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Descendants of Downing Progenitor-214485

Fourth Generation

4. Sir Bart1, merchant, diplomat, Cromwellian Downing George-23753 (Emanuel , George , Progenitor ) was born in Aug 1623. He was christened in 1654 in active. He died in 1667.

He is son1. He dies 7 Jul 1684 in Downing family http. He is servile, treacherous and avaricious. He headed the movement to put the crown on Cromwell. He is the second graduate of Harvard College, Mass. R. J. Minney on No. 10 Downing St. W. A. Shaw's list of knights. He is English resident in Holland. See R. J. Minney on No. 10 Downing St. He visited Carib, Barbados, Nevis, Antigua, St Kitts, became a Puritan preacher, a Republican spy for Cromwell's regime, a property investor. His wife is a sister of the Earl of Carlisle, it is not specified which one. See article, History Today, Vol. 34, July 1984. GEC, Peerage, Cutts of Gowran, p. 584. stirnet file3 on Barnardiston.

George married Howard Frances-32623 daughter of Sir Of Naworth Howard William-79818 and Eure = Evers Eure Mary-205798 in 1654. Frances was born in 1633 in Circa, Naworth.

She is dr4. Downing family http. DNB entry for Sir Geo Downing. She marries in 1654. R. J. Minney, on No. 10 Downing St. stirnet file3 on Barnardiston.

George and Frances had the following children:

+ 9 M i Sir Bart2 Downing George-44412.
+ 10 M ii Massachusetts Customs House Downing Charles-44310 was christened in 1717.
+ 11 F iii wife1 Downing Philadelphia-44309.
+ 12 F iv Downing Mary-332074 was born in 1671. She died in 1728.
+ 13 F v Downing Frances-96462 was born in 1644. She died in 1675.
  14 F vi Downing Lucy-430917 was born in 1666. She died in 1711.
        Lucy married (1) Sir Bart2 Bulkeley Richard-430898 son of Sir Bart1 Bulkeley Richard-430897 and wife1 Bysse Catharine-58724. Richard was born in 1660. He died in 1710.

        Lucy married (2) Worth William-430918 son of Worth Progenitor-467258 and WNotknown Miss-467259.

5. Downing Lucy-214487 (Emanuel , George , Progenitor ) died in 1698 in Massachustts.

Website by D. Hogg at on Adams genealogy.

Lucy married Norton William-214488 son of Norton William-214489 and Bownest Alice-214490. William died in 1694 in Massachustts.

Website by D. Hogg at on Adams genealogy.

William and Lucy had the following children:

+ 15 M i Rev Norton John-346748 was born in 1651. He died in 1716.

6. Downing John-365448 (Emanuel , George , Progenitor ).

John married Brabrooke Mehitabel-365449 daughter of Brabrooke Richard-365573 and BNotknown Joanna-365574.

They had the following children:

+ 16 M i Captain Downing Nathaniel-365420.

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