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Descendants of Dunbar Progenitor-90432

Second Generation

2. Dunbar Robert-87892 (Progenitor ) was born in 1663 in Balnageith.

He is progenitor of the line of Duncan Dunbar II qv. Per Michael Rhodes. Cf., William Jaggard, Stratford on Avon Press, "The Dunbar Family Though Fourteen Centuries", the only traceable copy being in the British LIbrary Rare Documents Room, says Michael Rhodes.

Robert married Rose Elizabeth-116022 daughter of Rose Progenitor-97664 and RNotknown Miss-97487. Elizabeth was born in 1663 in Circa.

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Robert and Elizabeth had the following children:

  3 F i Dunbar Agnes-86574.
+ 4 M ii Dunbar Robert-90377 was born in 1685. He died in 1750.
  5 F iii Dunbar Elizabeth-125505 was born in 1687.
  6 F iv Dunbar Margaret-106178 was born in 1689.
  7 F v Dunbar Jean-77061 was born in 1691.
  8 M vi Dunbar William-114353 was born in 1698.

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