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Descendants of Keswick Progenitor 2012-62674

Fourth Generation

4. The Hon Keswick William-49218 (Thomas , William , Progenitor 2012 ) was born in 1834. He died in 1912.

ux33 MP Conservative in his own wikipedia page. Wikipedia page on Keswick family. See work by Linda Minor on George Bush qv, in 1916 Minor has Keswicks of Jardine-Matheson securing a control-interest in Hudson's Bay Co, before large railways go in. He leaves a fortune of about 400,000. In Cassis, City Bankers, p. 109, he is partner in Matheson and Co, a London director of Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, opens JardineĀ“s Japanese branch in 1868 at Yokohama. He had two wives. Keswick on Jardine. In 1886 Keswick has the Jardiine-Matheson directors as: William Keswick, Sir Robert Jardine, Hugh Matheson, James MacAndrew, John Matheson Macdonald and Charles Ross Matheson. In 1900 Keswick has directors of Jardine-Matheson or Matheson and Co. as: William Keswick, Sir Robert Jardine, John Matheson Macdonald, N. M. Macdonald, and Colonel A. Bell-Irving. From this man, five generations of Keswicks have been associated with Jardine-Matheson. Family Ghost website on WH Auden.

William married (1) Dubeux Amelia Hippolyte-55588 daughter of Dubeux Progenitor-119999 and DNotknown Miss-89964. Amelia was born in 1848. She died in 1883.

ux33 Family Ghost website on WH Auden.

William and Amelia had the following children:

+ 8 M i Keswick Henry-56241 was born in 1870. He died in 1928.

William married (2) Barrington R. M. Miss-55428 daughter of Barrington Senior-92330 and BNotknown Miss-85799.

ux33 Keswick on Jardine.

5. Keswick Christina-20693 (Thomas , William , Progenitor 2012 ).

Keswick, table on Jardine. ux33

Christina married Dickson W.-25710 son of Dickson Senior-101905 and DNotknown Miss-137914.

ux33 Keswick, table on Jardine.

Dickson W. and Christina had the following children:

  9 M i Dickson C. W.-64857 was born in 1863. He died in 1934.

Keswick on Jardine, table. There is a Charles Wedderburn Dickson of Director of Jardine/M for 1900-1906.
        Dickson C. W. married Parkes F. E. Miss-59086 daughter of Parkes Senior-144019 and PNotknown Miss-110212.

ux33 See Keswick's book.
  10 M ii Dickson Edward-63325.

Keswick on Jardine, table.

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