Sydney with wife. he had letters of recommendation from Lord Hobart. he was apptd storekeeper and magistrate at New Settlement of Port Dalrymple. mouth of Tamar River. he came back to mainland in 1809, given a grant of 3000 acres in nsw, named "Raby". He went to England about 1817 and worked for firm of Donaldson, Wilkinson and Co, colonial agents handling much wook from nsw, Riley's brother Edward was meantime working in nsw, His firm is first to introduce marine insurance to NSW, in the 1820s. Had association with Bank NSW as founder, see Holder on Bank NSW, Vol. 1, pp. 24ff. See Steven in Abbott and Nairn, pp. 124-127. Interested in flax, by 1810, see Hainsworth, Traders, p. 193. Depression in Calcutta about 1811-1812. Hainsworth, Traders, p. 73 on this man's links with India and China via Richard Jones in Sydney and WS Davidson in China. See Hainsworth, Builders, p. 34, circa 1814, as this man deals with London and Calcutta, China on his hands. See Clark, A History of Australia, Vol. 1, p. 250. Arrived on the Experiment in June 25, 1804, Lord Hobart instructing he was to be given favoured treatment. See his own ADB entry. He becomes deputy commissary at Port Dalrymple, or, Launceston. His NSW partner is Richard Jones qv, traded with Edward Riley qv in Calcutta and W. S. Davidson qv. In 1819 Riley had helped found Campbell NSW Savings Bank. He is once a partner with William Walker. Edward ended life mentally deranged. Is he the Alexr Riley is agent in Sydney for Forbes and Co of Bombay? See Pemberton, London Connection, p. 67.

Alexander married Hardwicke Sophia-5760 daughter of Hardwicke Progenitor-129701 and HNotknown Miss-92288 on 30 Oct 1803. Sophia was christened in 1804 in active.

They had the following children:

+ 9 M i NSW Pioneer, Explorer Riley William Edward-57552 died in 1836.
  10 M ii Riley George-198624 was born in 1808. He died in 1888.

Cf Keith Robert Binney, Horsemen of the first frontier (1788-1900) and the Serpent's Legacy as a Google Books Result.
        George married Hanks Phyllis-99467 daughter of Hanks Progenitor-492194 and HNotknown Miss-492195.

Cf Keith Robert Binney, Horsemen of the first frontier (1788-1900) and the Serpent's Legacy as a Google Books Result.

4. Trader Sydney-Bengal Calcutta Riley Edward-5905 (George Co Cavan London , Progenitor ) was born on 30 Jan 1784 in London. He died on 21 Feb 1825 in Suicide.

Cf Keith Robert Binney, Horsemen of the first frontier (1788-1900) and the Serpent's Legacy as a Google Books Result. From Calcutta he deals with Canton via WS Davidson. Helped introduce Saxon sheep to NSW. His wife Wilkinson had three sons and three drs. His own ADB entry. See notes to Abbott and Nairn, p. 187, circa 1812-1814. Hainsworth, Traders, p. 73. This man had married the daughter of an eminent English merchant, not-named [bt possibly Wilkinson?]. See Hainsworth, Builders, pp. 59-66, p. 72. This man operates in Calcutta. See Mowle's genealogy, variously.

Edward married (1) wife1 Moran Anne-38130 daughter of Moran Senior-96172 and MNotknown Miss-92289 in 1805 in Calcutta. Anne died on 13 May 1810 in Calcutta.

ux49 for more if possible. She has 3 sons and 1 x dr. She is supposed to be the dr of an eminent merchant, but the name Moran is seen very seldom!

Edward and Anne had the following children:

  11 M i Pastoralist wool trader Riley Edward-38136 was born on 20 Jul 1806 in India.

His own EDB entry online. See Garran and White on Merinos and Macarthurs, pp. 140ff.

Edward married (2) wife2 Wilkinson Anne-38133 daughter of Colonel Calcutta Wilkinson Colonel-38134 and WNotknown Miss-38135.

They had the following children:

+ 12 M ii Riley James John-56515 was born about 1821. He died in 1882.
+ 13 F iii Riley Anne Sophia-6217 was born in 1816. She died on 10 May 1881.

6. Riley Elizabeth-5902 (George Co Cavan London , Progenitor ) was born in 1786. She died in Oct 1865.

She had seven sons and eleven drs. Her husband's ADB. Anne-Maree Cox Whitaker, Joseph Foveaux: Power and Patronage in Early NSW. Univ NSW Press, 2000.

Elizabeth married Freemason, Australia trade Kemp Anthony Fenn-5613 son of London tobacco merchant Kemp Anthony Fader-31965 and Fenn Susannah-31966 in 1802. Anthony was born in 1773 in Circa. He died in 1868.

See surname Fenn in line of Inglis-Money tree per Iseke/Ken Money. See Garran and White re Alexander Riley on Merinos and Macarthurs. Is he a link to Riley> Broeze on Brooks, p. 30, Kemp is agent at Hobart for Robert Brooks of London. VIP see Dakin, WA, p. 70ff re Hobart Town and monies and whaling. See Hainsworth, Traders, p. 73. Kemp had travelled in US and France. once paymaster for NSW Corps. In TAS he had a firm, Kemp and Gatehouse qv, once also a partner with Richard Barker. Anne-Maree Cox Whitaker, Joseph Foveaux: Power and Patronage in Early NSW. Univ NSW Press, 2000.

Anthony and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 14 F i Kemp Elizabeth Julia-38112.
  15 M ii Kemp George Anthony-97374.

No notes.

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