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Descendants of Jenkins Progenitor-149860

First Generation

1. Jenkins Progenitor-149860.

These genealogy pages are gathered for netsurfers' FYI purposes, not for any purposes of promoting "patriotism-via-history", of which the world has probably seen too much.
As compiler, I am simply an Australian/New South Welshman here interested in our colonial history, more economic/maritime than other kinds of history. The basic purpose of the sets of pages is to present family histories grouped in terms of a history (of some kind) of "economic operators" in colonial Australia, 1788-1900. Or, on economic operators living outside Australia who nevertheless had some impact on Australian commercial/business activities. (Anyone curious as to the emphasis given here [basically, Sydney] should read for more detail on economic operators, any book by the noted NSW historian, D. R. Hainsworth.)
Thus, the pages are more for purposes of economic history, not for family history or genealogy as such. Hopefully, the information presented will enable the user more conveniently to filter information on the commercial folk of Australian colonies and on their links to folk in India, London, or England and Scotland generally, much as is already possible with the use of websites concerned with business histories, variously, for London, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Newport Rhode Island,and so on.
In general, I have tried to press genealogies as far back into the past as is possible. Children have not been found in their proper birth order as the database grew, so in some cases I have noted their birth order with notes text. (It is simply not possible to find the correct birth order of children in so many families as are listed.)
The notes to individuals are given in the order in which the information came to hand - which is why many notes seem to have been gathered willy-nilly - they were! And often gathered in haste due to time pressures. But also willy-nilly at times, arrived contributions from correspondents and emailers, and these are often noted (with gratitude).
Generally, the book titles referred to in notes to individuals - book titles often highly abbreviated - will be listed more fully in my bibliography pages available on my other websites on the Internet. As to book titles: "Burke's Extinct" refers to: John Burke and John Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic History of Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland and Scotland. Second edition. London, John Russell Smith. [Facsimile of the 1964 edition].
"Burke's P&B" refes to any one of many editions of Burke's Peerage and Baronetage I have consulted. Burk'es LG = Burke's Landed Gentry (various vesions). Re "GEC" - the page number(s) given are to the page numbers of the volume in question, which are alphabetical for the title name, not the actual surname, in: Vicary Gibbs, (Ed.), (GEC), The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. [Extinct, extant or dormant]. London, St. Catherine's Press, 1910. Where, we note, Gibbs, GEC, was a member of a noted family of British bankers!
Many of the sources used here were found in university libraries. Presumably this means that they will not be easily available to anyone living distant from a university.

As to abbreviations often used in the notes:
"Mowle's Genealogy" refers to a basic set of genealogies for Australians - P. C. Mowle, A Genealogical History of Pioneer Families of Australia. Fifth edition. Sydney, Rigby, 1978. "NSW" is New South Wales, the compiler's home state in Australia. Stenton refers to a compilation on British politicians by Stenton. Valentine, Estab[lishment], refers to a treatment by an American, Valentine on the British establishment, circa 1775 and later. Namier.Brookeand Namier/Brooke refer to compilations supervised by Sir Lewis Namier, the British historian who unfolded "family history" in British politics in a way which for a time was controversial.
Christie on non-elite mps, refers to a book of that name. DNB/EDNB refers to the English Dictionary of National Biography. ADB refers by context to either the Australian or American dictionaries of biography.
Mostly, re abbreviations various: "http" or "http loose" refers to a website with URL not noted, which just happened to provide extra data on an individual or family.
"DC" refers to Duncan Campbell (1726-1803), the overseer of the Thames River Prison Hulks. "Bligh" refers only to William Bligh, Captain of HM Bounty and later a governor of New South Wales. As to first name abbreviations: Jas = James, Wm = William, Chas = Charles, Thos = Thomas, Eliz = Elizabeth. Abbreviations other: Hodson's List refers to a noted list of British-based families active in British India. ADB = Australian Dictionary of Biography, volumes various. See also re American (USA) Dictionary of Biography = ADB. "findzzzzz" means find more information is needed on a given individual/nuclear family. "EICo/HEICo" = English/British East India Company at whatever period . "Dir EICo" means a director of East India Co. "Dir BoE" means Director, Bank of England. And so on for noted directors of other noted organisations.

Here, Unm - Unmarried, "dr" = either daughter or doctor medical (Dr MD) as suggested by context. "fr" = father. "br" = brother. "sr" =sister. And so on.

I have not by any means read all book titles itemised in these web pages. However, the user of these web pages will find continued use of the Internet a valuable resource for rounding out any points of interest found here.

As presented, each family group begins with a "dummylink", a hypothetical progenitor, or similarly, a "Surname senior". The hypothetical/unknown wife of a Progenitor Smith has a "surname" for the database, beginning, eg, "SNotknown Miss", so that the database does not generate an overlong list of names given as "Notknown Miss" - and so on through the alphabet A-Z.

Lastly, apologies are offered in advance for any errors present here. Errors will be amended and corrections made when time and better-quality information permit.

Dan Byrnes/The Blackheath Connection at
NB: These webpages can easily be regarded as an adjunct to The Blackheath Connection website.

Progenitor married JNotknown Miss-147691.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Sydney merchant, Dir Bank NSW Jenkins Robert-31950.

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