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Descendants of Sir Bart2 Bayly Nicholas-41888

Fourth Generation


41. Earl9 Galloway Stewart Randolph-95209 (Jane Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born on 16 Sep 1800. He died on 2 Jan 1873. Leo van de Pas http item. GEC, Peerage, Galloway, p. 608.

Randolph married Somerset Harriet Blanche-95210 daughter of Duke6 Beaufort, KG Somerset Henry Charles-109792 and Leveson-Gower Charlotte Sophia-44408 on 9 Aug 1833. GEC, Peerage, Galloway, p. 608.

Randolph and Harriet had the following children:

  115 M i Earl10 Galloway Stewart Alan Plantagenet-95211 was born on 21 Oct 1835. He died on 7 Feb 1901.

GEC, Peerage, Galloway, p. 608.
        Alan married Cecil Mary Arabella Arthur-95213 daughter of Mqs2 Salisbury, Privy Seal, Freemason Cecil James Brownlow-45332 and Sackville-West Mary Catherine-54349 on 25 Mar 1872.

GEC, Peerage, Galloway, p. 608. Or, Gascoyne-Cecil
+ 116 M ii Earl11 Galloway Stewart Randolph Henry Stewart-182795 was born in 1836. He died in 1920.
  117 F iii wife2 Stewart Emiliy Octavia-252361.
        Emiliy married Hon Chichester Francis Algernon-252357 son of Baron1 Templemore Chichester Arthur-61126 and Paget Augusta-47222. Francis was born in 1829. He died in 1885.
+ 118 F iv Stewart Emma Georgiana-50908 died in 1869.

42. wife1,cousin Stewart Jane-62135 (Jane Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born on 29 Mar 1798. She died on 12 Oct 1844.

She is dr1 in Table on Churchill family. GEC, Peerage, Marlborough, pp. 501-502.

Jane married Duke6 Marlborough Spencer-Churchill George (Churchill)-54672 son of George Treasury MP Spencer Duke5 Marlboro-11449 and Stewart Susan-11455 on 13 Jan 1819. George was born on 27 Dec 1793. He died on 1 Jul 1857.

It is correct here for two wives both named Jane Stewart. DNB for his son-in-law Marjoribanks says he is Duke 7, not Duke 6. GEC, Peerage, Tweedmouth, p. 86; Marlborough, p. 502. DNB for his grandfather. Table on Churchill family.

George and Jane had the following children:

+ 119 M i Duke7 Marlborough Spencer-Churchill John Winston Spencer-Churchil-49300 was born on 2 Jun 1822. He died on 5 Jul 1883.
+ 120 M ii Lord Spencer-Churchill Alfred-243642.

43. Admiral Hon Stewart Keith-14551 (Jane Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born in 1814. He died in 1859. His wife's name first arises on 2-6-2005 from freepages.genealogy.rootsweb re descendants of William the Conqueror. He has at least seven drs. For him see Earls Galloway. His dr in Burke's P&B for Tempelmore. Burke's LG for Thursby-Pelham now Chapman of Upton Cressett. Burke's LG for Harvey formerly of Ringstead Bury. Burke's LG for Chapman formerly of Whitby. See Burke's P&B for Galloway, Earls. Burke's LG for Harvey formerly of Ringstead Bury. See Burke's P&B for Galloway, Earls.

Keith married Fitzroy Mary Caroline-79982 daughter of Sir Gov-Gen Australia Fitzroy Charles Augustus-31626 and wife1 Gordon-Lennox Mary-31627 in 1841. Mary was born in 1823. She died in 1895.

Her dr in Burke's P&B for Templemore.

Keith and Mary had the following children:

+ 121 F i Stewart Elinor Sydney-30368 was born in 1849. She died in 1901.
  122 F ii Stewart Louisa Wilhelmina-49692 was born in 1847. She died on 21 Aug 1938.

Burke's LG for Chapman formerly of Whitby.
        Louisa married Chapman Kyrle Alfred-49690 son of London Banker, a fortune Chapman David Barclay-41208 and wife2 Chatfield Maria-127062 on 26 Aug 1869. Kyrle was born on 10 Apr 1838. He died in 1891.

He is son5. Burke's LG for Chapman formerly of Whitby.
+ 123 F iii Stewart Rosa Frances-50231.
  124 F iv Stewart Caroline Ethel-112603.

She is dr7 in Burke's P&B for Templemore.
        Caroline married Chichester Athol Augustus-47220 son of Chichester Frederick Arthur Henry-50063 and Tighe Frances Marianne-58489. Athol was born in 1861.

He is son4. Burke's P&B for Templemore.
+ 125 F v Stewart Mabel Augusta-97861.
+ 126 F vi Stewart Mary Jane-245828 died in 1925.
+ 127 F vii Stewart Edith-245829 died in 1875.
  128 F viii Stewart Blanche Caroline-245830.
  129 F ix Stewart Hilda Eugenia-245831.

44. Earl3 Enniskilen Cole William Willoughby Baron GrinsteadCole-46932 (Charlotte (Bayly) Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born on 25 Jan 1807. He died on 12 Nov 1886.

Item from Leo van de Pas. He is son1. GEC, Peerage, Erne, p. 93; Enniskillen, p. 83. Stenton, Brit Partls, Vol. 1, p. 85.

William married (1) wife2 Brodrick Emma Mary-39528 daughter of Visc6 Midleton Brodrick Charles-25111 and Stapleton Emma-25110 on 5 Sep 1865. Emma was born in 1826. She died in 1896.

Item from Leo van de Pas. GEC, Peerage, Enniskillen, p. 83.

William married (2) wife1 Casamajor Jane-112302 daughter of EICo Casamajor James Archibald-106123 and Patterson Mary Christian-59754 on 16 Jan 1844. Jane was born on 16 Jun 1815. She died on 13 May 1855 in Midx.

She is dr1. Stenton, Brit Partls, Vol. 1, p. 85. GEC, Peerage, Erne, p. 93; Enniskillen, p. 83.

William and Jane had the following children:

  130 M i Visc2 Cole Cole John Willoughby Michael-112309 was born in 1844. He died in 1850.
+ 131 M ii Earl4 Enisskillen, Visc Cole Cole Lowry Egerton-58884 was born on 21 Dec 1845.
+ 132 F iii Cole Florence Mary-14489 was born on 5 Aug 1849.
  133 F iv Cole Alice Elizabeth-162567 died in 1931.
        Alice married Rt Hon, Barrister MP Cooper Anthony Evelyn Melbourne Ashley-Cooper-64379 son of Earl7 Shaftesbury Cooper Anthony Ashley-47221 and Cowper Emily Caroline Catherine-37369. Anthony was born on 24 Jul 1836. He died on 15 Nov 1907. Code-red. See also http on Turing per Dan Morgan. Burke's P&B for Shaftesbury. GEC after 1901, Mount Temple, p. 503. He has some links to a Farquhar family, Stenton, Who's Who of Brit Partls, Vol. ?, p. 13. He is Under-sec for Colonies, private secretary to Lord Palmerston and Secretary of Board of Trade. Burke's P&B for Shaftesbury.
  134 F v Cole Charlotte Jane-162562 died in 1933.
        Charlotte married Smith-Barry James Hugh-247881 son of Smith-Barry Progenitor-247674 and SNotknown Miss-248933. James was born in 1858 in ante. He died in 1927.
  135 F vi Cole Jane Evelyn-136696 died in 1941.
  136 M vii Cole Arthur Edward Casamajor-147840 was born in 1851. He died in 1908.
        Arthur married Blackwood Adelaide-219632 daughter of Blackwood James-248921 and BNotknown Miss-248922. Adelaide died in 1838.

47. Earl6 Essex Capell Arthur Algernon-61864 (Caroline Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ).

GEC, Peerage, Essex, pp. 148-149.

Arthur married (1) wife2 Boyle Louisa Caroline Elizabeth-61866 daughter of Earl7 Viscount Dungarvan Boyle Charles-127124 and Lawrence Catherine-61869 on 3 Jun 1863.

GEC, Peerage, Essex, p. 149.

Arthur married (2) wife3 Heneage Louisa-127123 daughter of Heneage Progenitor-179933 and HNotknown Miss-179934 on 25 Apr 1881.

GEC, Peerage, Essex, p. 149.

Arthur married (3) wife1 Beauclerk Caroline Jeanetta-63761 daughter of Duke6 St Albans Beauclerk Aubrey-131214 and Countess Dysart, wife2 Manners Grace Louisa-14606 on 14 Jul 1825.

Probably dr of Duke6 but by wife 1 or 2? GEC, Peerage, Essex, p. 149.

Arthur and Caroline had the following children:

+ 137 M i Viscount Malden Capell Arthur De Vere-99584 was born on 22 Jul 1826. He died on 10 Mar 1879.
+ 138 F ii Capell Adela Caroline Harriett-247299.

48. wife1 Graves Augusta Champagne-89283 (Mary Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) died in 1844.

Augusta married Hon Law William Towry-332731 son of Baron1 Ellenborough MP Law Edward-64232 and Towry Anne-243743. William was born in 1809. He died in 1886.

William and Augusta had the following children:

+ 139 M i Law Thomas Graves-176509 was born in 1836. He died in 1904.

49. Graves Louisa Elizabeth-245104 (Mary Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ).

Louisa married Heneage Charles Fieschi-245105 son of Heneage Thomas Fieschi-101493 and Anderson-Pelham Arabella-94795.

They had the following children:

  140 F i Heneage Louisa Elizabeth-245106.
+ 141 M ii Sir Heneage Algernon Charles Fieschii-16862 was born in 1833. He died in 1915.

50. Baron3 Graves Graves William Thomas-247882 (Mary Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born in 1804. He died in 1870.

William married Berthier Sophie Therese-247884 daughter of Berthier Progenitor-247885 and BNotknown Miss-247886.

They had the following children:

  142 M i Baron4 Graves Graves Clarence Edward-247887 was born in 1847. He died in 1904.
        Clarence married Murdoch Katherine Frederica-247888 daughter of Sir Murdoch Thomas William Clinton-247889 and MNotknown Miss-247890.

51. Graves Henry Richard-247883 (Mary Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born in 1818. He died in 1882.

No notes.

Henry married Wellesley Henrietta-247893 daughter of Wellesley Senior findzzzzz-247899 and WNotknown Miss-247900. Henrietta died in 1898.

Henry and Henrietta had the following children:

  143 M i Baron5 Graves Graves Henry Cyril Percy-247894 was born in 1847. He died in 1914.

No notes.
        Henry married Craven Elizabeth Allen-247896 daughter of Craven Senior findzzzzz-247897 and CNotknown Miss-247898.

No notes.
+ 144 M ii Graves Augustus Edgar-247895 was born in 1856. He died in 1896.

52. wife1 Paget Eleanor-47288 (Berkeley Thomas Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) died in 1862.

GEC, Peerage, Hylton of Hylton, pp. 35ff; Sefton, p. 595.

Eleanor married Capt, army, Baron1 Hylton Jolliffe William George Hylton-47287 son of Rev Jolliffe William John-122184 and Pytches Pytcher Julia-56899. William was born on 7 Dec 1800. He died in 1876.

He is son1. More form http. His dr in Burke's LG for Wells qv. His wife2, Burke's P&B for Ilchester. He has an ancestor Lord of Trade and Plantations, 1772-1779. GEC, Peerage, Hylton of Hylton and of Peterfield; Sefton, p. 595.

William and Eleanor had the following children:

+ 145 F i Jolliffe Cecil Emily-47286 was born on 18 Jul 1838. She died on 25 Feb 1899.
+ 146 F ii Hon Jolliffe Allada Hariot-20381 died in 1908.
  147 F iii Jolliffe Eleanor Amelia-157054.
  148 F iv Jolliffe Julia Agnes-157155.
        Julia married Vyse Richard Henry Howard-161224 son of Vyse Progenitor-185917 and VNotknown Miss-185919.

No notes.
  149 F v Jolliffe Mary Augusta-28637 died on 26 Sep 1928.

Unsure of her mother. Burke's LG for Birkbeck of Westacre.
        Mary married Sir Bart1 Birkbeck Edward-28638 son of Of Norfolk Birkbeck Henry-43053 and wife2 Barclay Elizabeth Lucy-74729 on 18 Apr 1865. Edward was born on 11 Oct 1838.

He is last baronet. Burke's LG for Birkbeck of Westacre.
+ 150 M vi Jolliffe Hylton-139657.
+ 151 M vii Baron2 Hylton Jolliffe Hedworth Hylton-139634 was born in 1829. He died in 1899.
  152 M viii Jolliffe William Sydney Hylton-151576.
  153 M ix Jolliffe Walter Hylton-142879.
        Walter married Watt Amy Mary-137524 daughter of Watt Progenitor-300986 and WNotknown Miss-300987.
  154 M x Hon Joliffe John Hedworth-199068.
        John married Eden Victoria Catherine Elizabeth-199067 daughter of Baron7 Henley Eden Michael Francis-101103 and Hobhouse Elizabeth-29332. Victoria was born in 1944.

54. Paget Gertrude Jane-322934 (Berkeley Thomas Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ).

Gertrude married Viscount2 Guilluame O'Grady Standish-152117 son of Attorney-General, Viscount1 Guillaume O'Grady Standish-336195 and Waller Katherine-200162. Standish was born in 1792. He died in 1848.

They had the following children:

+ 155 M i Visc3 Guillamore O'Grady Standish-127801 was born in 1832. He died in 1860.

55. Cousin, wife1 Paget Laura Caroline-12369 (Arthur Paget , Henry (Bayly , Nicholas ) was born on 24 Oct 1816. She died on 9 Dec 1871.

She is dr3. GEC, Peerage, Templemore, p. 662.

Laura married Baron2 Templemore Chichester Henry Spencer-16807 son of Baron1 Templemore Chichester Arthur-61126 and Paget Augusta-47222 on 3 Aug 1842. Henry was born on 14 Jun 1821. He died on 10 Jun 1906.

GEC, Peerage, Templemore, p. 662.

Henry and Laura had the following children:

  156 M i Major, Baron3 Templemore Chichester Arthur Henry-376861.
        Arthur married Dawkins Alice Elizabeth-33215 daughter of HM Consul Venice Dawkins Clinton George Augustus-182404 and Robarts Marianne Jane-182405. Alice died in 1954.

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