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Descendants of Dangar Progenitor-328001

Fifth Generation

14. Merchant in London Dangar Frederick Holkham-26720 (Henry , William , Charles , Progenitor ) was born on 23 Oct 1831. He was christened in 1855 in active. He died on 26 Mar 1921 in Ealing, London.

Code-Aust. Code-red. He had two sons and one dr. Mowle's Genealogy for Danger pp. 133-134. A. D. Fraser on Dangar, Gedye and Malloch. Per Trin Truscett of Armidale. See p. 138ff of A. D. Fraser, he was a foundation member of the Union [fix backcheck] Club of Sydney. a member of the Council of the Royal Colonial Institute. a founder of the National Shipwreck Relief Society of NSW. p. 110 of Fraser on Dangar, the first ship owned by Dangar and Gedye was Gladstone, later Danish-owned, sometimes with Capt Jackson, who had a son, P. F. C. Jackson. Second ship was Neotsfield, built by Messrs A. McMilland Sons of Dumbarton, 1820 tons, See p. 70 of A. D. Fraser on Dangar, etc. he is connected with Edward Chapman qv. At age 17 he is exporting NZ wood to London. He has uncles William and Richard and is linked to Armidale merchant James Gilchrist.

Frederick married Phelps Eliza-23898 daughter of Phelps John-35562 and PNotknown Miss-35563 in 1855.

Mowle's Genealogy, for Dangar, p. 134. p. 73 of AD Fraser on dangar etc.

Frederick and Eliza had the following children:

  21 M i Dangar Dudley R.-35539.

No notes.
  22 F ii Dangar Ada-428599.
        Ada married Of Beavor House Hammersmith London Hervey Matthew-428600 son of Hervey Progenitor-127887 and HNotknown Miss-62635.

16. Pastoralist Dangar Albert Augustus-35579 (Henry , William , Charles , Progenitor ) was born in 1840. He died in 1913.

He had four sons and four drs. He is son4. His own ADB online entry. He is of Baroona, Singleton, in Mowle's Genealogy for Bell. A. D. Fraser on Dangar, p. 82.

Albert married Rouse Mary Phoebe-249515 daughter of Rouse Edwin-254996 and Hipkins Hannah-254997. Mary died in 1931.

No notes.

Albert and Mary had the following children:

+ 23 M i Pastoralist Dangar Rodney Rouse-255000 was born in 1872.
+ 24 F ii Dangar Grace Gladys-46417.

17. MLC Colonel Dangar Henry Cary-35580 (Henry , William , Charles , Progenitor ) was born on 4 Jun 1830.

A. D. Fraser on Dangar, p. 82. Mowle's Genealogy for Dangar line, pp. 132-133.

Henry married Lamb Lucy Jane-25893 daughter of Commander, MLC, Royal Exchange Lamb John-35583 and Robinson Emma Trant-3124.

She is dr5 in Mowle's Genealogy for Dangar, p. 133.

Henry and Lucy had the following children:

+ 25 M i Dangar Richard Halifax-35557 was born on 24 Jan 1868.

18. wife2 Dangar Margaret Elizabeth-50061 (Henry , William , Charles , Progenitor ) died on 13 Nov 1901.

Leasks Austn Genealogies. A. D. Fraser on Dangar, p. 82. Mowle's Genealogy, p. 99.

Margaret married Banker, of Prospect Lamb Walter-35585 son of Commander, MLC, Royal Exchange Lamb John-35583 and Robinson Emma Trant-3124. Walter was born in 1825. He was christened in 1850. He died in 1906.

Code-Aust. He is dir of Commercial Banking Co of Sydney. He is son1. Code-Aust. Leaks Austn Genealogies. A. D. Fraser on Dangar, p. 82. His father's ADB entry. See John Lamb MLC qv. http on on family of Frederick Garling.

Walter and Margaret had the following children:

  26 M i Lamb Leslie Alfred-47683 was born on 23 Aug 1871. He died in India.

Mowle's Genealogy, p. 99.
        Leslie married Bowman Helen-47684 daughter of Dr MD Parramatta Bowman Reginald findzzz-47685 and BNotknown Miss-113069 on 23 May 1917. Helen was christened in 1917 in active,Married.

Mowle's Genealogy, p. 99.
+ 27 F ii had issue Lamb Ethel Grace-47690 was born on 8 Sep 1868. She died on 9 Oct 1929.
+ 28 M iii Lamb Walter Henry-89952 was born in 1859. He died in 1927.
  29 F iv Lamb Florence Mary-99648 was born in Potts Point. She died in 1930.
        Florence married General, Royal Marine Dowding Townley Ward-262240 son of Dowding Progenitor-262232 and DNotknown Miss-263747.

19. Dangar Florence Blanche-35582 (Henry , William , Charles , Progenitor ).

She has three sons and two drs in Mowle's Genealogy for Dangar. Leasks Genealogy, p. 4. A. D. Fraser on Dangar, p. 82.

Florence married Want George Frederick-100998 son of Want Randolph-10250 and WNotknown Miss-10252.

He is son2. Mowle's Genealogy for Dangar. Leasks genealogy, p. 4. A. D. Fraser on Dangar, p. 82.

George and Florence had the following children:

+ 30 F i Want Hilda-47376 was born in 1871.

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