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MONTFERRAT Progenitor-316195 See also website:

First Generation

1. MONTFERRAT Progenitor-316195.

Re the North Italian name, Montferrat. This website of course is devoted to the discussion of Merchant Networks (Webmaster, Dan Byrnes), but as various research proceeds on matters genealogical, some attention is given to listings of British and European nobility. Work has proceeded for some years on such nobility, especially regarding the Kingship of Jerusalem. Lately (October 2006), it was found by the compiler that the databasing of information on the names Montferrat (or, Saluzzo-Montferrat), had gone awry. It remains difficult to say when or how this information began to go awry. Efforts have been made to correct any errors now in the database, but a caution should be issued re this listing on the name Montferrat and associated lineages. Some of the other associated lineages will be listed on this website in due course, once more confidence about accuracy is being enjoyed. - Dan Byrnes (31 October 2006)

A note on sources used. Citations used for these Early-to-pre-Modern genealogies include many standard books, as on Eleanor of Aquitaine, the English nobility generally (Burkes, The Complete Peerage, etc), on the Plantagenets of England, on history of the Iberian peninsula, on The Crusades (particularly the English writer, Runciman, on the Crusades), encyclopedias. Especially helpful websites consulted (and since the late 1990s) have included those from Bridget Lloyd, Leo van de Pas, Paul Theroff, and more towards 2006, websites on eg, the Counts of Barcelona (who are a study in themselves), Foundation for Medieval Genealogy and (If the terms "loose http" or a "http update" are mentioned, that is due to an item being noticed at fairly high speed from a webpage, and the URL not being noted, which can happen any day!).

Progenitor married MNOTKNOWN Miss-316196.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i MONTFERRAT Progenitor other-316178.

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