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Ancestors of Conspiracy theorist Larouche Lyndon Hermyle. Jr-257052

First Generation

1. Conspiracy theorist Larouche Lyndon Hermyle. Jr-257052 was born in 1922 in Rochester New Hampshire. [Parents]

See though not a definitive treatment of the lineage of Lyndon LaRouche. He grows up in Lynn, Mass, USA. His wife is friends with their collaborator in Germany, Mark Burdman who died by mid-2004. He is author it seems of The Third Stage of Imperialism by L. Marcus (pseud.) re a net item of before July 2005. Lyndon in a speech is a neo-Platonist. Says Mussolini was put into power by banker Volpi di Misurata, of Italy, but Italy was set up to fail. LL gravely distrusts the wife of Dick Cheney as a string-puller. LL says he correctly predicted the October 1987 US stock market fall. Like Roosevelt re Bretton Woods system. Prefers a fixed currency to a floating system. Thinks the US wants a war between Taiwan and China. http calls him a "crackpot criminal conspiracist". LL organisation has a magazine called Fidelio, which is a Journal of Poetry, Science and Statecraft. In the early 1990s is linked to Schiller Institute in Washington DC, where LaRouche and his associates are based. Wikpedia and some web cyclopedias seem interested in LaRouche by July 2005. Wikpeidia says LaRouche advertises he was raised a Quaker, was a conscientious objector in WWII, then decided to enlist. By age 17-18, in 1940, a Quaker committee is set to look at LL, LL been in trouble at Quaker meetings for slandering other members, and re some financial dealings, re smears, angry innuendoes and what looked like anti-Semitic remarks, the Quakers disowned him by 1941, his family also left the Quakers. There is a Net article by Austin Meredith of Providence Rhode Island on the disownment of LaRouche by Quakers, which says, a PDF file, in 1942 LL dropped out of Northeastern Univ in Boston. In 1944, he drops his view as a conscientious objector and enlists in US army, serves with medical units in India and Burma. From a net item 2005 by Austin Meredith. In India LL reads Karl Marx. He sails home on SS General Bradley and meets a fellow soldier from Lynn Mass, same home town, Don Merrill, who starts LL reading on Trotskyism. But LL fails with attempt to resume education at Northeastern Univ, Boston. By 1948 he goes back to live at Lynn and attends meetings of Socialist Worker's Party, which he joins in 1949, and in 1954 he marries party member Janice Neuberger. In 1956 they have a son Daniel. LL has career as management consultant re use of computers to increase business efficiency, and he reduced his Socialist group activities. In 1963, Neuberger leaves LL. In 1966, LL and Carol Labaree, or Carol Schnitzer, join New Left Committee for Independent Political Action and form a branch of it in New York's West Village. He gives classes on dialectical materialism, involves students from Columbia University, some from the Maoist Progressive Labour Group, or re Students for a Democratic Society. By 1968 his influence is wide re student strike and with occupation of Columbia University, and wins control of this univ's leftist groups, by linking in solidarity with struggles of the blacks of Harlem. In 1969 his grouping is ejected from Students for a Democratic Society and reforms as named National Caucus of Labor Committee. From 1970 LL becomes interested in possible use of lasers or other directed-energy weapns against incoming nuclear warheads. In 1971, with view that USA has abandoned the American system, LL founds US Labor Party, his heroes being Abe Lincoln and FD Roosevelt. Also in 1971 he organizes New Solidarity International Review as a news wire service for his publication. He founds in 1971, Executive Intelligence Review, and co-founds Fusion Energy Foundation. In 1974, a former LL assocaitem Gregory Rose, has article in National Review alleging Ll has links with Palestinian terrorist group(s) and with the Iraq mission to UN in New York. In 1975 LaRouche visits Iraq to speak to Ba'ath Party re idea on Arab-Israeli peace projects in association with massive water projects. In 1975 his magazine New Solidarity has much favourable material on Iraq and quotes Saddam Hussein, at the time Vice-P of Iraq. In mid-1970s also, LL abandons Socialism and plumbs now for writings of Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich Schiller and Plato, and publishes a set of souce documents, The Political Economy of the American Revolution. In 1976 he runs for Pres of US as a US Labor Party candidate and polls 0.05 per cent of votes. In 1977 LL marries Helga Zepp, a German political activist. In 1979 appears in Chicago Sun-Times several articles critical of La Rouche, situation where Chip Berlet and others are sued for defamation, jury has no sympathy with LL. In 1979 LL joins Democratic Party and stops filing his Federal and state income tax returns. In 1980 LL issues his autobiography, The Power of Reason. In 1980 the US Labor Party is disbanded. In 1980 LL attempts to gain Democratic nomination for president, fails, and in Nov. 1980 he is harshly critical of Jimmy Carter. And in the 1980s. LL and Zepp create a several-country network of contacts, including the Schiller Institute. In 1981, Chip Berlet and others give documents to press allegeding possibly illegal activities by LL. A New York judge decides that to call LL an anti-Semite would be "fair comment". In early 1981 as Regan takes office, LL and others visit senior Regan advisors to recommend a "star wars" strategy. Late in 1981, LL and Zepp meet with CIA dep-director Bobby Ray Inman, a long-term LL supporter. At various times, LL opposes Regan support for Falklands-Malvinas War, opposes arming of Nicaraguan Contra rebels, opposes low-growth policies of Club of Rome, and forms an opposition group, "Club of Life". In 1983 LL issues There Are No Limits To Growth. In late 1983, LL fears a smear campaign is to be mounted against him, partly led by investment banker John Train. Will criminal proceedings be made against LL? In 1984 is third attempt to gain Democratic nomination for president, and issue of LL textbook, So You Wish To Learn All About Economics. In 1984 is founding of Schiller Institute. In 1986 LL interests in California mount effort to have AIDS put on List of Communicable Diseases under Health Acts. Said effort is twice defeated. In October 1986 LL headquaters in Va are raided by FBI and Va state authorities re accusation sof fraud, extortion re fund-raising. LL and associates are charged with conspiracy, mail fraud and tax code violations. In 1987 LL is forced into bankruptcy. In 1988 is a mistrial and charges are refiled. In 1988 appears LL's second autobiography, also entitled The Power of Reason. In December 1988 he is jailed for 15 years for conspiracy, mail fraud and tax code violations. Yet he is in prison only five years, in 1992 again runs for president, in jail he meets with international personages. In 1991 appears his book, The Science of Christian Economy. By 1994, LL, out of jail, now concentrates his attention on Third World countries. In 1996 he makes 6th attempt to gain a nomination to run for President. Chairman of Democratic National Committee refuses to consider this. See LL website: - In 1999, LL forms LaRouche Youth Movement. In 2000 tries for seventh time for Democratic nomination for President. In 2004 makes his 8th attempt. All above compiled by Austin Meredith dated 12 March 2005.

. A US analyst of right-wing groups is John Foster "Chip" Berlet born 1949, a former VP of Nationl Lawyers Guild, investigative journo into US right-wing movements, religious right, white supremacists, homophobic groups and paramilitary organisations, is a senior analyst at Political Research Associates, a non-profit group based in Somerville, Mass. Berlet writes, Right-Wing Populism in America, too close for comfort. He did one story, "War on Drugs: The Strange Story of Lyndon LaRouche". LL groups are critical of Berlet. Berlet does claim the Left is victim of issue-spreading and spin from the right in US. In 1970s-1980s, Berlet did story that LL isanti-Semite and fascist, was sued by LL who lost the case. A blogger notes that Larouche reckons Venice is regarded by LaRouche as the primary conduit for the attempted destruction of the West by the East, from the past, as far back as Alexr the Great. (Or, Venice plus Catholic Rome). This blogger says Kubrick was a reader of Fidelio, believes LaRouche and maybe based his movies Dr Strangelove and Eyes Wide Shut on LaRouche views. The Venice-London-New York conspiracy theory.

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