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Descendants of Dunbar Progenitor-90432

Fourth Generation

12. Farmer, Balnageith Dunbar John-75480 (Robert , Robert , Progenitor ) was born in 1716. He died in 1798 in ante.

Update on 13-11-2008 from Glynnis Paton of NZ. Their many children from IGI.

John married Hoyes Margaret-116094 daughter of Hoyes Progenitor-90274 and HNotknown Miss-122587 in 1745. Margaret was born in 1745.

She had 15 children. Update on 13-11-2008 from Glynnis Paton of NZ.

John and Margaret had the following children:

  14 M i Dunbar Robert-87724 was born in 1746.
  15 F ii Dunbar Elspeth-124208 was born in 1748.
  16 M iii Dunbar John-115234 was born in 1750.

No notes.
  17 F iv Dunbar Margaret-117467 was born in 1752.
        Margaret married Manufacturer, Huntly Forsyth Alexander-82629 son of Forsyth Alexander-76876 and Phynn Jean-74581. Alexander was born in 1758. He died in 1793 in Scotland.

He has seven children listed in info from Michael Rhodes qv.
+ 18 M v Dunbar Alexander-122508 was born in 1753.
  19 F vi Dunbar Janet-79225 was born in 1755.
        Janet married Gillan Thomas-82625 son of Gillan Progenitor-193083 and GNotknown Miss-193084. Thomas was born in 1764. He died in 1791.
  20 M vii Dunbar William-101653 was born in 1757.
  21 M viii Dunbar James-121518 was born in 1760.
  22 M ix Dunbar George-67612 was born in 1762.
  23 M x Merchant Dunbar Andrew-117280 was born in 1766.
        Andrew married Grant Anne-95669 daughter of Grant Progenitor-204950 and GNotknown Miss-204951 on 19 May 1806.

dr of?
  24 F xi Dunbar Elizabeth-67562 was born in 1766.
  25 M xii Dunbar Helen-76394 was born in 1769.
  26 F xiii Dunbar Justina-97794 was born in 1772.

Her children are in genealogy per Michael Rhodes. She has a niece Justina Gillan.
        Justina married Hoyes Andrew-114381 son of Hoyes Senior-126396 and HNotknown Miss-99295 in 1798. Andrew was born in 1778. He died in 1814 in poste.
+ 27 M xiv Founder Dunbar Duncan I-10380 was born on 14 May 1764. He died on 2 Nov 1825.
+ 28 M xv He is of Forres, Co. Elgin Dunbar William-71180 was born in 1721. He died in 1790.
  29 F xvi Dunbar Miss dummylink-110679.
        Miss married Forsyth Senior-98245.
+ 30 F xvii Dunbar Janet-65605.
+ 31 F xviii Dunbar Miss-108359.

13. Of Forres and Tulloch Dunbar William-120187 (Robert , Robert , Progenitor ) was born in 1721 in Forres, Scotland.

ux49 re parent problem Update of 15-6-2010 from Nick Hide. He probably lives also in London due to marriage of one of his drs.

William married Davidson Jean-99266 daughter of Town Clerk Cromarty Davidson William Davidson-36220 and Bain Jean Bayne-36221. Jean was born in 1730 in Cromarty. She died on 14 Jan 1820.

Update of 15-6-2010 from Nick Hide. E-mail5 from Nick Hide of 16-6-2010 per

William and Jean had the following children:

+ 32 F i Dunbar Justina-143613 was born in 1759. She died in 1826.
+ 33 F ii Dunbar Jean-82212 was born in 1757. She died on 14 Jan 1820.

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