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Descendants of Farquhar Progenitor-39978

Fifth Generation

5. Dr, Sir Bart1, Royal Physician Farquhar Walter-51088 (Robert , John , James , Progenitor ) was born in Oct 1738. He died on 21 Mar 1819.

He is son2. Notes for Walter royal physician Sir Farquhar Bart1, See http on Turing per Dan Morgan. He has step dr Eliz Harvie/Harvie qv married to Simon Halliday qv. Burke's P&B, Farquhar. See GEC, Creations after 1901, p. 462. He is descended from royalist Sir Rbt Farquhar died 1676, once deputy receiver of Scotland. Note re Farquhar generally there was in Melb a firm [see ADB for Michaelis Moritz] Michaelis, Hallenstein and Farquhar. See re Darnell's research, VIP. De Falbe, table. He had gone to London in 1770s, had a modest money from a prize re time as a naval surgeon. De Falbe, p. 68. This man is related to George Rose at Treasury. See Dyster, on Fanning and Jones, p. 373, Note 25. This man is physician to the Prince of Wales. He it seems is physician to the Prince of Wales. don't forget that by the 1820s, Prince/King is good friends with Sir William Curtis whose son is an early investor in AACo. See Maxine's research VIP. He is uncle to Walter Stevenson Davidson, qv fix backcheck >>These notes are in fact for his anti-slaver son, who became a commercial agent at Amboyna, later Lt-Gov of Pulo Penang. he became by 1802 a comissioner for claims in the Moluccas, by 1807 he was interested in the abolition of slavery, wanted to send Chinese to the West Indies, in 1812 he was appointed commander-in-chief of Mauritius. He confronted the French pirate-adventurers of the region [see David Bell]. The slave trade in the area continued from the Island of Bourbon. [Saychelles?]. His entry in DNB. Farquhar, in Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, [pp. 958ff?] Stenton, Brit Partls, Vol. 1, p. 176.

Walter married Widow, of Barbados Stephenson Anne-51089 daughter of Barbados planter Stephenson Thomas-33640 and SNotknown Elizabeth Anne-33641 in 1771. Anne died on 23 Sep 1797.

Updates on a rootsweb Caribbean genforum item by Janice Doughty accessed 2-5-2007.
a genforum view is that she is daughter4 of Alexander Stevenson of Barbados, not dr4 of Thomas as given here. She is dr4. See also http on Turing. See GEC, Creations after 1901, p. 462. De Falbe, p. 68. See DNB entry for Sir Walter Farquhar (1738-1819). His own DNB entry. Updates on a rootsweb Caribbean genforum item by Janice Doughty accessed 2-5-2007.

Walter and Anne had the following children:

  9 F i Farquhar Catherine-45099 died in 1849.

See also http for Turing. See GEC, Creations after 1901, p. 462. Burke's P&B for
        Catherine married Of Jamaica, slaver Mathison Gilbert-45098 son of Mathison Senior-184308 and MNotknown Miss-184309.

He is of CAstle Wemyss Estate,Jamaica. He is presumably active about 1810. See also http for Turing. Burke's P&B for Farquhar.
  10 F ii Farquhar Anne-50929 died on 10 Sep 1844.

http on Turing per Dan Morgan. Burke's P&B for Farquhar.
        Anne married Rev, Dean of Worcester Hook James-50934 son of Hook Senior-45063 and HNotknown Miss-13081 on 17 Jun 1797. James was christened in 1797 in Married.

http for Dan Morgan on Turing. Burke's P&B for Farquhar.
+ 11 F iii Farquhar Charity Graeme-50930 died on 9 Nov 1869.
+ 12 M iv Financier, Sir Bart2, Under-Sec of State Farquhar Thomas Harvie-48596 was born on 27 Jun 1755. He died on 12 Jan 1836.
+ 13 M v Sir Bart Gov Penang, AACo investor Farquhar Robert Townsend-48745 was born on 14 Oct 1776. He died on 16 Mar 1830.
  14 M vi Commandant Moluccas Farquhar Walter-50957 died on 9 Feb 1813.

Code-red. See re Darnell thesis. http per Dan Morgan on Turing. Hodson lists. Is he the one commandant of Moluccas? Burke's P&B for Farquhar. He is 1803 at Moluccas. How is his name Walter. Is he the son Robert Townsend as Gov Penang and Prince Edwards Island as in Burke's P&B for Farquhar? By the mid-1790s, Webster says p. 20 that Malacca had far more passage of opium than Penang; in 1796 alone, Bengal opium traders put 130 chests from Bengal to Malacca. See Anthony Webster copy held on Robert Townsend Farquar, qv.
        Walter married D'Oyly Maynard Eliza-50956 daughter of Sir, Bart6, EICo Collector at Calcutta D'Oyly John Hadley-45994 and Widow Cotes Rochfort Jane-45993 on 9 Mar 1805.

She is dr1. http per Dan Morgan on Turing. Hodson lists. Burke's P&B for Farquhar, see also for D'Oyly.
  15 F vii Lady Farquhar Anne-18809.

No notes.
        Anne married Harvie Thomas Hervie of Jamaica-17103 son of Harvie Senior-103250 and HNotknown Miss-40915.


7. Farquhar Martha-20804 (Robert , John , James , Progenitor ) was born in 1751. She died in Jan 1787.

De Falbe, table gives discrepant information on her father. See ADB entry for her son, W. S. Davidson.

Martha married Rev DD of Aberdeenshire Davidson Patrick-20803 son of Progenitor, of Aberdeenshire Davidson Progenitor-37975 and DNotknown Miss-37976. Patrick was born in 1743 in ,Of Rayne. He died in 1819.

See http on Turing. De Falbe, p. 99 and table. See ADB entry for his son, W. S. Davidson.

Patrick and Martha had the following children:

  16 F i Davidson Ann-48616.

See also http on Turing. De Falbe, p. 92.
        Ann married Asia trader Coats Thomas-48617 son of Coats Progenitor-114010 and CNotknown Miss-114011.

He is active about 1830. Son of? See also http on Turing. De Falbe, p. 92.
+ 17 M ii Opium dealer, agency house Davidson Walter Stevenson-6211 was born in Nov 1785. He died in 1869.
+ 18 F iii Of Rayne Davidson Jane-30388 was born in 1783. She died in 1861.

8. Notknown Charity Dummylink-48602 (Robert , John , James , Progenitor ).

See http per Dan Morgan on Turing. Is she a Farquhar?

Charity married Matheson Senior-48601.

De Falbe, table.

Senior and Charity had the following children:

+ 19 F i Wife1, cousin Matheson Anne-48600 was born in 1805. She died in 1833.

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