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Descendants of Dunbar Progenitor-90432

Tenth Generation

113. Admiral Dunbar-Nasmith David-153833 (Beatrix Dunbar-Dunbar-Rivers , Margaret Emily Brown , Phoebe Tatham , Justina Dunbar , Duncan I , John , Robert , Robert , Progenitor ) was born in 1921. He died in 1997.

He has two sons and two drs.

David married Bowlby Elizabeth Gwendoline-138162 daughter of Bowlby Henry Russell-160284 and Wisden Hermione Hester Isabel-102957. Elizabeth was born in 1927.

They had the following children:

  115 F i Dunbar-Nasmith Jane Elizabeth-137085 was born in 1953.
        Jane married Forbes Andrew-132472 son of Forbes Progenitor-171766 and FNotknown Miss-171767. Andrew was born in 1945.

No notes.
  116 F ii Dunbar-Nasmith Mary Ann-151630 was born in 1955.
        Mary married McHale Joseph-131368 son of McHale Progenitor-204076 and MNotknown Miss-204077.
  117 M iii Dunbar-Nasmith Duncan Martin-136707 was born in 1957.

Material on this man per e-mailer Phil Fern (UK) in Nov 2006.
        Duncan married Wilson Deborah Jane-138150 daughter of Wilson Progenitor-189108 and WNotknown Miss-189109. Deborah was born in 1958 in Middlemarch, Otago, NZ.

No notes.
  118 M iv Dunbar-Nasmith Andrew-131575 was born in 1964.

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