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Descendants of Sir Bart2 Bayly Nicholas-41888

Fourth Generation


56. Rt Hon Sir Paget Augustus Berkeley-97393 (Arthur Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ).

Augustus married Hohenthal Walburga Ehrengarde de-71533 daughter of Count Hohenthal Charles Frederic-268999 and HNotknown Miss-269000.

They had the following children:

+ 157 F i Paget Alberta Victoria Sarah-24721 was born in 1863. She died in 1944.

57. Paget Agnes Charlotte-243762 (Arthur Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) died in 1858.

Agnes married Paget George Augustus Frederick-243761 son of Henry William Baron11 Paget Paget Mqs1 Anglesey-55364 and wife2 Cadogan Charlotte-50899 in 1854. George was born in 1818. He died in 1892.

George and Agnes had the following children:

  158 M i Captain Paget Cecil Stratford-268997 is printed as #106.
  159 M ii Paget Charles-268998 is printed as #107.

58. Paget Stewart Henry-43167 (Arthur Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born in 1811. He died in 1869.

He is son of Sir Arthur Paget.

Stewart married Williams Charlotte Jemima-35027 daughter of Sir, Bart9 Williams Robert-104094 and Lewis Anne-104095.

They had the following children:

  160 F i Paget Augusta Henrietta-136532 died in 1883.
  161 F ii Paget Caroline Annie-67852 died in 1922.
  162 F iii Paget Charlotte Julia-117410 died in 1935.
  163 M iv Vice-Admiral Paget Arthur Cecil Henry-128495 was born in 1839. He died in 1924.

59. Rev Paget Edward James-247571 (Charles Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ).

Edward married Thewles Emma-247572 daughter of General Thewles General-247577 and TNotknown Miss-247578.

They had the following children:

+ 164 M i Paget Charles Berkeley-247584 was born in 1849. He died in 1920.

65. Paget Frances Jane-56123 (Edward Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born in 1828. She died on 26 Aug 1903. Burke's P&B for Ormonde.

Frances married Mqs2 Ormonde Butler John-65234 son of Mqs1 Ormonde, Earl9 Ormonde Butler James Wandesford-33712 and Staples Grace Louisa-33711. John was born on 24 Aug 1808. He died on 25 Sep 1854.

Burke's P&B for Ormonde.

John and Frances had the following children:

+ 165 M i Mqs3 Ormonde Butler James Edward William-23887 was born on 5 Oct 1844.
+ 166 F ii Butler Blanche Henrieta Maria-486553 was born in 1854. She died in 1914.

66. husband1 Bayly Henry-32075 (Nicholas Paget , Nicholas , Nicholas ) was born in 1806. He died in 1863.

Per Trin Truscett of Armidale. Mowle's Genealogy for Nicholas Bayly, p. 28.

Henry married Lawson Hannah A.-32070 daughter of Explorer, NSW Ag Soc JP Lawson William-13986 and Leadbeater Sarah-26970 on 18 Nov 1830. Hannah was born in 1817 in Parramatta. She died on 22 Mar 1878.

She is dr2. Per Trin Truscett of Armidale. Mowle's Genealogy for Nicholas Bayly, p. 28.

Henry and Hannah had the following children:

  167 M i Bayly Willam Henry-256107 was born in 1834. He died in 1864 in Parramatta.
  168 F ii Bayly Sarah Caroline-256108 was born in 1832.
        Sarah married (1) Of Mudgee Lowe William Henry-256109 son of Lowe Progenitor-264287 and LNotknown Miss-264288.
        Sarah married (2) Ralston Henry William-256110 son of Of Victoria Ralston Gavin-256111 and RNotknown Miss-256112.
  169 F iii Bayly Emily Augusta-256113 was born in 1836.
        Emily married Rev BA Gurney George-256114 son of Gurney Senior findzz-256115 and GNotknown Miss-256116.

Mowle's Genealogy for Bayly.

68. Colonel Brevet British army Bayly George-254588 (Nicholas Paget , Nicholas , Nicholas ) died in 1865 in Woolwich.

George married Savage Sophia-254589 daughter of Savage Senior findzzzzz-254590 and SNotknown Miss-254591.

They had the following children:

+ 170 M i Bayly Charles Algernon-254587 died in 1904.

73. Bayly Caroline-254603 (Nicholas Paget , Nicholas , Nicholas ) was born in 1811. She died in 1840 in Calcutta.

See http by "Gearoidin, The Netherlands" at

Caroline married Bengal Civil Service Sandys Teignmouth-52853 son of Lt-Colonel Sandys William-254604 and Dent Charlotte-495211.

He marries Caroline Bayly qv or not? See same name in Mowle's Genealogy. See http by "Gearoidin, The Netherlands" at

Teignmouth and Caroline had the following children:

  171 F i wife3 Sandys Alice Claudine had issue-52852.

See also http - NZSG-EIG- She had two sons and one dr. Dict of Australasian Biog.
        Alice married Sir General Gov QLD Gov Jma Norman Henry Wylie-22522 son of London merchant Norman James-22558 and Of India, of Cuba Wylie Charlotte-87974. Henry was born in Dec 1826 in London. He was christened in 1889 in active. He died in 1904.

Code-India. Code-Aust. Code-red. http - NZSG-EIG- He is once aide-de-camp to the Queen. His own ADB entry. He prepared his memoirs. He actively supported the QLD National Bank due to fragility of the Qld economy. http - NZSG-EIG- His own ADB entry. He prepared his memoirs. He is once military sec to govt of India. He spoke favourably on the people's wishes for separation from southern QLD. His own ADB entry. Dict of Australasian Biog. He becomes gov of QLD on May 1, 1889.

74. Of Mudgee Bayly Nicolas Paget-256122 (Nicholas Paget , Nicholas , Nicholas ) was born in 1814. He died in 1879.

Nicolas married (1) wife1 Dickinson Ellen-256123 daughter of Rev Dickinson Charles-256124 and DNotknown Miss-256125. Ellen died in 1844.

She has one son and one dr.

Nicolas married (2) wife2 Blackman Sarah Amelia-256126 daughter of parent problem recheck Blackman William-256127 and BNotknown Miss-256128.

Her mother is possibly Sarah Cobcroft as in http by Robert Mote at

Nicolas and Sarah had the following children:

  172 M i Bayly Alfred-256129 died in 1902.
  173 M ii Bayly Nicholas Paget III-256130 died in 1883.
        Nicholas married Marks Florence Mary-256135 daughter of Hon MLC Sydney Marks John-256136 and MNotknown Miss-256137.
  174 F iii Bayly Sarah-256131.
        Sarah married Thomson George Gipps-256134 son of Sir NSW Colonial Secretary Thomson Edward Deas-47112 and Bourke Anna Maria-47113.
  175 F iv Bayly Adelaide Mary Louise-256132 died in 1930.
        Adelaide married Monday Reginald Charles-256133 son of Monday Progenitor-312312 and MNotknown Miss-312313. Reginald died in 1920.

75. General Viscount Forbes Forbes George John-50722 (George Forbes , Dorothea Bayly , Nicholas ) was born on 3 May 1785 in Montpelier. He was christened in ,MP,,for Longford. He died on 13 Nov 1836.

He is son1. http on De Forbes per Iseke. Holland House diaries. GEC, Peerage, Rancliffe, p. 730; Granard, p. 58.

George married Has issue Territt Frances Mary-50723 daughter of LLD Territ William-124589 and Parkyns Anne Catherine-59323 on 4 Oct 1832. Frances was born in 1811 in ,Of Bermuda. She died in 1877.

http on De Forbes per Iseke. GEC, Peerage, Granard, p. 58.

George and Frances had the following children:

+ 176 M i Baron2 Granard, Earl7 Granard Forbes George Arthur Hastings-62636 was born on 5 Aug 1883. He died on 25 Aug 1889.

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