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Descendants of Pigou Progenitor 2013-368605

First Generation

1. Pigou Progenitor 2013-368605.

The Pigou genealogy is still rather scrappy, and descendants with interests in websites have so far not attempted to unify views on the economic activities of the family members,. versus the simple listing of carriers of the Pigou surname. A good many family members are not listed here due to inability to find accurate information on their parents, though the spouses of those family members with parents listed can often be found on websites - Ed

Progenitor married PNotknown Miss-368606.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Pigou John or Jean-368603 was christened in 1700. He died in 1705.
+ 3 M ii Died maybe c1710 Pigou Jacques-368607.

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