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Descendants of Claiborne Progenitor-58686

Fifth Generation

10. Claiborne Thomas-460388 (Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) was born about 1599. He died in 1633.

Thomas married CNotknown Jane-460392.

They had the following children:

  15 F i Claiborne Jane-460393.
  16 M ii Claiborne Thomas-460394.
  17 M iii Claiborne George-460395.

14. Kent Island Va Colonist Colonel Claiborne William-3761 (Thomas , Thomas The Elder , Progenitor , Progenitor ) was born in 1587 in Circa,Westmoreland Co,Eng,. He was christened in 1631. He died in 1677/1678.

There is confusion as to his parentage. Colonist of Kent Island William Claiborne. http on Claiborne line. http update. In one http he is son of Sir Edward Claiborne and Grace Bellingham. On Claiborne genealogy see http by late 2002 is: - In a document per http he has a kinsman Mr. Samuel Smith/Smythe. In 1647 his wife Eliz has redress to London re rights she has re labour of transp of 14 people to Va. He makes Kent Island project in 1631 but the props of Maryland say it is their own. He comes to Va with Gov Wyatt in Oct. 1621. - Name Claiborne does not do so well on Internet IGI. See Brenner. Dict of American Biography, 1928. In June 1621 he is apptd Surveyor of colony of Virginia, then Secretary of colony, then treasurer, is given much land, disliked Catholics, dealt with London merchant Cloberry and Co. Got a semi-monopoly of large trade territory by 1631 per William Alexander, Sec of State for Scotland, which led to troubles with Lord Baltimore re Maryland, as Claiborne by then had a partner, Robert Ingle, Baltimore not recognising this Scots-based claim. See re in Brenner for fix of problem. He is from Cliburne, Westmoreland, Co, Va. Cf., *J. H. Claiborne. William Claiborne of Virginia. 1917. [too family fond]. See Dictionary of American Biography, entry, 1928 edition. Brenner, p. 121, he emigrated to Va in 1621, as surveyor. In 1626 he is Sec of State for Va. He traded furs with Susquehannock Indians. Backed the Kent Island project. See Hale, Virginia Venturer, Ch 1, cited Brenner p. 121. he had some links with William Cloberry in London, Cloberry with links as English Sec of State for Scotland partner with Sir William Alexander's atempt to settle matter of the Nova Scotia proprietorship, Kent island, to develop provisions for Nova Scotia. Had help here from City London trader and financier, John de la Barre; see Brenner p. 124. Maurice Thomson also re Kent Island, Brenner p. 131ff. revolt re developments in Va, Brenner p. 143. Brenner p. 157 has Claiborne in May 1638 re Providence Island Co granting him a commisison to a found a new settlement on island of Ruatan (with Maurice Thomson here), (Brenner p. 596, Claiborne himself also had a covetous eye on Maryland). off coast of Honduras, which was called Rich island till 1642 when the Spanish overwhelmed it. Claiborne here tries to overthrow the Calvert patent, p. 167 in Brenner. Cf *J. W. Blake, The Farm of the Guinea Trade in 1631, in Essays in British and Irish History, ed by H. A. Cronne, T. W. Moody, D.B. Quinn, London, 1949. pp. 87ff. See Brenner, pp. 120-124, 133-147, 157-158, 167, 183-188, 301, 595-596, he is a "great magistrate" of Virginia. By 1638-1642 he is with Providence Island Co. and re founding of colony at Ruatan, Honduras. See Brenner p. 185. He in one view is son of Thomas Claiborne and Sarah Smith. There are discrepancies on names of his wives. http mysouthernfamily

It is established he only had one wife. He dealt in trade for corn, furs and anything else with William Cloberry, John de la barre and David Morehead, settled Kent Island, having bought it from Indians. had sailed to Kent Island on ships Africa hired from William Tucker whose sister had married Maurece Thomson qv. Apptd surveyor-general of Virginia and arrived on ship George with Sir Francis Wyatt in 1621. By 1638 when Kent Island had failed (there was a feud with Calvert Lord Baltimore of Maryland), this man got a commission from Providence Island Co to start settlement on Ruatan (Rich Island) off coast of Honduras. See etc.

William married (1) Wife1, Of London Butler Elizabeth Jane-73290 daughter of Butler John-59535 and Elliott Jane-122819. Elizabeth was born in ,,,Brenner. She was christened in 1668 in Active. She died in Va.

She is of London. She is Jane Butler in yet another http. see http tmetrvlr/ http mysouthernfamily

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 18 M i Claiborne William-77890 was born in 1636. He died in 1682.
+ 19 M ii Colonel Claiborne Leonard-1724 was born in 1649. He died in 1694.
+ 20 M iii Lt-Colonel Claiborne Thomas-87850 was born in 1647. He died on 7 Oct 1683.
  21 F iv Claiborne Mary-60034 was born in 1630 in Va.

Found only in a http.
        Mary married (1) Rice Edward-97731 son of Rice Progenitor-83576 and RNotknown Miss-124109.

He is husband1 in http.
        Mary married (2) Major Harris Robert-97732 son of Harris Progenitor-107408 and HNotknown Miss-73494.

http on Claiborne.
  22 M v Claiborne John-68767 was born in 1651 in New Kent Va.

He is from hhtp only.
  23 F vi Claiborne Elizabeth-483047 was born in 1635 in New Kent Va.
  24 F vii Claiborne Frances-113228 was born in 1600. She died in 1661 in Lancaster England.
        Frances married Withers William-483049 son of Withers John-483050 and WNotknown Jenette-483051.
  25 F viii Claiborne Ursula-483048 was born in 1650 in MD.
  26 M ix Claiborne Leonard-460399 died in 1694.
+ 27 F x Claiborne Jane-460400 was christened in 1657. She died about 1671.

William married (2) Wife2 Notknown Elizabeth-102391 in 1644 in Circa. Elizabeth was christened in 1643 in active, presumably. She died in 1688/1689.

Is she named Elizabeth Butler? She may also be named Butler. Found in http.

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