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Descendants of Sir Bart2 Bayly Nicholas-41888

Second Generation

2. Baron10 Paget, Earl1 Uxbridge Bayly Henry (Bayly-22313 (Nicholas ) was born on 18 Jun 1744. He died on 30 Aug 1743.

He is son2, surv1. GEC, Peerage, Enniskillen, p. 83; Graves of Gravesend, p. 97; Paget, p. 288. Stenton, Brit Partls, Vol. 1, p. 85. Valentine, estab, p. 337. GEC, Peerage, Uxbridge, p. 200; Paget, p. 288; Essex, p. 148; Anglesey, p. 138. Stenton, Brit Partls, Vol. 1, p. 85. GEC, Peerage, Galloway, pp. 606ff; Anglesey, pp. 138ff; Marlborough, p. 501.

Henry married Huguenot Champagne Jane-112310 daughter of Rev Huguenot Champagne Arthur-272302 and Hamon Marianne-46931 on 11 Apr 1767. Peter Western http update. GEC, Peerage, Enniskillen, p. 83; Paget, p. 288; Anglesey, p. 138.

Henry and Jane had the following children:

+ 6 M i Henry William Baron11 Paget Paget Mqs1 Anglesey-55364 was born on 17 May 1768. He died on 29 Apr 1854.
+ 7 F ii Lady Paget Jane-7904 was born on 1 Sep 1774. She died on 30 Jun 1842.
+ 8 F iii Lady Paget Charlotte (Bayly)-46927.
+ 9 F iv Paget Caroline-61860 was born in 1773. She died in 1847.
+ 10 F v Lady Paget Mary-45094 died in 1835.
+ 11 M vi Hon MP Paget Berkeley Thomas-51442 was born in 1780. He died on 26 Oct 1842.
+ 12 M vii Sir Rt Hon Paget Arthur-65408 was born in 1771. He died in 1840.
+ 13 M viii Vice-Admiral Hon Sir Paget Charles-247573.
+ 14 M ix GCB General, Sir Paget Edward-34675.
  15 M x Sir Bart1 Paget George Ernest-156004 was born in 1841.
        George married Holden Sophia-150784 daughter of Colonel Holden Charles-155665 and HUnknown Miss-154208 in 1864. Sophia died in 1913.

She is dr 3 of Colonel Charles Holden in Burke's P&B for Paget of Sutton Bonington.
  16 F xi Lady Paget Louisa-38394. She is widow of Sir James Erskine. She is sister of the Marquis of Anglesey qv. Her husband's ADB entry. See Berryman on Levy and Founding of WA.
        Louisa married (1) Sir, Gov Fort St George, Sec of State Murray George-38390 son of Sir Bart5 Murray William-18621 and Lady Mackenzie Augusta-18620. George was born in 1772. He died on 28 Jul 1846 in Belgrave Sq,London.

Code-India. Code-red. electric scotland pages. He is in Berryman on Levey, etc, founding of Swan River, pp. 464ff. He is sec of state (May 1828-Nov 1830) as WA is founded. "By his lavish patronage of relations and friends in Pertshire, the Australian colonies gained some third-rate pubic servants and many first-rate settlers with capital."; says ADB entry by ? His own ADB entry. ADB for Sir George Murray, sec of state.
        Louisa married (2) Sir Bart Erskine James-198596 son of Erskine Senior-38429 and ANotknown Miss-55455.

ux49 re parents
  17 M xii Field Marshall Sir Mqs1 Anglesey Paget Henry William-295593 was born in 1768. He died in 1854.

3. Colonel Bayly Nicholas-50719 (Nicholas ) was born in 1749.

He is son2. He is sometime MP Anglesea. Mowle's Genealogy for Nicholas Bayly.

Nicholas married Nettlefold Frances-94314 daughter of Nettlefold Progenitor-80888 and Notknown Miss-104397.

See also name Nettlefold in Cassis, City bankers, p. 64.

Nicholas and Frances had the following children:

+ 18 M i Of Ag Soc NSW Bayly Nicholas Paget-32076 was born in 1770. He died on 16 May 1823.
  19 M ii Bayly Henry-254575.
  20 M iii Lt-Colonel, Unm Bayly Charles-254577.

No notes.
  21 M iv Bayly Edward-254578.
  22 F v Bayly Louisa Augusta-254579 was born in 1779 in Circa. She died in 1860.

She has three sons in Mowle's Genealogy for NSW.
        Louisa married Sir Bart Perrott Edward Bindloss-256104 son of Perrott Senior findzzzzz-256105 and PNotknown Miss-256106.

Mowle's Genealogy for Bayly.
  23 F vi Bayly Elizabeth-254580.

Mowle's Genealogy.
        Elizabeth married Admiral Nesham Admiral-254583 son of Nesham Progenitor-254584 and Notknown MIss-254585.
  24 F vii Bayly Caroline-254581.
  25 F viii Bayly Augusta-254582.

4. wife1 Bayly Dorothea-22309 (Nicholas ) was born in 1738. She was christened on 15 Mar 1738. She died on 19 Feb 1764.

She is dr2. See also her brother in Mowle's Genealogy for NSW. GEC, Peerage, Granard, p. 57.

Dorothea married Earl5 Granard Forbes George-22308 son of Major-General Earl4 Granard Forbes George-22306 and Cousin Davis Letitia-22307 on 12 Jul 1759 in Edinburgh. George was born in 1740. He died on 15 Apr 1780 in Castle Forbes.

Item from Leo van de Pas. Burke's P&B for Granard. GEC, Peerage, Granard, p. 57. Valentine, Estab, p. 336.

George and Dorothea had the following children:

+ 26 M i General Earl6 Granard Forbes George-50720 was born on 14 Jun 1760. He died on 9 Jun 1837.

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