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Descendants of Buxton Progenitor-187839

Third Generation

3. Of Croom Hill, Blackheath, Oil Cooper Buxton Charles-601 (Isaac , Progenitor ) was born in 1703 in England.

He is son4. Burke's P&B for Buxton. He is of Croom Hill, Blackheath. As a whaler investor by 1776, see AGE Jones. Of Blackheath? Per Anthony Twist. In update per Keith Dawson of Toowoomba per snail mail in May 2005 he is of Walthamstowe. Update from Keith Dawson of 14-7-2010,

Charles married Read Hannah-3010 daughter of Read George-16596 and RNotknown Miss-29552 in England,probably.

Burke's P&B for Buxton. She is dr of George Read citizen of London. Per Anthony Twist.

Charles and Hannah had the following children:

+ 4 M i Dr, FRS Buxton George-3013 was born in 1730. He died on 1 Jan 1805.
+ 5 M ii Buxton Isaac-3003 was born on 22 Jan 1733.
+ 6 F iii Buxton Elizabeth-66012 was born in 1720. She died in 1796.
  7 F iv Of Braxted Buxton Mary-127488.

Burke's P&B for Buxton. Update per Keith Dawson of Toowoomba per snail mail in May 2005.
        Mary married Barrister of Bardon Park Hood William-58525 son of Of Bardon Park Hood John-432533 and Snell Cecilia-432493 in 1782.

He had three siblings who died unmarried. Burke's P&B for Buxton.

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