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Descendants of Claiborne Progenitor-58686

Second Generation

2. King's Lynn shipper Claiborne Thomas-7796 (Progenitor ) was born in ,Darien,,Brenner. He died in 1598/1600.

See etc. He may also have a son Boddie a student at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He is maybe born 1600 in a http. Brenner, p. 121. In http his wife may be Sarah James nee Smythe widow of Roger, and she may have a brother Samuel, possibly.

Thomas married Darienite Bellingham Grace-3755 daughter of London brewer Bellingham Alan-8486 and Sandford Dorothy-3760 in 1598 in London,probably. Grace was christened in 1598 in active.

There is some confusion with her husbands, who may or may not be the same man. By 1598, she is the daughter of a brewer of London. The couple moved to a country house in Crayford, Kent.

Thomas and Grace had the following children:

  4 M i London merchant hosier tobaco Claiborne Thomas-6942 was born in ,son1,,Brenner. He was christened in 1598 in active.

Brenner, p. 121, this is the eldest son.

3. Claiborne Progenitor-460384 (Progenitor ).


Progenitor married CNotknown Miss-460385.

They had the following children:

+ 5 M i Merchant of Kings Lynn Claiborne Thomas The Elder-460382 was born about 1525. He died in 1581/1582.

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