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Descendants of Lorillard Progenitor-531740

Fifth Generation

6. Lorillard Peter Snr-531425 (Pierre , Pierre Abraham , Jean , Progenitor ) was born in 1796. He died in 1867.

Cf., Per Ken Cozens, Walter Barrett Clerk, 1863, The Old Merchants of New York City, Second Series. Named in Anon., author of the article Before Skull and Bones, at http://www.smokershistory/before.html, a 43-page article, from a rabid website railing against the US anti-smoking movement, apparently from Carol A. S. Thompson, Madiscon, Wisconsin, USA.

Peter married Griswold Catherine-531426 daughter of Griswold Nathaniel Lynde-481549 and wife2 Lasher Catherine-531757.

She had seven children. Dr of Nathaniel L. Griswold, the tea merchant.

Peter and Catherine had the following children:

+ 8 M i Lorillard Pierre IV-57065 was born in 1833. He died in 1901.
  9 M ii Tobacco manufacturer Lorillard George Lyndes-531751 was born in 1843. He died in 1892.

His own wikipedia page.
        George married Lafarge Marie Louise-531752 daughter of Lafarge Progenitor-531753 and LNotknown Miss-531754.

Later Countess di Agreda.
+ 10 F iii Lorillard Catherine-479354 was born in 1835.

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