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Descendants of Arndell Progenitor 2013-589702

Fifth Generation

13. Threlkeld Frances Hannah-589443 (Sarah Arndell , Thomas (Arundell) , Thomas , Progenitor 2013 ) was born in 1829. She died in 1890.

She is dr5.

Frances married Lighthouse keeper Siddons Joseph Richard-589442 son of Captain mariner Siddons Richard-589431 and Powell Jane-589430. Joseph was born in 1823/1824. He died in 1891.

Joseph and Frances had the following children:

  33 M i Siddons Richard Lancelot-589769 was born in 1848.
        Richard married Hewitt Sophia Mary-589770 daughter of Hewitt Progenitor-589799 and HNotknown Miss-14824. Sophia was born in 1852.
+ 34 F ii Siddons Eva Thelkeld-589771 was born in 1866.

18. Arndell Sarah Amelia-32209 (Thomas , Thomas (Arundell) , Thomas , Progenitor 2013 ) was born on 18 Sep 1841. She died on 11 Sep 1933 in Armidale.

She is dr5.

Sarah married Of Booloominbah White Frederick Robert-32178 son of Farmer of Somerset White James II-7592 and Crossman Sarah Jane-11716 on 7 Jun 1860 in Pitt Town. Frederick was born on 12 Aug 1835 in Muswellbrook. He died on 6 Sep 1903 in Booloominbah.

See ADB entry for Thomas Richmond Forster.

Frederick and Sarah had the following children:

  35 F i White Kate Sarah-44588.

She is dr1 in her husband's ADB entry.
        Kate married Pastoralist of Booloominbah Forster Thomas Richmond-38449 son of Forster Christopher Brooks-44581 and Marzetti Catherine-41918 on 31 Jan 1891. Thomas was born in 1862. He died in 1951.

He donates Booloominbah to UNE. His ADB entry.

19. Arndell Thomas-256070 (Thomas , Thomas (Arundell) , Thomas , Progenitor 2013 ) was born in 1825. He died in 1907.


Thomas married Of Macquarie, Cattai Hall Mary-256071 daughter of Of Macquarie, Cattai Hall James of Hawkesbury-57224 and Johnston Hanna-57263 on 27 May 1851. Mary was born in 1829. She died in 1894.

She had five children.

Thomas and Mary had the following children:

+ 36 M i Arndell James Thomas-256074 was born in 1852. He died in 1912.
  37 M ii Arndell James-556608.
  38 M iii Arndell Andrew John-556609.
  39 M iv Arndell George-556610 was born in 1856. He died in 1866 in Ebenezer.
  40 M v Arndell Albert William-556611 was born about 1859. He died in 1929 in Ebenezer.
  41 M vi Arndell Alfred Sydney-556612.

26. Lakeland Emily-20806 (Mary Louisa Arndell , Thomas (Arundell) , Thomas , Progenitor 2013 ).

Emily married Dr MD Maddox George-24085 son of Maddox Senior-178983 and MNotknown Miss-178984.

He is of Launceston in Mowle's genealogy for Rodd.

George and Emily had the following children:

+ 42 F i Maddox Teresa Emily-3480.

28. Arndell Robert Jackson-12425 (John , Thomas (Arundell) , Thomas , Progenitor 2013 ) was born in 1798.

Items on Hawkesbury River area settlers. http on Huxley the convict. See

Robert married Huxley Jane-11696 daughter of Convict Huxley Thomas (Jones)-380001 and Convict Forbes Ann-380002. Jane was born in 1798 in Portland Head. She died in 1833 in Jerrys Plains.

http on Huxley the convict. See

Robert and Jane had the following children:

  43 M i Arndell Robert-380088 was born in 1822.

http on Huxley the convict. See
  44 F ii Arndell Jane-380089 was born in 1823 in Upper Colo River.

http on Huxley the convict. See
+ 45 M iii Arndell Thomas-380090 was born in 1824. He died in 1859.
+ 46 M iv Arndell John-380091 was born in 1827. He died in 1905.

30. Arndell Samuel-380162 (John , Thomas (Arundell) , Thomas , Progenitor 2013 ) was born in 1797 in Norfolk Island. He died in 1874 in Wilberforce.

Samuel married Dring Elizabeth-380163 daughter of Dring William-380164 and Forbes Ann-380165. Elizabeth was born in 1794 in Norfolk Island. She died in 1890.

They had the following children:

  47 F i Arndell Sophia-380161 was born in 1826 in Colo River.

She had 11 children.
        Sophia married Everingham Matthew James II-379858 son of Convict Everingham Matthew James-5796 and Rimes Elizabeth-379772. Matthew was born in 1795. He died in 1884 in Windsor.
+ 48 M ii Arndell Samuel-380019 was born in 1824. He died in 1895.

31. Hovell Elizabeth Emily-14019 (Esther Arndell , Thomas (Arundell) , Thomas , Progenitor 2013 ) was born in 1811. She died in 1848 in Rome,Italy.

She had five drs. Arndell's book on Headland Port folk, p. 33. ADB entry for her father.

Elizabeth married Bradley William-57161 son of Bradley Jonas-57162 and BNotknown Catherine-57163.

Arndell's book on Portland Head folk, p. 33.

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

  49 F i Bradley Williamina-22461 was born in 1844. She died on 17 Sep 1881.

Mowle's Genealogy for Jonas Bradley, pp. 68-69.
        Williamina married Admiral RN Robinson Frederick-21712 son of Admiral Robinson Hercules-191823 and Wood Frances Elizabeth-191825 on 16 Jun 1864.

Mowle's Genealogy for Jonas Bradley, p. 69.
  50 F ii Bradley Emily Jane-254794 was born in 1832. She died in 1909.
        Emily married Major-General Madras Staff Corps Pearse James Langford-254804 son of Pearse Senior 2012-254805 and PNotknown Mss-254806. James died in 1892 in Ryde.

gaps16 He has an extensive genealogy in England. He is with 5th Regt, Madras Native Infantry. Mowle's Genealogy for Bradley.
  51 F iii Bradley Esther Charlotte-254795.
        Esther married Maitland Edward-254803 son of Maitland Progenitor-14014 and MNotknown Miss-14015.
  52 M iv Bradley Louisa Salting-254796.
+ 53 F v Bradley Catherine-254797.
  54 F vi Bradley Alice Caroline-254798 was born in 1846.
        Alice married ADC to Queen Victoria Roberts Charles Fyshe-254799 son of Roberts Senior-254800 and RNotknown Miss-254801.

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