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Descendants of Dunbar Progenitor-90432

Third Generation

4. Dunbar Robert-90377 (Robert , Progenitor ) was born in 1685. He died in 1750 in poste.

Info here mostly from IGI.

Robert married (1) Wife2 Hay Isobel-101755 daughter of Hay Progenitor-144179 and HNotknown Miss-190920.

She has children Margaret b1729, Robert b1731, Janet b.1733, Isobel b.1735, James b.1739, Alexr . 1741, Katharine b. 1743, in that order.

Robert and Isobel had the following children:

  9 F i Dunbar Margaret-318312.

Robert married (2) Wife1 Bell Elspeth-100777 daughter of Bell Progenitor-97486 and BNotknown Miss-87728.

She has children David b 1713, John b 1716, Elspet b 1719.

Robert and Elspeth had the following children:

  10 F ii Dunbar Elspet-80305 was born in 1719 in Forres, Scotland.

She mya also have married John Farquarson, born 1712 of Allargue.
        Elspet married Nicolson Robert-67596 son of Nicolson Senior-194422 and Notknown Miss-194423 in 1744.
  11 M iii Dunbar David-75479 was born in 1713.
+ 12 M iv Farmer, Balnageith Dunbar John-75480 was born in 1716. He died in 1798.
+ 13 M v Of Forres and Tulloch Dunbar William-120187 was born in 1721.

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