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Descendants of Cox Progenitor-404886

Fifth Generation

5. NSW Corps. Pioneer Cox William-38920 (Robert , William , Thomas , Progenitor ) was born in 1764 in Wimborne Minster,Dorsetshire. He was christened in 1813 in active. He died on 15 Mar 1837.

His own entry on ADB online. He is son2. Noted in Scholfield/s book p. 152. Mowle's Genealogy for Cox, p. 56. He became bankrupt in 1803. In 1807 he had to sail for England to answer charges of malversation with NSW Corps funds, a deficiency of £7900. He paid his debts in full and returned to NSW in 1810, to re-establish his sheep flocks. He joined the NSW Corps in 1797. as Lt and Paymaster. See Bernard Greaves, (Ed), The Story of Bathurst. Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1961., pp. 4ff He put the road through to Bathurst with Macquarie's blessing in 1814. Garran and White on Marinos and Macarthurs, p. 146. See Garran and White on Merinos and Macarthurs, pp. 123ff. Mowle's Genealogy, p. 99. His ADB entry. VP of Ag Soc NSW at its inception. See Hainsworth, Builders, p. 133. Mowle's Genealogy for Wm Cox, pp. 56ff. Hardy on Hawkesbury settlers, pp. 88ff.

William married (1) Of Bristol Upjohn Rebecca-32468 daughter of Merchant, Bristol, London Upjohn James-18391 and Garle Mary-62123. Rebecca was born in 1762 in London. She died in 1819. Mowle's Genealogy, pp. 56ff.

William and Rebecca had the following children:

+ 9 M i Of Hobartville NSW Cox William-6777 was born in 1789.
+ 10 M ii Wool trader MLC of Mudgee Cox Edward-20562 was born on 29 May 1805. He died on 18 May 1868.
+ 11 F iii wife1 Cox Jane-47677 died on 5 Aug 1855.
+ 12 M iv Pioneer, Clarendon, Tasmania Cox James-15885 was born on 1 Nov 1790. He died on 16 Mar 1866.
+ 13 M v NSW Ag Soc Cox George-15579 was born in 1795. He died on 20 Aug 1868.
+ 14 M vi Cox Henry-65818.
  15 M vii Cox Charles-132066 was born on 13 Dec 1793 in Devises, Wilts. He died in 1812 in Fiji.
  16 M viii Cox Frederick-162063 was born in 1797.
  17 F ix Cox Frances Anne-89772 was born in 1802.

William married (2) Blackford Blachford Blanchford Anna-15886 daughter of Blanchford James-78086 and BNotknown Miss-101233.

She had three sons and a daughter.

William and Anna had the following children:

  18 M x Waikato, NZ Cox Alfred-73426.
+ 19 M xi Cox Edgar-179104 was born in 1822.
  20 M xii Rev Cox Thomas-179105 was born in 1823.
        Thomas married Jones-Leach Laura-260032 daughter of Jones formerly Leach Jones-Leach Brodie Jones-260033 and Whitaker Eliza-260034.
  21 M xiii Cox Alfred-260024 was born in 1825.
        Alfred married McPherson Mary-260029 daughter of Major 99th Regt Foot McPherson Major-260030 and MNotknown Miss-260031.
  22 F xiv Cox Anna Clarendon-260025 was born in 1828 in Fairfield Wndsor NSW. She died in 1870.
        Anna married Capt 99th Regt Foot Ramsbottom-Isherwood Richard-260026 son of Ramsbottom Senior-260027 and RNotknown Miss-260028.

He changes his name to Isherwood due to will of an uncle in Mowle's Genealogy for Cox.

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