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Descendants of Mangles Progenitor-288359

Fourth Generation

7. Shipowner, probably Mangles John-39429 (Robert , William , Progenitor ) was born in 1760 in London,probably. He died in 1837.

IGI. He had several children by Camden. See notes for his probable brother, James, though this John may be the father of James the MP (?). Some info per Ian Berryman in WA in March 1996. See HOC Sess Papers, Vol 82, p 32 re list London slave shippers of 1791 re ship Rio Nova, group Jn Dessell/Deffell, Masxwell Nasmyth, Robert Moulton, Charles Moulton, John Roebuck, John Mangles, James Mangles, John Thompson and Edward Barrett. Email from Ann Sadler of 8-2-2006 being transcription of his will. He is of County Berks, his executors are Ross Donnelly Mangles and rear-admiral his nephew Frederick Mangles and two eldest sons Robert and John. He is owed money or annuities by Henry Finley Cubbit. Money various goes to his son, Edward Augustus Mangles, Eliza Nooth (sic), Frances Smith, Susannah Varnum (?), Charles Darby, Penelope Glbert, John Edmonds and Salley his wife, and smallest sums to Elizabeth Holgate, Frances Foster and Ann Hodges. Mention of Hugh Cubbitt and his wife, George William Mangles, Major Charles Wright/ Solicitors re Will seem to be John Adolphus Young of 13 St Swithins Lane, City. Mr William Turner of 260 Wapping, is clerk to Messrs Mangles and Abbot. He mentions "a brother John Pilgrim" which/who is so far uninterpretable. He may be the botanist helping Georgiana Molloy/Kennedy? IGI entry. E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK. Hee seems not to be noted in a 14-page PDF with 174 footnotes for IGI/LDS lodgement, dated 27 August 2006, by Marcus Bateman, UK, sighted from 2-6-2007.

John married IGI Camden Harriott-39430 daughter of Camden Senior-155543 and CNotknown Miss-78863 on 25 Jan 1781 in St James,Westminster.

ux49 for more Per IGI. Per Ian Berryman in WA in March 1996. Is there a chance this woman is of family of Camden of Camden, Calvert and King? IGI only. /Pilgrim/ Anne IGI entry. E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK.

John and Harriott had the following children:

  13 M i Capt RN, Traveller, Botanist Mangles James-38379 was born in 1786 in Wapping. He died in 1867.

See Statham's WA biogs for Mangles. He is a cousin of wife of James Stirling Gov of WA, see entry in ADB on Georgiana Molloy. Per Ian Berryman in March 1996. This man in a short article in DNB. Entry in English DNB 2004 edition by J. K. Laughton, parents not given. E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK. See Alice M. Coats, Forgotten Gardeners, III: The Mangles Family, Garden History, Summer 1973, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 42-46. James and Robert Mangles are part of the gardening circle of John and Jane Loudon. He retired from navy as a commander, had an interest in botany, and in archaeology of Palestine. as did his friends retired RN commander Hon. Charles. L Irby (1789-1845), and J. C Loudon. Irby and Mangles wrote a popular book, Travels in Egypt and Nubia, London, 1823.
+ 14 M ii Mangles Robert-288324 was born in 1780. He died in 1861.
  15 M iii Mangles John-288325.

Named in his father's Will.
  16 M iv Lt RN Mangles Edward Augustus-288326 died in 1845.

He is a yr son named in his father's Will.
  17 F v Mangles Elizabeth-288327.

She and her husband named in her father's will of which a mostly illegible copy is to hand.
        Elizabeth married Rev Wheeler William-288328 son of Wheeler Progenitor-288331 and WNotknown Miss-288332 in 1807.

gaps10 E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK.
+ 18 F vi Mangles Ann-288333.
+ 19 F vii Mangles Frances-288337 was born in 1792.
  20 F viii Mangles Harriet Montague-288341 was born in 1795 in Wapping, London. She died in 1882 in Bath.

IGI entry. E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK. Named in her father's Will.

8. Senior data problem Mangles-22585 (Robert , William , Progenitor ).

Senior married MNotknown Miss-87950.

They had the following children:

  21 M i WA Settler, stockmanager Mangles George W.-50219.

ux49 He arrived WA in 1929. Code-red. Is he brother of the Botanist John Mangles who worked with Georgiana Molloy/Kennedy? He is a cousin of Ellen M the wife of James Stirling. See Staham's biogs of WA. this man left WA in 1833-34 to begin a shipping service. See Catalogue of the Austn Historical Exhibition, Feb. 1-26, 1938. Australia's 150th Anniversary Celebrations Council. 1938. Copy Dixson. re present at founding of WA is one George Mangles, stock superintendent. ship Parmelia, transport, two naval vessels. Captain Charles Howe Fremantle, RN. Capt M. J. Currie, RN. one Wm Stirling is also present, possibly a relative of Gov James Stirling.
  22 M ii Capt, Unm, Botanist Mangles John-98221.

Is this right family for the botanist who helped Georgiana Molloy/Kennedy botanist of WA? He is possibly a nephew of one of the Timothy Mangles, Capt or Rev.

9. MP Guildford, Director EICo of Woodbridge Mangles James-51250 (Robert , William , Progenitor ) was born in 1760/1762. He died in 1837/1838 in Circa. He was buried in Puttenham Surrey.

E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK. James Mangles (1760-1837.1848). Shipping contractor, Email from Ann Sadler of 8-2-2006 and PDF of his will, PRO The National Archives, Cat Ref: prob 11/902, Image Ref: 48. Will proved 10 Otober 1838. He is High Sheriff of Surrey in 1808, Liberal MP for Guildford 1832-1837 and Director of EICo. http from on Onslow. A convict contractor. He is defeated as MP 1837/1838. Code-red. See in d:\gendone, the file Mangles which needs to be printed and done in PAF. Info per IGI. He dies in 1838. http update. See also notes to George Bunn. Is his wife any link to Hughes-Hallett qv? In Burke's P&B for Onslow he has a dr marry to line of Onslow. He is of F&C Mangles of London in Hasluck, Thos Peel, p. 20. See in Trevelyan's life of Macaulay, p. 431, Vol. 1, some of Macaulay's circle in India included Cameron and MacLeod the law commissioners, Mangles, Colvin and John Peter Grant the latter three of a younger circle. He may have married a woman Camden, maybe related to Camden, Calvert and King? fix backcheck re whaling records in Samuel Enderby Book and Bateson. He has a nephew, Capt Mangles, RN. Stenton on Brit Parlts, p. 259. He is of 6 Cannon Row, London, and of Woodbridge, Surrey. He is high sheriff for Surrey in 1808. He is a ships chandler and an East India proprietor. Of Whig principles. He defeated Mr Holme Sumner for Guildford in 1831 and held it till 1837. He has unspecified interests in the East Indies see ADB entry for James Stirling. This man is MP for Guildford 1832-1837. This family of Mangles has EICo interests and at one point have much discussion with James Stirling Gov WA on "colonising matters". See ADB for James Stirling. See Bateson, p. 157, ship Friendship Capt Hugh Reed, launched Thames in 1793, arriving PJ 16 Feb., 1800 owned by John and James Mangles, prominent London shipowners. Bateson p. 172, the ship Surry, built Harwich 1811, owned by Mangles, first class ship of first class materials, first visit to PJ in 1814, and still brought prisoners in the 1830s. Bateson p. 233, about 1827, the con ship Guildford, Capt Magnus Johnson who married about 1827, then she was bought by James Mangles and Magnus Johnson, and repaired, to next reach PJ in 1827; some £20,000 spent on Guildford and and she had an EICo charter. she last voyaged to PJ Capt Robert Harrison, arriving PJ from Dublin on Nov 4, 1829. Later she sailed from Hobart with troops for India. Thence Singapore, thence England and perhaps foundered as no further information. Bateson p. 235, Mangles owned ship Mangles arriving from London to PJ 2 June 1828, reg owners were John and James Mangles. and John Bannister Hudson, of St Helen's, Bishopsgate. plus Thomas Reid, Gent, and Hugh Reid, of Wellclose-square, Hugh Reid also her master. Later this ship Mangles sold to Thomas Watkin Court, a mariner of Union Court, Broad St, London, and two Calcutta merchants, Thomas Askin and Shaik Gollaum Hassen; then Hassen had her all and sold her all a few days later to a Calcutta owner. In 1816 Mangles shipp was bought by Buckle, Buckle, Bagster and Buchanan, merchants of Mark Lane, London, plus William Parker of John St, American Square. On April, 15, 1816, Buckle BBandB sold a quarter of Mangles to the ship's master, George Bunn, but he sold those rights back the same day, no explanation. And again in 1818, Buckle, BBandB sold 1/5th, then 1/6th of this ship Mangles to Benjamin Bunn Jnr, of Hackney, and next day he sold back to them. Buckle BBandB registered Mangles anew in London in 1816; sent her out with convicts in 1820 arriving PJ on Aug. 7 with Capt John Coghill; continued as a convict ship till 1828, then put to China tea trade, as owned by Buckle, Bagster and Buckle, plus McGhie, Hawks and Carr, the latter being the Mangles' master [one-time chief mate], William Carr of Waterlook Terrace, Commercial Road, London, last voyage with prisoners in 1840. a reasonably fast vessel, first four of voyages with Capt Jn Coghill. In Sept 9, 1839, Wm Carr became sole owner of Mangles, Carr had five passages as a convict ship with Mangles, Carr died in 1841 and Mangles went to ownership of Ratcliffe shipowner, Thomas Ward, who transferred her to Kingston-Upon-Hull shipowner, Thomas Humphrey the elder, who went bankrupt in 1840. And she was in the hands of Hull bankers, Pease and Liddells in 1845 when she was broken up. Bateson cites p. 330, Note 20, Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen to author, plus transcripts. Sydney Gazette of 17 Feb and 24 Feb 1825. See ADB entry for Gov. James Stirling of WA. From a 14-page PDF with 174 footnotes for IGI/LDS lodgement, dated 27 August 2006, by Marcus Bateman, UK, sighted from 2-6-2007. See

James married Hughes Mary-11293 daughter of Esq. of Mountcharles Hughes John George-100873 and Clarke Mary-100874 on 22 Jul 1791. Mary was born in 1773. She died in Mar 1852.

She is yst dr. See also name Hughes-Hallet qv. Any link to friend Tom Hughes of Sir Leslie Stephen qv see Annan book? Per letter March 1996 from Ian Berryman of WA. Email from Ann Sadler of 8-2-2006 sends PDF of her will from PRO The National Archives, Cat Ref: Prob: 11.2157/image ref 356. Of 12 August 1852, widow of James Mangles of Woodbridge, of Guildford, Surrey, mentions a Francis Mangles a son, Frederick Mangles, Rev. Arthur Onslow, any husband of [said daughters], Caroline (Onslow?), Ross Donnelly M, Hamilla? Mary Preston. E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK. From a 14-page PDF with 174 footnotes for IGI/LDS lodgement, dated 27 August 2006, by Marcus Bateman, UK, sighted from 2-6-2007.

James and Mary had the following children:

+ 23 M i EICo Capt, UBA, Australian trade,MP, Mangles Charles Edward-11286 was born in 1798. He died on 28 Oct 1873.
+ 24 F ii Of Woodbridge, Surrey Mangles Ellen-11843 was born in 1807. She died in 1874.
  25 F iii IGI Mangles Emily-35469 was born in 1799 in Hackney. She was christened on 7 Dec 1799 in St John Hackney.

IGI entry. E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK. From a 14-page PDF with 174 footnotes for IGI/LDS lodgement, dated 27 August 2006, by Marcus Bateman, UK, sighted from 2-6-2007.
        Emily married Whitby Henry-40907 son of Whitby Progenitor-171706 and WNotknown Miss-171705 in 1825.

E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK.
+ 26 F iv Mangles Caroline-35470 was born in 1792. She died in 1860.
+ 27 F v Mangles Hamilla Mary-72851 was born in 1812.
  28 M vi Rev Mangles Albert-288345 was born in 1809 in Guildford Surrey. He died in 1875.

Named as son in Will of his mother. He seems to die 2 Nov 1875 leaving Widow Georgiana. He had been of Becch Hill near Woking. E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK. From a 14-page PDF with 174 footnotes for IGI/LDS lodgement, dated 27 August 2006, by Marcus Bateman, UK, sighted from 2-6-2007.
        Albert married Scott Georgiana-40908 daughter of Of Hammersmith London Scott George-299910 and SNotknown Miss-299911. Georgiana was born in 1814 in Hammersmith London.

E-mail update August 2006 per Penny Graham, UK.
+ 29 M vii NZCo, India merchant, MP, Director EICo Mangles Ross Donnelly-171709 was born in 1801. He died on 16 Aug 1877.
+ 30 M viii Mangles Frederick-118699 was born in 1795. He died in 1868.
  31 M ix Mangles Pilgrim-101699 was born in 1795. He died in 1828.

  32 F x Mangles Jane Alicia-119129 was born in 1797 in St John Hackney London.
  33 M xi Mangles Henry John-291315 was born in 1805 in Guildford Surrey.

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