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Descendants of Claiborne Progenitor-58686

Tenth Generation

90. Claiborne William Dandridge-460367 (Philip Whitehead , William , William , William , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) was born in 1756 in King William Co Va. He died in 1811.

http mysouthernfamily. See etc.

William married (1) wife1 Dandridge Anna-460423 daughter of Dandridge Progenitor-466512 and DNotknown Miss-466513. Anna was born about 1760.

http mysouthernfamily.

William and Anna had the following children:

  120 F i Claiborne Philadelphia Ann-466511 was born about 1780.
  121 F ii Claiborne Elizabeth Dandridge-466510 was born about 1780.

William married (2) wife2 Taylor Euphemia-460425 daughter of Taylor Progenitor-72253 and TNotknown Miss-460447.

93. Claiborne Philadelphia-460370 (Philip Whitehead , William , William , William , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ).

See etc. Stella Hardy, p. 118. USA/Virginia http by John Marshall at and in series, for Carter.

Philadelphia married (1) Waugh Abner-460427 son of Waugh Progenitor-465674 and WNotknown Miss-465675.

They had the following children:

  122 F i Waugh Elizabeth Dandridge-460428 was born in 1774.
  123 F ii Waugh Philadelphia Claiborne-460429 was born in 1780.
  124 F iii Waugh Sarah Spotswood-460430 was born in 1785.
  125 M iv Waugh Alexander-460431.
  126 M v Waugh Philip Alexander-460432.

Philadelphia married (2) Carter John Hill-78025 son of Carter Charles "Cleves" KGCoVa Planter Colonel-13223 and Byrd Ann-5021 in 1771. John died in 1773 in Circa.

See etc. 1773 is date of his will. Stella Hardy, p. 118. John King Geo Co Va /Carter/ Hardy

John and Philadelphia had the following children:

+ 127 F vi Carter Ann Cleves-460434.

94. Claiborne William Dandridge Jnr-36679 (Philip Whitehead , William , William , William , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ).

William married Dandridge Anne-36681 daughter of Dandridge Progenitor-483883 and DNotknown Miss-483884.

They had the following children:

  128 F i wife1 Claiborne Philadelphia Anne-73315 was born about 1780. She died in 1840.

http mysouthernfamily. Stella Hardy, p. 45.
        Philadelphia married Of Eltham New Kent Co Va State Senator Burwell Bassett-7849 son of Bassett Burwell-458638 and Dandridge Anna Maria-458627. Bassett was born on 18 Mar 1764. He died on 26 Feb 1841.

http mysouthernfamily. US congressman.

95. Of Brookwood Shakespear John-44826 (Elizabeth Currie , Anne Campbell , Catherine Claiborne , Leonard , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) was born on 23 Mar 1749. He was christened on 23 Mar 1749 in St Dunstan's. He died on 10 Jan 1825. He was buried in 1825 in Lacock Abbey.

Item per David Arathoon on Hodson list, per Iseke. He is Bengal CS, related surnames are Thackeray, Low, Thompson, Lowis, Maxtone, Taylor, Tayler, Hamilton, Waterfield. On p. 77, Lt-Col Shakespear records that this man lived at Singelton, once, where he regularly hunted with the Duke of Richmond, and with Colonel Lennox, the nephew of the Duke of Richmond (the latter Duke the one presumably known to DC). He paid £11,000 at auction for Brookwood Estate. See also the notes to Laurence Sulivan on a John Shakespear coming back from India and going before a committee. Ch 3, p. 21, Lt-Col Shakespear. Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 21, p. 133.

John married (1) wife1 Davenport Mary-44827 daughter of Rev LLD Lacock Abbey Davenport William-44865 and cousin Talbot Martha-110249. Mary was born in 1757. She died in Dec 1793. She was buried on 28 Dec 1793 in Lacock.

See pp. 80ff. Her guardian is Thomas Mansel Talbot. Lt-Col Shakespear, table.

John and Mary had the following children:

+ 129 M i EICo in India Shakespear Henry Davenport-44824.
+ 130 M ii EICo, BCS Shakespear John Talbot-46345 was born on 15 Apr 1783. He died on 12 Apr 1825.
+ 131 M iii William Oliver EICo Shakespear at Madras-44851 was born on 16 May 1784. He died on 10 Aug 1838.
+ 132 M iv Soldier Shakespear Arthur-46394 was born on 13 Jul 1789. He died on 2 Jul 1845.
+ 133 F v Shakespear Mary Anne-44880 was born on 20 Nov 1793. She died on 18 Nov 1850.
  134 F vi Shakespear Charlotte Georgina-44881 was born in 1802. She died in 1888.

Lt-Col Shakespear, table.
        Charlotte married Dr Allardyce James-44882 son of Allardyce Senior-158738 and ANotknown Miss-156491 on 7 Jul 1827.

Lt-Col Shakespear, table.
+ 135 F vii Shakespear Louisa Mary Ann-170573 died on 8 Sep 1844.

John married (2) wife2 Fletcher Charlotte-44869 daughter of Of Lee House Romsey Fletcher William-44870 and FNotknown Miss-44871 on 28 Feb 1798. Charlotte died in 1815.

Lt-Col Shakespear, table.

John and Charlotte had the following children:

  136 M viii Unmarried Shakespear Owen-412306.

96. West Indies merchant,slaver Shakespear David-130 (Elizabeth Currie , Anne Campbell , Catherine Claiborne , Leonard , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) was born on 21 Feb 1751. He was christened on 22 Mar 1751 in St Dunstan's,Stepney. He died on 21 Dec 1823 in Hodges,Jamaica. He was buried in Hodges,Jamaica.

Update per Peter Dickson, e-mail of 13-11-2008 citing Hanover Census 1823/4, PRO, Kew, CO 137/156, pp. 179-201. His drs have an aunt, Anne Blagrove, see Lt-Col. 85. On marriage, he is 22 and she is 17. He went to Jamaica about 1770, aged about 19, had many pre-existing connections by kin. He has a firm operating to the West Indies especially Jamaica. Ch. 3, p. 25, p. 133, pp. 82-89; Lt-Col Shakespear, table. He is son3.

David married Had issue Wagstaffe Catherine-44710 daughter of Wagstaffe George merchant on Jamaica-44711 and Williams Elizabeth Illegit-110095 on 11 Feb 1773. Catherine died in 1805. She was buried in Fanshawe vault,Dagenham.

Death date Shakespear p. 87. Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 84, table.

David and Catherine had the following children:

+ 137 M i Rev at Madras Shakespear John Mure-44860 was born on 3 Dec 1785. He died on 20 Jul 1836.
+ 138 F ii Shakespear Catherine Campbell-45888 was born on 22 Feb 1774.
+ 139 F iii Married Shakespear Elizabeth Currie-45889 was born on 20 Jan 1775.
  140 F iv Unm Shakespear Ann Caroline-45896 was born on 15 Jun 1777. She died in 1860 in Circa.

She is dr3.
  141 F v no issue Shakespear Sarah Frances-45897 was born on 3 Jul 1777. She died on 2 Jan 1858.

Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 85.
        Sarah married Colonel Bombay Army Roome William-45898 son of Roome Senior findzzzzzzzz-160898 and RNotknown Miss-135932.

ux49 He is of Cadogan Place about time his brother-in-law John dies, 1836. Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 85. Does he become general and have dr who m to line of Babington?
  142 M vi No issue Shakespear Arthur-110169 was born on 18 May 1788. He died in 1846.

His wife is his cousin. Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 67, p. 87. He is at Waterloo, Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 85.
        Arthur married Cousin, no issue Sage Louisa-44785 daughter of Mint Assay Master Sage Joseph-44741 and Shakespear Sarah-44740. Louisa died in 1860.

She is child6. She is cousin of her husband, Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 87.

97. Ropemaker, Richmond MP Shakespear Arthur-2136 (Elizabeth Currie , Anne Campbell , Catherine Claiborne , Leonard , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) was born on 18 Feb 1748. He died in Jun 1818 in 108 Pall Mall,London. He was buried on 18 Jun 1818 in Stepney,London.

He is son1. In line of Ridley bankers. Christie, non-elite MPs, p. 90. He became MP for Richmond in 1802. Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 78, pp. 128ff, this man's rope factory at Stepney Causeway, but not his mansion, was burned in 1793 and again in 1794. In 1794, 453 houses and about 20 public buildings were burned. This is probably the Arthur Shakespear known to DC. He is MP for Richmond, 1802-1812. See Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 65 and table. See DC to Arthur Shakespear, 28 June, 1785, borrowing £1000 for Kent land purchases. It is merely a presumption that this man is descended from ropemaker Alderman Shakespear and that his "brother" David is likewise a son of the alderman. See the book title on Alderman Shakespear. See Hibbert, King Mob, p. 148. This man considered to be a juror for the trial of Lord George Gordon after the riots. It was joked he would be prejudiced on account of his trade, ropemaker, in the decision of the jury. This man would be the son of Alderman Shakespear the ropemaker, linked to some of DC's family from Jamaica. This man signed the 1799 petition for the WI docks.

Arthur married Ridley Jane-2504 daughter of Sir Bart Ridley Matthew-37543 and wife2 White Elizabeth-37535 on 22 Jul 1777 in London,probably. Jane was christened in 1777. She died in Feb 1804. She was buried in Stepney,Churchyard.

Another death date for her, p. 79 of Lt-Col Shakespear is dying Pall Mall, 28 Jan, 1805, aged 53. Is she any link to Matthew Ridley the agent of DC? Burke's Peerage and baronetage, Ridley. Lt-Col Shakespear, table.

Arthur and Jane had the following children:

  143 M i No issue, Of Albany Shakespear John Matthew-44722 was born in 1778. He died in 1844. He was buried in Stepney.

This may be the John Shakespear mentioned in notes to Laurence Sulivan qv the John pp. 41ff who came back from India in 1781 and was asked to comment on many issues including doings of Warren Hastings. Lt-Col Shakespear, table, pp. 128ff.
  144 M ii Rector, no issue Shakespear Arthur William-44723 was born in 1783.

He maybe dies in 1863 from S family http update. He is rector at Wapley cum Codrington. Ch 3, Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 117, table.

98. Shakespear Anne-44713 (Elizabeth Currie , Anne Campbell , Catherine Claiborne , Leonard , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) was born on 23 Oct 1673. She died on 16 Jan 1834 in Harley St.

Lt- Col Shakespear, p. 93, says they set sail for England from Jamaica with their nieces Catherine and Elizabeth Shakespear in the June fleet 1780 in a ship of their own name [which probably belonged to DC?] She is a third cousin of her husband, Blagrove, p. 65, p. 93. Lt-Col Shakespear, table. Update per Pieter Dickson of 23-10-2008. In later years she had a town house at Harley Street London. Update per Pieter Dickson of 6-7-2008.

Anne married Of Cardiff Hall Jamaica Blagrove John-44737 son of Of Cardiff Hall Hanover Parish Jma Blagrove Thomas-45938 and Of Cardiff Hall Campbell Elizabeth-44739 on 22 Sep 1777 in England. John was born in 1754 in Hanover Parish. He died on 9 Apr 1824. He was buried in Titchfield,Churchyard,Hampshire.

Update per Peter Dickson, e-mail of 13-11-2008 citing Hanover Census 1823/4, PRO, Kew, CO 137/156, pp. 179-201. Update on Blagrove from Peter Dickson of 6-7-2008. Update on Blagrove from Peter Dickson of 18-4-2008. Jamaica slaver of "Cardiff Hall" - (which was painted in 1821 by James Hakewill). ) He possibly has a dr Anne-Caroline dr1 of one John and she died 1852 aged 72 - Gentleman's Magazine obits. He spent the past 20 years of his life in England. His boys all died before he did. He had eight children, four boys and four drs. In 1795 he helped put down the Maroon War on Jamaica. He is elected in 1787 as rep of St Anne's parish in Jamaica. His ancestors pp. 93-94 had been on Jamaica since 1655, landing first in St Anne's parish about 1665. The first Blagrove on the Island was one of the regicides of Charles I. He is the third cousin of his wife. Ch 3, and p. 65, p. 82, Lt-Col Shakespear. Loose http says he is of Cardiff Hall in St Ann's Parish, Jma. There was a John Blagrove who owned Pembroke on Jamaica. He is named (and as an owner of Ankerwycke) at, as an owner (buying from John Simon Harcourt) of Wraysbury Manor Bucks before he sold it to George Sumon Harcourt, son of the former owner, who had a son Guy Elliot Harcourt. Harcourts had acquired the estate from one John Lee who got it from one Sir Thomas Smith. A genforum indicates that Blagrove family has by 2001 been researched by Christine Urban. He has London business agent John Higgins. His lawyer was Mr Pennock. Google Books Result of Reports of Case Argued and Determined in Court of the Exchequer, 1836, Bradshaw vs Bradshaw. Update on Blagrove from Pieter Dickson of 18-4-2008. He is son1. His father dies aged only 21, so Colin Currie becomes this boy's guardian. Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 93. He had nine natural children (named in his Will) by three different mothers. He has business partner Thomas Williams. He has about five natural children by Susannah Stevens late of Brompton, Midx, decd. He is related to William Bucknor qv. His Will is proved in Jma in 1754, in London in 1766. He has cousins Mary and Eliz Bucknor drs of Wm and Mary Bucknor. He owns Orange Valley estate in St Anne which he co-settled with his Uncle, Thomas William. His Will is dated 1754 UK National Archives PROB 11/919, of St Anne's Parish, Jamaica. Update on Blagrove from Pieter Dickson of 18-4-2008. Update re Blagrove on Jamaica per Peter Dickson of 6-7-2008. Follows email of 16-8-2010. From: Penny Daish <>
Reply-To: Penny Daish <>
Subject: RE John Blagrove
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 20:23:20 +0100 (Mon, 05:23 EST)
Mailer: Microsoft Windows Mail 6.0.6002.18197

Dear Dan, I have come across you site and all your hard work whilst googling for information on John Balgrove. I am a member of Warsash Local History Society and am researching for a short article on John Balgrove who lived at Great Abshot,[near Warsash] Titchfield and, after his death his daughter and family [Bradshaws] continued to live there. John Blagrove was a very interesting as well as wealthy man and I'm sure he would have had his image immortalised. I have located a miniature of his wife Ann with his daughter, Elizabeth Bradshaw & son in law and I was wondering if you are aware of any portraits of John Blagrove himself. It would be good to see a picture of who I am writing about and would be a useful addition to my article for our newsletter! I notice Peter Dickson has contributed a lot of information and wonder if I might be able to contact him with the same question? Thank-you for any help you are able to give. Regards, Penny

John and Anne had the following children:

  145 F i Blagrove Anne-Caroline-393227 died in 1854.

She is of Cardiff Hall and of Abshot House, Hants. She is dr of John of Cardiff Hall, Jamaica.
  146 M ii Blagrove Charles Campbell-393229 was born in 1783. He died in 1811 in Valenciennes France.

Update per Peter Dickson, e-mail of 13-11-2008 citing Hanover Census 1823/4, PRO, Kew, CO 137/156, pp. 179-201. Update per Pieter Dickson of 6-7-2008. He is son of John of Jma, Charles was imprisoned at The Hague, died there after piece of Amiens 1803-1815.
  147 M iii Bachelor Jamaica absentee planter Blagrove John Williams-400606 was born in 1781. He died in 1846 in Circa.

Update per Peter Dickson, e-mail of 13-11-2008 citing Hanover Census 1823/4, PRO, Kew, CO 137/156, pp. 179-201. He was a lawyer and actually become a Barrister, then dropped out of sight. He is son1. HIs will is dated 1846. He is the natural heir but does not become so, apparently demed unworthy or incapable of perpetuating the name or maintaining the family estate(s) - due to mental incapacitation. He may have had liason or love affairs with one Mary Harvey, who married a John Blagrove in Bloomsbury in 1825. He possibly dies by 1846. Is proprietor of Orange Bay on Jamaica till 1846. He is schooled at Eton and is "eldest son of Blagrove of Ankerwycke and Jamaica". Update on Blagrove from Pieter Dickson of 6-7-2008. Update per Pieter Dickson of 23-10-2008. He has an association with London merchant John Higgins.
+ 148 F iv Blagrove Elizabeth Eliza-400608 died in 1831.
+ 149 F v Blagrove Mary Charlotte-403726.
  150 F vi Blagrove Ann Caroline-403727.

She left a Will in 1854. Update per Pieter Dickson of 23-10-2008. Update on Blagrove from Pieter Dickson of 6-7-2008.
+ 151 F vii Blagrove Isabella-403728 died in 1831.
  152 M viii Blagrove Peter-403729 was born in 1789 in Cardiff Hall Jamaica. He died in 1812 in Orange Valley, Jamaica.

Update per Peter Dickson, e-mail of 13-11-2008 citing Hanover Census 1823/4, PRO, Kew, CO 137/156, pp. 179-201. Update on Blagrove from Pieter Dickson of 6-7-2008.
  153 M ix Blagrove Frederick-403730.

Update on Blagrove from Pieter Dickson of 6-7-2008.
+ 154 M x Of Cardiff Hall Hanover Parish Jma Blagrove Thomas-45938 was born in 1733. He died in 1755.
  155 F xi Spinster Blagrove Ann Caroline-400607.

Update per Pieter Dickson of 6-7-2008.
+ 156 F xii Blagrove Isabella-400609.

99. Shakespear Martha-44714 (Elizabeth Currie , Anne Campbell , Catherine Claiborne , Leonard , William , Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) died in 1843.

She is dr4. She had three sons and two drs. Lt-Col Shakespear, p. 66, table.

Martha married Rev Lloyd John Robert Aston Hall-44719 son of Lloyd Senior findzzzzzzz-90603 and LNotknown Miss-93705 on 25 Feb 1779. John was christened in 1779 in active.